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  • lost_horcrux 6w

    The owner of this account is no more with us. May his soul rest in peace . Thank you everyone who supported him.

  • lost_horcrux 7w

    Do not weep for me, for I will soon be gone.
    My body may die, but my soul will live on.
    Perhaps up to heaven, maybe eternity,
    or be reborn as another, when I am set free.

    Do not weep for me, for I will soon be gone.
    I was a survivor since my first breath was drawn.
    I loved and was loved by animals and man,
    siblings, friends, and strangers since my life began.

    I was blessed with a father who taught me well,
    to live this life on earth as a heaven, not hell.
    A mother who taught me to stand on my feet,
    a faith that anchored me, all strangers to greet.

    If you fear dying, you'll not live a full life,
    as pain and dread will cut through like a knife.
    Live each day with joy while you're here on this earth;
    make each day count, with compassion and mirth.

    Do not weep for me, for I will soon be gone,
    my body may die, but my soul will live on.
    I leave all of you with my love, and I pray
    that our souls will touch once again someday.

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    Good bye

  • lost_horcrux 8w

    Endings are painful, who doesn't agree right?
    they say that this is the end of everything you once had,
    or the time that you recall memories,
    no matter how bad, ugly or painful.
    But for me,
    endings are just new beginnings,
    yes something has to end,
    but something will also start.
    A new chapter of your story,
    a chapter wherein you can apply your learnings from the past,
    a new chapter wherein there's a room for a change,
    and a new chapter wherein you become stronger and tougher.
    Endings can somehow give us happiness,
    we can live without doubts,
    we can live without even worrying 'bout the past,
    and it can give us hope to keep striving and working hard.
    So, let us not worry about our life's ending,
    your story is what you will make it,
    and if it becomes the chapter you don't want,
    then be free and open for endings for it is a new start.

    #end #wod

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  • lost_horcrux 8w

    Desire to us
    Was like a double death,
    Swift dying
    Of our mingled breath,
    Of an unknown strange perfume
    Between us quickly
    In a naked

  • lost_horcrux 8w

    I'm writing this to you,
    Telling you we're through.
    I can't take you anymore,
    Don't know what I liked you for.
    All you did was wear me out.
    Now I know what you're all about.

    You came to me with promise and joy,
    Now look at all the things you destroy.
    Families, lives, bank accounts, you see.
    You ruined it all with one little tease.
    Look at the way you make me feel
    Then you take it all and want me to steal.

    Why can't you just go and hide
    Somewhere far away where I'll never find?
    Everyone at home doesn't understand
    How you rip me apart then lend me a hand.
    I keep coming back thinking inside
    Maybe this time I'll make you my bride.

    Then I sit and wonder why,
    Why do you really want me to die?
    Thousands and thousands come to you
    Hoping and praying you'll help them through.
    Then they fall for your lending hand,
    Only to realize you're nothing but a scam.

    You promised me heaven and sent me to hell.
    You ruined my life and then wished me well.
    Watch me now as I go on my way.
    I'm washing myself of all your pain.
    So you and your power can just leave me be.
    I'm taking my life and setting it free.

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  • lost_horcrux 8w

    बहोत गहरी थी रात लेकिन सोए नहीं,

    दर्द भी था दिल में, मगर हम रोए नहीं,

    कोई नहीं हैं हमारा, जो पूछे हमसे भी

    जाग रहें हो क्यूँ किसी के लिए सोए नहीं

  • lost_horcrux 8w

    Can't you hear my silent screams?
    They are so loud they echo in my dreams.

    Behind this face that carries a smile
    Lies a dark road that goes on mile after mile.

    My silent screams have been going on for years,
    But it always falls on so many deaf ears.

    How can they hear these silent screams in my mind?
    They can't hear my thoughts if I keep telling them I'm fine.

    What can I tell them? These silent screams carry no words.
    It's just feelings of sadness and darkness that come in its herds.

    How can I explain so people understand this?
    It's like walking around in a suffocating black mist.

    It's holding on to happiness like holding water in your hands.
    It just trickles between your fingers and disappears into the sands.

    I can't explain how this feels; it's so extreme,
    So I hold my mouth shut to cover my silent screams.

    #quiet #wod

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  • lost_horcrux 8w


    To love another with all of your heart
    Can be seen as a work of art.

    You brush, you stroke, you pour, you spill,
    And upon each action your heart will fill.

    Hours are spent in an endless gaze
    That shall remain for all your days.

    With each addition to the paper,
    You realize your love will never taper.

    And in the end you will finally see,
    That all of your mistakes were meant to be.

  • lost_horcrux 8w

    "कहाँ तलाश करोगे तुम

    मेरे जैसे शख़्स को,

    जो तुमसे खफा होने

    के बाद भी सिर्फ

    तुमसे ही मोहब्बत करता है"

  • lost_horcrux 8w


    He showed you his unruffled smile and like a sightless person you got fascinated by his ambrosial aura;
    Only if you could see and feel the depth of his limpid emotions that he juxtaposed with his chaos, you could have loved him better.