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  • landoflitdiaries 38w

    People say you can fight,
    With depression, anxiety,
    With fear of something,
    With illness,
    With illness that's either,
    Mental or physical.

    I say okay!
    I agree to what they say,
    But tell me what if,
    There are things,
    That can't be termed as illness,
    And we still have to fight it.

    Heartbreaks are natural,
    That's what they say,
    But if they're so natural,
    Then we should also,
    Naturally know how to deal with it,
    Do we?

    Losing friends or losing on them,
    Is a part of growing up,
    But is it really that easy,
    To deal with that kind of void,
    Your close friends leave you with,
    And getting over it is the only choice left.

    Not always do we get along,
    With our parents, Family,
    So what do we do then,
    In a space that we call home,
    Which doesn't even give you the comfort,
    That you seek in a space known as Home.

    How to fight a mess like this,
    Which causes chaos in your head,
    A web that you're so stuck with,
    And all of this can also not fit,
    Into a specific term,
    That we could term as Illness.

    Not all things are to be fought out,
    Not everything has to be dealt with,
    Neither do we have to just get over it,
    Nor do we have to avoid it,
    Not everything is meant to be solved,
    And neither do we have to just be okay regardless any situation.

    Some things are better left unsaid,
    Some things are better left unspoken,
    The same way it's better to leave,
    Some things the way they're,
    And IT'S OKAY TO BE UPSET about it,
    Because the more you express whatever is inside,
    The more lighter your heart feels,
    And that is exactly what matters the most.

    #chaos #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #love #kindness #family #broken #relationships #heartbreaks #fear #friends #express #emotions #void #sad #happy

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    Fight it out


  • landoflitdiaries 38w

    Power of Relationships

    Never underestimate the power of relationships in your life. They're the best source of strength that encourages goodness in you. Loneliness or Isolation can never be the solution to mental chaos. When you have your friends and loved ones by your side nothing can break your spirit.

  • landoflitdiaries 38w

    A bright shiny day,
    With some gloomy flowers,
    And fresh greenery,
    People exercising,
    Birds singing around,
    And a start of a new day,
    With some rushing to work.

    Sipping coffee at a corner cafe,
    Enjoying untimely rains,
    In the middle of the street,
    Catching up with friends,
    Taking a tour of the city,
    Playing music at a very high volume,
    And singing along wrong lyrics.

    Making random movie plans,
    Holding a tub of popcorn,
    Post movie fights over,
    Who cried first,
    During an emotional scene,
    And then teasing them,
    For the rest of their lives.

    Drooling over ice-creams,
    At midnight with your group,
    Making fun of random individuals,
    Over the street,
    To judging people for random stuff,
    All of this sound like a dream now.

    All of this was,
    What we once called Normal,
    And maybe,
    When time will heal the scars,
    Of this phase for each individual,
    We will once again live this normal,
    That we all now dream of.

    With No masks,
    To hide our smiles,
    With no fear of,
    Giving a warm hug,
    To our closed ones,
    And no more virtual catching up.

    This world would be functional yet again,
    A better world will be built,
    Out of a new normal,
    New lessons will be taught and learned,
    And little things will be valued,
    In this dreamy normal because,
    This too shall pass.

    #normal #newnormal #covid19 #masks #lockdown #socialdistancing #hugs #fear #strength #lifeincovid #dream #videocalls #zoommeetings #smiles #positivity

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    A life of normalcy

    Sipping coffee at a corner cafe,
    Enjoying untimely rains,
    In the middle of the street,
    Catching up with friends,
    Taking a tour of the city,
    Playing music at a very high volume,
    And singing along wrong lyrics.

  • landoflitdiaries 38w

    It's almost midnight,
    And I am wide awake,
    Overthinking yet again,
    About things,
    That I should not,
    Because of the hurt,
    That's hurting me.

    I almost think,
    How to not overthink,
    But for a control freak,
    Not being able to,
    Control the thoughts,
    Running at a lick,
    Is a losing game.

    Maybe tomorrow,
    Maybe coming week,
    Maybe next month,
    Or perhaps this new year,
    Will be better enough,
    To achieve what I couldn't,
    For I'm done contemplating.

    Hope and hardwork,
    Is what I swear on,
    Positivity and optimism,
    Is what I have,
    And smiling is all,
    I am left with,
    To finally realise, Not Yet!

