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  • lietome 89w

    I’m happy and content
    But I’m waiting for it to end
    Like clouds covering the sun
    It’ll be the end of my fun
    Because I can feel the emptiness lurking just behind my smile
    And I’m trying to make my time worthwhile

  • lietome 93w

    We are only ever sorry if we get caught

  • lietome 93w

    There is no such thing as love
    My muddled brain told me
    As the wires in my thought process rearranged itself in my organs


  • lietome 96w

    As tears fled from my eyes
    I thought of all the times you tried
    But it never would amount to anything
    Yet you knew the chaos that it’d bring
    And it seems to me
    That a broken family is all we’ll ever be

  • lietome 97w


    Life isn’t about finding yourself
    Life is about creating yourself

  • lietome 98w

    My fantasies no longer consist of passionate kisses nor warm embraces
    But of a bullet to his head or knife between the ribs
    Because to overcome your fears
    You must kill them

  • lietome 98w

    Don’t say the things you’ve been dying to

    It will only destroy you


  • lietome 125w

    Different title anyone?

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    Dramatic Lips

    Fascinated by your vivacious eyes
    Drawn to your dramatic lips that lie
    Can’t seem to even comprehend the misery I’ve found myself in
    You’ve got me bound inside

    Wanna catch a catchy rhythm
    But can’t seem to expel the words without a form of exorcism
    You beautiful creature, so full of desire
    But alas, you’ll always be a liar

  • lietome 125w

    Dear Father

    Dear Father
    I’ve been told you didn’t want me as your daughter
    I’ve had to grow up with only a mother
    Where were you when I came into this world?
    Where were you when I needed you the most?

    I’m growing up now, Dad
    Can you find it in yourself to be proud?
    Can you find the time to know what I’m doing?
    Will you come take a look at the life you’ve ruined?

    Dear Father
    I’ve been told you never wanted to see me
    But in the corners of my mind, you’re in my memories
    Where have you been hiding all these years?
    Where have you been keeping yourself?

    I’m getting older now, Dad
    Don’t you want to know what I’ve become?
    Don’t you want to know all the things that I’ve done?
    Won’t you let me know you care?

    Because I’m sick of making myself sick with these questions
    Tired of all this suppression
    Ready to give in to my teenaged depression
    I just want to know if you even think about me
    If you can even find it in yourself to miss me?

    Dear Father,
    I’m just a sad child without someone to call Dad
    And it’s not the fact that you weren’t around
    It’s just the emptiness that makes me sad
    And it’s my wish that things could’ve worked out
    Maybe then I wouldn’t have these insecurities and doubt

    And I’m asking you to find the time
    To reach out and find a place in this heart of mine

  • lietome 128w

    @americanidiot yours is definitely better lmao

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    highway to hell

    scarred wrists and bloodshot eyes
    when you’re having the time of your life
    yes, this shit hole will be our disguise
    we’re having all this fun, and now the time flies
    stealing all your girls and boys
    treating them like nothing but toys
    and we’ll be sinning like fake church people
    down on our luck
    but always down to fuck
    it won’t matter when we’re dead
    this road will soon end
    but for now let’s us be
    living easy and living free