Not living, only surviving. #anxiety#socialanxiety#depression#ptsd#moodswings

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  • lollipop71 2d

    Cherish Life

    As days go by, we lose track of time
    We lose track of life, we lose ourselves
    Somewhere along the way
    Cherish Life

    We lose connection with our friends and
    Loved ones, time slowly slips away like
    A ghost in the night.
    Cherish Life

    A tragedy smacks us straight in
    The face like a mack truck, someone
    Passes on, our lives come to a sudden
    Halt and we find the time in our busy
    Everyday lives for those situations.
    Cherish Life

    A busy world we do live in, we get caught
    Up in the everyday rush, not even realizing
    Life and time are drifting away from us
    Like sand in the desert.
    Cherish Life

    Stop!! make time for family, for friends
    Because as we all know we can't bring
    Them back, those people we so easily
    Neglected, couldn't find time for them.
    Cherish Life

  • lollipop71 1w

    Tattoos and Stitches

    The memories of you live forever inside my mind.
    The pain of my broken heart never subsides.
    It's as if you were tattooed onto my brain,
    And permanently there until I can no longer
    Stand the pain.
    The stitches embedded in my heart are
    There to keep me from falling apart.
    The struggle is real for never a minute,
    Hour, or second goes by that I don't think
    Of you still.

  • lollipop71 1w


    Calling out for help, but no
    Sound is coming from my dry mouth.
    My hands and feet tied together
    With who knows what.
    Not knowing exactly where
    I am in complete darkness
    It's cold and dark where I am.
    Is it a well, or a building in which
    I am?
    I feel anxiety swirling inside
    My head.
    I'm scared, lost to the light, and no one
    knows where I can be found.
    I repeatedly call out for help over, and
    Over again, but no one hears my cries
    For help.
    Tired now, but unable to keep
    My eyes open.
    The darkness consumes me,
    And no longer do I see daylight.

  • lollipop71 1w

    No One

    No one to turn to
    Nowhere to go.
    I'd rather be in a wide open field
    Where peace can be found, or
    An abandoned beach where there
    Is only I.
    Not concerning myself with
    What others have found. I no longer
    Know happiness, or what it
    Feels like to laugh.
    No words I can speak.
    I have no strength to fight anymore
    The voices, the multiple personalities
    Arguing in my head.
    I yearn for relief from the voices
    In my head
    I'd rather be in a wide open field,
    Or on a beach with the sounds
    Of the waves, and seagulls flying
    That's where my peace can be
    No one to turn to
    Nowhere to go.

  • lollipop71 2w

    Arabella: Daddy's Little Princess
    Grandma's Little Angel
    Born 9-21-21

    Well Mom, aka. great grandma for the fourth
    Time. A dream come true for my son, your
    grandson who always wanted a little baby girl.
    If only you could be here to hold her in your
    Arms at least one time, see that big smile
    On your grandsons face one more time.
    The both of you bonding with her, three
    Generations together to make wonderful
    If only that wish could come true, it would
    Certainly be another lasting memory for us all.
    I know you are looking down on Arabella with a big smile on your face.
    RIP MOM 4/7/1941 - 6/16/14

  • lollipop71 3w

    They Fall Like Rain

    A bottomless pit of tears, your
    Eyes become so smeared,
    So hard to see the road from
    This river of tears you soon
    Wish could find it's way to
    Another place and time.
    They Fall like Rain.

    Swollen, red eyes so puffy
    It is difficult to see the light.
    So tired, so tired of this
    Neverending fight. Where
    Oh where is the light.
    They Fall like rain.

  • lollipop71 3w

    Been in a "writers block" lately.

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    Out of The Dark

    Life can at times have moments
    Of doubt, losing touch with reality,
    Wanting to be anywhere but here.
    It can be a case of "not living, only
    Not knowing or caring what day it is.
    Not caring about yourself, or others. Your
    World eventually goes into complete
    Darkness, still not caring, still not living
    But in reality,
    The road is long and hard to find your
    Way, "out of the dark". Although, some never
    Make it out,
    Out of the dark.

  • lollipop71 7w

    My Own Mind

    I'm a prisoner in my own mind.
    Reliving the past and hating who
    I am everytime.
    Not knowing how to escape,
    How to break out of these bars,
    I'm a prisoner in my own mind.
    Where do I seek relief from these
    nightmares in the daytime and in the
    Night that control my every thought,
    Every decision which I seek to find.
    Thoughts I wish to control, why am
    I a prisoner in my own mind

  • lollipop71 9w

    A Happy Place

    As the sun peaks over the ocean
    Drying up the dew from the dark
    Night before
    The ships appear in the distance
    Ready for the day to come
    Tourist and beach goers slowly
    Make their way to the cold sand
    Not yet beaten by the sun, just
    Appearing above the blue waters
    To greet the day to come.
    The restaurants nearby begin to
    Fill with hungry tourist who will
    Also eventually make their way
    To the beach, enjoying the sand between
    Their toes and the cool ocean water.
    Bicyclist, skateboarders, and skaters
    travel the pavement between the beach
    And hotels where I long to be.
    Where I find comfort and peace.

  • lollipop71 9w


    I haven't shared lately due to not having anything I wanted to write about. Good day all!

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    Those Eyes

    Those eyes, I get lost in cannot focus
    That smile, lights up my day to the mostest
    Those hugs, send my mind to a happy place
    And put a big smile on my face, while
    Giving me hope to get through another day.