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  • lone_dolphin 20w

    *(Re) Surgence*

    I wasn't even fighting ,
    How'd I ever loose ?
    I was so busy writing,
    Blue : under the blues.

    Called me ordinary :
    Yet at me-- always glared,
    Hunted me like a dictionary,
    Cooked me under a flare..

    Flicker - a topic to roast ,
    At my plight - raised a toast
    Oh, I didn't even boast ,
    Yet a bragging Host..

    I melted in flames,
    Levelling down my disdains,
    The vanity of all that vain,
    To surge towards bliss again..

    --- Aindrila

    // Cz no matter what , life will go on .. and we've
    got to "Suit Ourselves" //

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    *(Re) Surgence*

    -- Towards unwonted bliss--

  • lone_dolphin 21w

    The Road not taken
    This day - that year ,
    Makes me think again,
    Inquisitive : a shaky fear!

  • lone_dolphin 21w

    #cees_doors @luvnotes_challenge_host����

    //Because someone once said--


    My mouth I open-
    Wide like a shark
    But I'm not allowed to bark
    So I just let out a Woof ,
    No, I'm not dumb - just all aloof.

    Who am I ?
    A product of healthy evolution,
    The fittest to fit in civilization,
    Yes , to myself I often speak,
    Nothing like a convo at its peak.

    They got toys in their playstore,
    Yet I'm the Teddy prime,
    They're my abductors,
    I'm the witness to their crime,
    But you don't know that, or do you?

    My 'Family's' nostalgic flashbacks and
    Staying indoors: trying out use'FOOL' life hacks,
    They think all I do is eat and sleep ,
    Little time they had to see me weep ,
    Memories from past : all worn and ditched,

    Yet I behave myself --
    For I'm a good BITCH !!

    -- Aindrila Chakraborty

    P.S. -- Bitch is a female dog , nobody's subject to abuse!!
    Please don't take it otherwise ����
    This poem's all about the POV of a tame Bitch living in a prison i.e. family of 'Civilised Human(e) Beings'!!

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    The Vagabond indoors..


  • lone_dolphin 21w

    What did I hear
    When silence screamed
    In a messy muffle
    Droning on..

    But when
    I beheld my reflection
    Rippling inconvenience
    I mindfully watched
    Myself breathe ..


  • lone_dolphin 22w

    Crown/No Crown--it always beams;
    The princess of her own dreams!

    Would rather swirl alone
    In the drizzly rains ,
    Than break his heart ,
    While trying to mend my own..

    Would rather lie in my own home,
    Even if it's just an R-dome,
    Than be adorned with a million dollar stone,
    Or so I'd once sworn..

    Heard you liked me cz I was dark :
    Yea-- I'm black and I'm bold ,
    Could even paint myself in gold,
    Oh, but not for sale so wouldn't be sold..

    I'm synthetic to stains,
    Totally allergic to migraine --
    Deaf and dumb to pains,
    Yet webbed are my veins..

    //Yea ... that's my savage umbrella's POV,
    Couldn't help smiling at this.. kinda funny//

    --Aindrila Chakraborty

  • lone_dolphin 22w

    Just another forlorn day,
    That stunning dp in white and grey,
    A serene - no smilie face,
    That distant look everlining grace,
    But that's just a stare - no blinks,
    Even our impressions don't sync,
    Guess it was me who it did jinx!
    Remember -- we were FRIENDS,
    So can't we be till the end;
    Against the very trend?
    Are quarrels more than friendships strong ,
    Was my mistake so miserably wrong,
    And now to speak to you- I shall ever long,
    While silent one sided emotions throng__
    My terrific tragedy-
    I'm concerned but shall never tell ,
    Even though my emotions plead n yell,
    And you shall never know ,
    Sweet Debbie- while you rock and glow!!
    I know I like you and you don't,
    Wish I could tell you but I won't,
    Wish we could least talk as Friends ,
    If just for once I could have it on amends,
    Yet I shall never say, and you'll never know..

    -- Aindrila Chakraborty..

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    Wish we could just talk--
    But I shall never tell
    And you shall never know!!

  • lone_dolphin 27w


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    Clasping the mahogany obsidian ,
    Went paragliding into the hurricane,
    Which metamorphosing into a tornado,
    Swept.. shook her terrestrials


  • lone_dolphin 27w

    @writersnetwork @miraquill



    I am but an elementary element,

    My nature -
    Lively yet lifeless ,
    Stately yet invisible,
    Profound yet undefined,
    Existent yet non-existing..

    My past -
    A bright young cherubin,
    Ornately draped in jute sacks,
    Our field, I worshipped,
    Tirelessly: from dusk till dawn..

    My legacy -
    A sequence of drought,
    Followed by pails of flood,
    Incalculable debts ,
    And my guardian's blood..

    By Hobson's choice -
    I had to vend my God,
    To an opportunistic landlord,
    For my God helped those :
    Who helped themselves..

    Consequently -
    I proved to be a picture perfect
    " Picture of misery " wriggling
    In poverty and pain,
    Just another Indian farmer,
    Who died in Vain..

    // And now that I'm immortal
    I feel the morbidities of a soul...//

    ( Aindrila Chakraborty)

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    The Nostalgia flashbacks-
    My meekly mortal self

    ((But now that I'm immortal
    I feel the morbidities of a soul))

  • lone_dolphin 28w


    I wandered lonely as a cloud,
    That floats on high o'er vales and hills,

    - William Wordsworth

    When I realised all at once,
    When I bid my barred cage ope,
    My blue-bird hesitated,
    A blankly-wilted stare,
    A struggle : flappin the sore wings,
    But I helped it fly anyway..

    When I realised all at once,
    When I bid my barred cage ope,
    I let my blue-bird leave,
    The rhythmic rhymes bid adieu,
    While I bathed in ethereal silence,
    My blue heart pumping memories..

    When I realised all at once,
    When I bid my barred cage ope,
    I set my blue-bird free -
    From a shell of Hell-not meant for him,
    Reiterating his sweet voice,
    Along the broken fragments of my blank Verse..

    When I realised all at once,
    When I bid my barred cage ope,
    I revelled in newly attained nobility,
    Concentrated on my chores,
    Morphed my occulted amorphous self,
    Wandering limitlessly along my blue-sky !

    (Aindrila Chakraborty)

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    Even after letting go,
    Of the last bird, I hesitate..
    There's something in that empty cage,
    That never gets released ✨

  • lone_dolphin 31w

    #para_verse #wod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork ��


    The omniscient--
    Carved : etched me a foul destiny
    On a piece- an uneven granite

    I --
    Wet it with dew drops of disdain,
    Scrubbed it with crystals of bold soda,
    Stung it with raging nettles,
    Scratched it with formulated glass ,
    And Vanity crept in...

    So I--
    Tripped into a Volcano,
    In the chanciness of freakish magma,
    And emerged as a 'black diamond',
    Carving myself an evenly even smile,
    In the canvas of my para_verse !

    (Aindrila Chakraborty)

    // Daydreaming at night //

    Picture credits to the righteous ��

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