Always bring a little love with you wherever you go in life.

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  • loverenay 6w


    I fall from the sky, blanketing the earth
    in peace, tranquility and love.
    Only coming out once a year,
    in the winter time, I'm sent from Heaven above.
    Even though it looks like I fall gracefully,
    I clumsily knock into some of the others.
    I bring a feeling of comfort and warmth
    to families, friends and lovers.
    Children playfully catch me
    on the tips of their tongues
    when I first start to fall.
    I'm like a soft, translucent crystal,
    that gently hits the earthly ground.
    Landing so softly and delicately,
    I don't even make a sound.
    Completely unique and special,
    I'm nothing like the others at all.
    I know you love the short time I'm here,
    but I have to go when the Springtime starts to call.


  • loverenay 37w

    A Mother's Day message
    for my beloved Mother...
    because you loved me
    more fiercely than any other.
    There used to be a light in my eye,
    that shined especially for you.
    That light has been replaced with tears,
    since you left me too soon.
    I had to let you go, like a dove
    released from my hands.
    I hope that you're infinitely happy
    in that paradise land.
    I pray that we'll be reunited again
    one perfect day.
    I hold on tightly to that wish.
    I guess that has to be faith.
    When you see me cry,
    please don't shed any tears,
    but know that I've missed you
    for far too many years.

    ©loverenay ~ 5/9/2021

  • loverenay 38w

    My Aunt Barb passed away today. This is my tribute to her. Rest in peace, Aunt Barb. I love you and you will be missed dearly. ��������

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    Rest in peace, Aunt Barb.

    The clouds have taken the place of the sun today.
    As of this sad morning, you had to fly away.
    Another angel in Heaven,
    but we are all left here to grieve.
    Though we know you're in paradise,
    we still didn't want to see you leave.
    You are the first of my beloved mother's
    amazing sisters to pass,
    but it brings me peace to know that you've
    been reunited with mom and uncle Jack.
    I'm comforted knowing you've been
    embraced by Grandma and Grandpa too.
    I know they've all been up in Heaven
    waiting with open arms for you.
    Aunt Barb, I am so sad that I'll never again
    hear your voice saying "Hi, Love!",
    but I'm sure I'll feel your love and light
    wrapping me in warmth from above.
    My heart breaks for Todd, Lynn,
    Uncle Ron and Sue.
    It's going to be so hard for them
    to carry on without you.
    Uncle Ron told me when he met you,
    that you changed his world.
    He said that you were the most beautiful
    out of all of the Tully girls.
    He loved you then and I know he always will.
    He'll adore you until time literally stands still.
    My love and prayers are with them,
    as well as your sisters and brothers, today.
    Though it's so hard for us to let you go,
    we all know that we have to try to be brave.
    You are in paradise now and out of pain.
    We are the ones left standing in the rain.
    It makes me so happy to know that I was able
    to tell you I love you before you left.
    That special moment will stay in my heart
    where my treasured memories are kept.
    I love you very much, Aunt Barb,
    and we will miss you always,
    but I know you'll send your love
    through the sun's gentle rays.
    I know you'll always be the light
    shining down on your adoring family.
    Please give my beautiful mother
    a hug and a kiss from me.
    Another beautiful angel resides now in Heaven
    and there's going to be many more fallen tears,
    but we'll never forget what a beautiful ray of sunshine
    you've been in our lives, for all these years.

