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  • lotika 92w

    What you know is right, from all your heart, stand for it. Even if you can’t right now, make sure you do when you can.
    ~ H.D

  • lotika 107w

    Dear Irrfan,

    Stars are born , stars die but the light from the stars remain for a long long time and it continues to shine in eternity! Your contribution to acting is beyond measure, inspiring people through your incredible performances and yet teaching us to be absolutely humble and honest in dealing with others. As a human being , as an actor and as an amazing speaker you will forever remain alive in the hearts of millions around the world.

  • lotika 117w


    Somedays felt like the morning sun rays
    With hopes that filled my heart,
    Dandling delightfully in life's arms
    I was convinced to be aimed at the correct dart!
    Optimism became my sole companion
    I started wondering how,
    Then I realized
    It was due to the arrow of goodness projected by my parent's bow.
    Happiness took over the small depressions
    I helped people all around,
    Nurtured them with my treasured love,
    But then I found myself bound!
    Enchained suddenly by madness,
    My heart suddenly felt hollow
    I discovered that the love I had
    Had long lost behind others to follow!
    Consciousness hit me hard many a times,
    But like a fool that creeps in misery
    I kept on following others for love
    For some emotional therapy that could heal my heart's injury.
    The long process made me loose myself,
    I am now nowhere to be found inside of me
    ' It's never too late to rediscover yourself '- they say
    But the darkness that lingers,
    Will now forever make me sway!

  • lotika 131w

    Door to Heaven

    Shattered and torn I stayed back for long...
    Until one fine day God opened his gate for me playing his melodious song...

  • lotika 133w


    It's okay to be a loner in the crowd full of chaos
    It's okay to stop by a river as it flows
    It's okay to feel the things that others don't do
    It's okay to be honest when the crowd doesn't seem true..
    It's okay to cry when others always laugh
    It's okay to rebuild yourself
    When others are strong stuff...
    It's okay to be deserted...
    When you don't feel true!

  • lotika 137w

    Falling for you was an accident
    Forcing myself out of you was an obligation
    Letting you know was a choice
    But loving you was something I call ' magic '

  • lotika 158w

    You were a stiff rock filled with hatred and self love
    It was foolish of me to try to mould you with my Love.. it ultimately left my soft heart to be
    a hard cliff..

  • lotika 159w

    Darkness- a friend or foe?

    A person who is always standing in every place in every moment of your life so that it can just catch you when you are about to fall. It's there sitting silently in every corner .. You can go to him anytime and you'll see it will embrace you with all it's love . Every person has a dark side and a brighter side now you might ask how come darkness has a bright side but it truly has. It is the only person that accepts you just as you are just your soul and nothing else .. it never discriminates between the best you and the worst you .. well I must say that it's your fault that you never go to it when you are best.. it is the only person you can pour out all types of emotion in it. You can cry, cry as much as you can but still it won't let the world know your weaknesses.. again it is the person that makes you see even the slightest rays of hope beacause you see the faintest of the light cane only be seen in the deepest of darkness!

  • lotika 159w

    Knocked down everytime
    She still stood up
    Circumstances crushed her
    Broke her heart like a hammer on a mirror
    Her dreams were shattered
    She was left all alone
    The raging fire in her was blown away
    By the air of ignorance
    She was about to fall
    In the deep darkness of loneliness
    When she was held back ,
    Held back by a small child
    She smiled at her with love filled in her eyes
    She embraced her just as she was
    She played with her, danced with her
    She did everything to make her happy
    To make her feel that she was special
    That she still had a long way to go
    That she is much better than whatever she has been
    This little child made her something
    She truly was
    Then one day she disappeared
    But she left her imprint on the lonely girl
    In the form of happiness
    Which seemed to have finally found a place
    This little child travelled all the way
    From the past
    It was none other than
    Her own " Childhood"

  • lotika 159w

    Learn everything in this world
    But never learn to give up
    - Naruto Uzumaki