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  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 61w


    If your mother likes your girl you better believe that she's the one, because only a queen can sense another queen

  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 61w


    You don't need them, they need you, they're not entitled to your attention, they have to fight for it. Once you get into that mindset, they're gonna be the ones running behind you. Simply focus on yourself

  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 62w


    Today's biggest Breakup Reason...
    You messaged her first. She replied. You became friends. You fall for her and proposed her. She accepted. After some time hugs, kisses, and then She was mad for you. Completely in love she was. Texting you whole day and late nights talk. After few days you start thinking she is mad or what, completely frustrated you are. You started ignoring her. She cried every minute but still love you alot. Then you came to know that things are not working. You decided to leave. Wow. She was burst in tears. Completely heart broken, shattered and collapsed. That moment change her whole so called life. You made her a lifeless creature. I just want to ask one thing. Why dude? Can you imagine how did she managed herself???? I think you don't. Don't damage a girl's life, her future, her feelings only for one stupid thing 'Attraction', if you can't marry her, you don't have a single right over her. Please understand.. Its not as simple as you think. Let's make every guy realise that girls are not for fun. They are someone's mother and somebody's sister. Even they may have a sister. Open your eyes and be true to yourself if not others....!!!
    Thanks for reading

  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 79w

    Keep smiling

    Moving on is never been easy nor it can happiness got destroyed within some mintues..hoped in a corner of my heart she is going to sort out everything but some things never meant to be togetherI hope she gets a boy the way I loved & cared about her

  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 81w

    Pic credit - @auriferous_dreamer_
    When somebody loves you for nothing in return it is the truest form of love. In my story i like someone so much but its my catastrophic luck which is preventing her to come in my life but i have no sorrow in that because she was the dream which many people dreamt of but only a few could acquire. I am proud that instead of dreaming i was able to put efforts so that i could have her presence in my life for a longer period of time. Time was like that big gushing flowing river where we are just some mere pebbles due to the flow we have met i don't know for how long we would be together even if we get separated i am going to look back at this smile in happiness for the merry moment we have cherished together.
    Thank you for reading
    P.S.- if are also in one sided love with someone i wish that get that person soon

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  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 90w


    I am not seeking for attention

    But I search for your name in the viewers, likers.

    I try to make sure that you have seen everything

    Sometimes i post things on purpose just for you.

    I smile when you message me first.

    And i love the sound of the notifications when we're talking with every single beat of my heart.

    Sometimes it disappoint me.

    But you’re just so special to me
    And i hope i am special to you too.

  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 93w


    We love sleeping because it's like temporary suicide without hurting anyone's feelings.

  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 93w

    When you actually matter to a person, they’ll make time for you. No lies, no excuses.

  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 93w


    I don't know why i am stressing over someone who doesn't even care if i am okay or not

  • lets_all_laugh_at_me 93w

    God found my problems so cute that He never cared about deleting them..awww