    ©loverenay - 5/1/2021

  • loverenay 39w

    "Happy 80th Birthday in Heaven, Mom"
    A poem for my sweet angel...Happy Heavenly Birthday, Mom! Keep lighting up the Heavens with your smile! I know that all the other angels are a little more joyous when they hear the sound of your laughter! That laugh made me so happy! Mom, I love you so much and miss you immensely!
    @Mirakee @WritersNetwork
    @Writers_paradise @writerstolli #Mirakee #WritersNetwork #writers_paradise #writerstolli

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    "Happy 80th Birthday in Heaven, Mom"

    Happy Heavenly Birthday
    to my beautiful, beloved mother up above.
    On your very special day,
    I'm sending you wishes with tons of love.
    You would've been the big 8-0 today.
    There are still so many things I long to say.
    I miss you so much, in every way imaginable.
    Your being gone this long seems unfathomable.
    You are now my wish upon every bright falling star.
    I just pray that my wishes reach you, up where you are.
    Dandelion wishes and dreams that will never come true.
    I know it's impossible to have you back, but I really miss you.
    I'm sorry if this Birthday poem is filled with sadness and gloom.
    Tonight, I'll be sending you my love, when I look at the moon.
    You were so close to being perfect, as far as I could see.
    You are in mostly all of my warmest, happiest memories.
    You were a whimsical song from the tinkling of a piano's loveliest keys.
    You were the sweetest tune to my heart's most beautiful melodies.
    Today, like every other, I remember you as the sweetest of songs.
    Happy Heavenly Birthday, Mom. You'll be in my heart all year long.

    ©loverenay - 4/26/2021

  • loverenay 41w

    "I'll miss the Sunshine"

    How I'm choosing to remember you
    will always bring a smile to my face.
    You're so loving and when I think of you,
    I'll feel myself wrapped in your warm embrace.
    You were always so close to my mom,
    even though you lived farther away.
    Whenever you came into town, you brought
    the beautiful sunshine to my day.
    You've been in a nursing home now
    for the past five years.
    Seeing you lying there,
    so helpless, brought me to tears.
    The way you just stared at me
    in wonder like a newborn baby.
    I could see how hard you were
    trying to remember me.
    It broke my heart because
    I saw the frustration on your face.
    It was so hard, but I tried to let you
    remember me at your own pace.
    I showed you pictures of
    my mom, dad and I.
    I could see the glare
    of tears in your eyes.
    I kept telling you I was the daughter
    of your beloved sister, Janet.
    I wondered if reminding you of her would help you to remember, I mean, could it?
    All of a sudden you said
    "Janet knows everything" as clear as day.
    I have my beliefs, but I can only imagine
    what you were trying to say.
    I think you knew that my sweet mother
    was with you and she knew I was there too.
    I have faith that you had the knowledge
    that she was watching over me and you.
    I reminded you that I used to call you
    a little ball of sunshine.
    You heard me and Aunt Delores
    discussing the passing of time.
    I had said that "Time really flies"
    and you said "It does...too fast".
    We let you hear us talk about
    cute memories of you from the past.
    I told you I loved you and you replied
    "Well I love you too,
    but I just don't know who you are."
    I felt like you were so close to grasping
    all those warm memories of me,
    but they still seemed so far.
    Then, your loving husband came in for a visit,
    as he has three times a day
    for the past five years.
    Your eyes absolutely lit up,
    when you finally remembered me,
    after Uncle Ronnie spoke of me into your ear.
    He whispered so softly and sweetly to you
    "That's Renay...Bob and Janet's daughter.
    You remember Renay."
    As he whispered those words to you,
    I thought to show you a picture
    of my mom, dad and I from Father's Day.
    I will never forget as long as I live
    how special that moment was
    when you finally recognized me.
    You were so excited when you said
    "Oooooh! Renay....Janet's daughter",
    as you looked in wonder at me.
    I told you my mother is with you
    and you'll be together again soon.
    I felt so heartbroken knowing that shortly
    I'd have to leave your room.
    It came to the very saddest part of our visit
    when I had to say goodbye.
    I lovingly rubbed your head, now white as snow,
    with tears in my eyes.
    Very adoringly, I asked you if I
    could give you a kissy.
    It melted my heart when you
    sweetly answered "Yesssy."
    I want to remember you the way
    you always were
    when you used to drive in for a visit
    from Rochester.
    When I'd answer the phone,
    you'd always say "Hi love".
    Now you'll only be able to talk to me
    from Heaven above.
    I'm so devastated for all of us who love you
    and know that you have to leave us behind,
    but knowing you'll be with my mom, Uncle Jack and Grandma, brings me peace of some kind.
    My dear, sweet Aunt Barb...I know you don't have much more time before you have to go,
    Please remember that I will always miss your adorable face full of sunshine and I love you so.
    When you see my beloved mom, tell her I love her and miss her more than words can say.
    Give her a kiss on her cheek and tell her I'll think of her until we're all reunited one sweet day.

