This is just a simple story About sunflower loving sunshine ��

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  • lovesunflower20 1w

    ℒℴϑℯ ทℯϑℯℛ ɗ¡ℰ

    All the time- I am wrapped in a dazzling light, and find the truth behind everything!
    I-hid the love within my heart,

    And lit the laughter in my eyes,

    That when we meet you may not know

    My love that never dies-Memories wash over me more and more again today,

    You were like the sky- in my darkest times, you’re my burning light
    Over the edge- that my mind is breathing in

    Heartless-Burning the bridge that keeps us
    If there was a world,Where you could live forever!

    I can't deny the dead

    That is deep within our soul

    That yearning for the better life

    Where love is not a word

    But something real

    I know you've heard about

    That world beyond the unbounded

    Where you never have to die!

    Nothing than a unforgettable memory

    Loneliness that became a habit

    Everything seems meaningless- so accept madness too?



    Thank you for the ♡ @writersnetwork ��

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    Now that you are here no more
    The nights are longer than before.

  • lovesunflower20 2w


    Every little breath-Across the ocean
    Heart holding thousand misfortunes
    Petals fall like snow, Spring has turned to fall
    Where are you when nights grow cold
    I-am missing you!
    See the sunlight shading grey sky

    City lights blurring into colors don't know why

    Sadness starts to rise- oh my broken heart still aches so much in these lonely summer nights

    Take away the heart from me
    To somewhere love don’t exist!
    A million times- You can tell me lies, you can make me cry!

    Tears- they are like the footprints of heart
    My life begins and ends Trapped in love!


    Thank you for the ♡ @writersnetwork

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  • lovesunflower20 2w


    Thank you for the ♡ @writersnetwork ��

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    Things you said at(3)am
    Some dreams feel good
    When you don't open your eyes
    But like most dreams..they live traces
    Even after waking up.


  • lovesunflower20 2w

    echo of lonely summer

    This afternoon- the East Wind
    blew my heart, down into an empty halo
    fingerprints had worn grooves into the surface
    In the Cloud Recesses, a harmonious song fo lonely summer echoes,
    As I miss the old days, that tipsiness lingers
    Youthful memories brimming with silent warmth
    In another life- I remember weepingTears fall from the sky
    I have accidentally created something new that is- bookmark But imagine what else I can do!

    Can't budge mountains
    Can't make flowers bloom
    Can't heal the wounds
    What else can I do?

    The rain in the treatise
    In the a deep blue sky
    is diving deep into my heartache
    I- ignite the light in the summer night
    The whole world is like a painting perfect
    And the wind brushed against my old- bookmark
    Summer Time, Under the Sun
    The dead leaves are bitterly carried by the wind
    And they flow by, just as my heart weeps.


    #bookmark ����

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    Placing a pressed flower as a bookmark,
    Like that, a bundle of sunlight is pushing its way towards me now
    Someday, I'll forget about today-echo of lonely summer.


  • lovesunflower20 2w

    Day by day

    To my dear poetess,

    You said-Think of me whenever the flowers bloom
    Surpass infinity- as you and I swing,On our secret wings
    I hope that you will never forget
    That your smile is the sun- