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  • listenlife 68w

    It's better to sweat in training then to bleed in battle.

  • listenlife 69w

    Work like a machine!

  • listenlife 70w

    Use your mind, not get used by it.

  • listenlife 71w

    Just be totally in present moment, it is ultimate way of happiness and self control.

  • listenlife 72w

    Everyday life gives us new fresh opportunity to learn, improve and grow.

  • listenlife 72w

    Mel Robbins

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    You have to do whatever you have planned to do, no matter you're feeling to do like or not. Just keep your promise!!

  • listenlife 76w

    Identify difference between real joy of life and addictive temporary one.

  • listenlife 76w

    Be punctual

    People who wait for motivation never succeed. Punctuality makes you succeed, not motivation.

  • listenlife 78w

    You and me are two humans, two bodies, two personalities but same soul.

  • listenlife 78w


    You are the border of my imagination,
    And you seem like my destination!
    You gave me a cute lesson,
    That life is a beautiful confession!

    You have the power to embrace me,
    In rush of life you come to trace me!
    You are my only hope,
    You are holding with fragile rope!

    You and me are two bodies one soul,
    And we have also have same goal!
    You want me, I want you,
    But we both know this world is our foe!!!♥️