    I try to remain strong,
    Giving up won't be my choice,
    Focusing on strengths,
    And working on my weaknesses,
    Did help me get through,
    But hitting Adulting gave my life,
    A whole new set of responsibilities.

    Now these responsibilities,
    And my desire to fulfill it,
    Is what keeps me going,
    For I know if I don't,
    It will tear me apart,
    In a guilt of not being responsible enough,
    For those who were always enough for me.

    When all of this takes over me,
    My tiny little heart,
    Asks me if I could spare some help,
    Of a heart that could contribute a little support,
    Not by being tangible,
    But more on a sentimental level,
    And now it's almost dawn and I am still wide awake.

    #insomnia #latenightthoughts #overthinking #overthinker #stress #responsibilities #desire
    #love #life #live #hopes #hardwork #positivity

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    Thoughts of an Overthinker!


  • landoflitdiaries 38w


    People are so busy complaining about life nowadays. They forget that the more they complain the more they lose on things and time to be productive enough. Instead of wasting time ranting, appreciating life in every way possible would help in bringing much more positivity and peace simultaneously gaining confidence to deal with the inevitable.

  • landoflitdiaries 39w

    Harmless Creatures

    Books are the best combination of all the aspects of passing time and also they're the most harmless.
    There are no UV rays affecting eyes. No Charging issues. No getting bored because of the storyline as there are variety of genres to read according to your interest. No efforts to switch it off if you sleep while reading. And most importantly there is no disappointment once you finish it. You can always start a new one unlike movies or series that are really less in number which you haven't already watched.
    And plus one point for improving your vocabulary. Never makes parents grumpy for reading unlike when you are sitting like a couch potato in front of a TV set or you Mobile phone or your Laptop.

  • landoflitdiaries 39w

    These days..

    These days are more about staying optimistic than being productive. So don't blame yourself if you're not achieving enough or doing nothing with life. All of us are going through this at the same time. Think of this as a heartbreak with life. You'll get a better one but for that you need to be patient and let time do it's trick. We all are gonna move on and all of this will be in the past someday and we'll be happier as we deserve to be with the best!

  • landoflitdiaries 55w

    This year's been a mess! Nobody ever thought that this year could bring such a drastic graph to our life.
    This year was more like a coin. Either positive or negative but without any moderation. So if we wanna conclude what exactly did 2020 teach us then here it is :
    This year taught us LIFE. Life won't be just about Routine, Comfort Zones, Happiness, Love, Dreams, Achievements and Family.
    It will also be able Failures, coming Out of our Comfort Zones, Hate, and most importantly it taught us CHANGE is the only constant in this world. Every single human in this world fought a tough battle every single day this year. Everyone understood how difficult it is just to survive a day. Those who failed, went away. After all "Only the Fittest can Survive".
    And this new year everyone of us who survived should just thank god that we're alive and are able to turn a leaf over and welcome a NEW Year.
    No new year was as special as this one for everyone of us in this world. Let's welcome it without high expectations but a little HOPE. Hope, to just bring some positivity!
    I know being alive means fighting battles everyday no matter whether they're big or small, but atleast we get to fight and learn and Live with our loved ones. And that's all that matters. LIVING LIFE not just Surviving!

    #Life #Survival #Fight #corona #covid19 #hope #positivity #newyear2021 #bye2020 #happynewyear #2021betterbegoodenough
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld
    @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Bye bye!


  • landoflitdiaries 57w

    When you follow "Trends"

    People think "I don't care" can solve the misery of life. But the truth is caring enough, loving enough, bothering enough has become so rare that the people who're really good at heart are treated as "too good to be true."
    Because not caring is the new "cool" and caring and being selfless is the new "rare!"

  • landoflitdiaries 64w


    Somethings mean to you more than people. Those things are not materialistic or definable, those are just precious. Like, that hug when you need it the most, those old sketches and paintings which remind you of your long lost hobby. That exact flavoured ice-cream which satisfies the craving, that perfect song which suits your current situation. That perfect taste of nutmeg flavoured coffee or the aroma of adrak chai. When somebody compliments you unknowingly and unexpectedly that you keep smiling for days. These things can't be bought, neither are they materialistic, they are just precious❤️.