    ©loverenay - 4/15/2021

  • loverenay 43w

    Dear Lord,

    I wrote this very special prayer for you.
    When I feel weak and sadness intrudes.
    When I can't summon the strength for what is to come
    or I feel like falling to my knees and coming undone.
    When I saw only one set of footprints in the sand,
    I know you carried me, because I wasn't able to stand.
    Sometimes it feels like this life can be
    too much to bear.
    Many of my loved ones are suffering,
    so this is my prayer...
    Please heal those I love
    who are sick, fighting illness.
    Remove all anxieties they face alone,
    at night, in the stillness.
    When the end is near and there truly is no more hope,
    please give us the strength to let go, and help us cope.


    ©loverenay - 4/1/2021

  • loverenay 44w

    The life you lived is engraved for eternity in a few short sentences, on a marble stone that bears your name.
    I pass by sculpted monuments at least once a year,
    with the realization that nothing will ever be the same.
    A gentle fawn lay sweetly in the meadow
    by your final resting place, where you lie,
    while a precious moment angel serenades a song
    on the flute to you, trying not to cry.
    The symbolic rings that join you and dad together, forever in matrimony, on the date that you were wed;
    The scripted poem on the back of your stone,
    in tribute to you, for your funeral that I penned.
    Through streams of abundant tears, I read those words,
    in front of full pews of grieving loved ones and friends.
    Mom, All of my precious memories of you will remain engraved on my soul, until we're reunited again.

    ©loverenay - 3/23/2021

  • loverenay 44w

    When I was a young girl,
    so full of fun,
    we used to skip over
    sidewalk cracks,
    one by one.
    "If you step on a crack,
    you'll break your mother's back"
    we'd always say.
    I didn't truly believe
    this could happen.
    It seemed preposterous
    and insane.
    Still, I continued
    to carefully
    hop over them,
    though it was
    such a stupid thing.
    Such foolishness,
    the fear and guilt,
    a superstition
    can bring.
    ©loverenay - 3/22/2021

  • loverenay 44w

    A world without books
    would perish
    of pure monotony.
    There is escapism
    at the turn of a page
    and fantasy
    in each new chapter.
    How would we learn
    of a young girl,
    who is drawn into
    a whole new bizarre world,
    through a looking glass?
    How would we discover
    poets before our time,
    such as Frost or Yeats?
    This would be
    a very dull world, indeed,
    without a rabbit,
    who is late,
    for a very important date.
    ©loverenay - 3/21/2021

  • loverenay 44w

    The sun is the antithesis of the rain.
    One brings her pleasure.
    The other surrounds her with pain.
    The rain is a halo of clouds above her head.
    When the sun shines brightly,
    there are skips where her steps have led.
    Clouds cover over the joy of the sun.
    Rainy, dismal days keeps me indoors,
    instead of outside, having fun.
    I love the beauty of the sand and the sea
    and the tranquil effect that it has on me.
    The warmth that surrounds me in the summertime
    makes me want to soak it all in...It feels so sublime.
    Yet, Sometimes I enjoy the comfort of the rain,
    hearing it's soothing drops fall outside my window payne.
    Then there are moments when even the sun's warming rays
    cannot brighten the melancholia of my empty days.
    They are complete opposites, the sun and rain,
    but they both soothe my soul in different ways.

    ©loverenay - 3/20/2021