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  • language_of_thee_soul 2w

    Darling, I understand you don't want to tell me what you're going through, but it will pass.

    Darling, I understand you are trying so hard to keep yourself together, but it will pass.

    Darling, I understand I don't know what you're feeling right now, but it will pass.

    Darling, I need you to understand you're never alone, I'm always there.

    Darling, don't hear the world, for it didn't deserve to hear you either.

    My King, I do love you enough to hug you tight, but for me to be in your battle, allow me to be a soldier if not the Queen.

  • language_of_thee_soul 3w

    Set squares are two triangles, and you have the audacity to call Mathematics easy.

  • language_of_thee_soul 5w

    Yet another feminism post? It's okay!

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    Well, how long has it been since women existed in this world...? Oh, hold on- women birthed fellow humans...

    I guess we women are stupid. We want to be equal to men when we can be better. Oh, hold on- #FeminismIsCancer

    A man in a room of 5 women is mostly not awkward (a few men are) but a woman in a room of 5 men is always uncomfortable. Oh, hold on- #NotAllMen

    Why does "I have a boyfriend" work better than a "No"?

    Who is at fault? No, seriously, who is at fault?

  • language_of_thee_soul 5w

    In reference to India vs Pakistan T20I match...

    This game was a cricketing sport, and not Kargil War! Can all the toxic India and Pakistan fans please chill and move on with their lives while my true India fans repent in silence and my Pakistani brothers and sisters enjoy the victory with some noise?

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    So apparently, celebrating the well deserved victory of a good team under an efficient captain when it won against your motherland is not being patriotic.

    Trolling a sports team of a country that does not share your ideals or has political unrest with our country is being patriotic. Abusing the players and their families of the teams playing after a bad day on field is the respect you show to the team.

    Degrading their sportsmanship is the best form of showing how much your team and its victory means to you.

    Well, if you think it makes you look patriotic, smart and respectable, you're mistaken. It makes you look pathetic, hopeless and like a fcking idiot.

    Enough said

  • language_of_thee_soul 6w

    @rahul_govindan thanks for the gnanodhayam anneh��

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    If I'm not falling in love to get married, I'm falling in love for a heartbreak.

  • language_of_thee_soul 6w

    "Hey! Yes, you!"

    I heard her for the first time in the last few weeks. She talks to me only when she needs me, and I've listened with the utmost attention always.

    "Feeling pretty down lately?"

    I nodded my head without me knowing it. I immediately shook me head vigorously and said no.

    "Uh huh, what do you mean you are okay?
    Your eyes don't lie, so don't convince yourself that you are doing fine."

    Partly astonishing as that was because she spoke that out loud and clear. With my mind still frozen, I heard her.

    "You listen to a lot of people, don't you? Why don't you listen to me now? Chin up and look at me!"

    My eyes almost wet, I looked at her. The stern eyes softened. She had tears too. I covered my face and sobbed silently. She waited until I felt better and then continued with her talking.

    "It's okay to not feel okay. But it's definitely not okay to not feel okay and not address it. You've been through a lot, and no one can set bars to feelings alike. What might be reaction to one, might be overreaction to another. What might be depression to one, might be sadness to another. What might be procrastination to one might be a break to another. No one can set bars! You've set the bar too high for yourself, I assure you that you've been amazing all this while. You've unknowingly helped a lot of people, and they carry the weight of kindness. At one point of time, it becomes so heavy that they have to pass it on. You get my point? You are worth it. You are the reason for someone's smile today. They have spread the kindness too. You are worth it. You are!"

    That's maybe all that I needed to get through this week. "She was right" I said before walking away from the mirror. She was always right, for she is me.

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    "Hey! Yes, you!"

    I heard her for the first time in the last few weeks.

    Read the entire piece in caption.

    Wait! Before you scroll away, go to the mirror. They are there, waiting to tell you lots and lots of things you need to hear. Look into the eyes of your same self that doesn't exist in the real world, listen to them in silence. It's magical how they slowly heal you!


  • language_of_thee_soul 7w

    PSK - Passport Sewa Kendra (Passport Renewal/Application Office)

    So here's a badly framed piece for a random guy whom I saw in the PSK while I applied for renewing my passport. He was a passing cloud, but he was too well dressed and confident to let him slip out of my perceptions. I don't know his name, I don't know how he looked for he had his mask.

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    Passing clouds (maybe)

    I went to the PSK at 8:30 am.
    And that's when I saw you.

    Black sweatshirt, white jeans.
    Round frame glasses, and G-Shock watch.
    Dusky complexion, maybe in your late teens.
    Pretty cool hair, up in a half bun, cute to watch.

    I crossed counters to get myself verified.
    Seemed like I crossed oceans to get your sight.

    That split second of eye contact
    Sent shivers down my spine,
    Man my heart looks hacked
    Absolutely not fine.

    Oh, umm, well, errrr, can we just say hi?
    Oops, never mind, I'm feeling pretty shy.

    You walked out like nothing happened.
    Nothing happened, indeed.
    You crossed the road and vanished into thin air,
    While I boarded the can and reached home.

    What just happened? I don't know.
    Will we meet again? I hope so.

    What if I don't recognize you? I don't know.
    Are we tied by destiny? I hope so.

    What if we aren't destined? I don't know.
    Is there anything else to it? I hope so.

  • language_of_thee_soul 7w

    A work of fiction. I didn't reply this, I didn't reply at all although I wish I did.

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    To the guy who argued, "My eyes, my rules. If girls wear clothes that expose, then I will see obviously."

    Well, "My knife, my rules. If your eyes bother me, I'm going to gorge it out obviously."

  • language_of_thee_soul 7w


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    Looking back, I realized I was there for everyone but I wasn't there for myself.

    I was there when someone showed the slightest signs of discomfort, listening to them and making them feel better.

    However I failed to hear when my inner self was screaming for help. I failed to be there for myself and listen to me for once.

  • language_of_thee_soul 8w

    Dear wifi,
    I'm sorry for treating you like the elder kid in every family. It was the other fellow all this while.