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  • lonelylad 6w

    The one I consider to be the closest, finds me a bore.
    Irony is that the rest of the world wants to know me more.

    I kept by pages unturned, therefore I have a story untold
    As I didn't want anyone to know coz I'm not that bold

    You found me worthy of your time.
    When you had no company, other than mine.


  • lonelylad 12w

    Can't give good vibes

    When you are filled with lies

    I can forgive sometimes

    But can never forget and you can see that in my eyes


  • lonelylad 12w

    Their behavior is everything you need,

    Too know if they are your friends indeed.

    If Trusting them once made you bleed,

    Loosing them will get you freed.

    Though you won't be happy but peace is guaranteed.


  • lonelylad 18w

    people come in your life for a reason.

    And stay for a very short season.

    I have passed my hardest moments all alone.

    I ve got none who, I could consider as my own.


  • lonelylad 19w

    I have been their time pass for a while,

    And now I ve forgotten how to smile.

    They wanted me for fun and joy,

    As I was a easily affordable toy.


  • lonelylad 25w

    You and i are like day and night.

    Both never found in one sight.

    Though we are dependent on each other,

    We can't and never will be together.


  • lonelylad 25w

    If I'm not in a mood.

    Though you are good,

    I would say something rude.

    That's it I conclude.


  • lonelylad 27w

    Was the way I choose to love such big mistake

    You say I was clingy but i was never a fake

    My time and love was all yours to take

    I did give you space when you needed a break

    But still you choose to give me an ache

    Maybe not the way but loving was a mistake


  • lonelylad 28w

    You came into my dark world like a blazing light,
    It was like filling colors in a canvas that was dull and white.

    You took my life to a different height,
    Time with you flew with ease as it was a smooth flight.

    Atlast you left without a proper fight,
    I guess I cried the most that night.


  • lonelylad 29w

    Peace been promised by my fate.

    Is like a friend coming very late.

    I long for it, and am in its wait.

    But I shan't unless I pass through the gate.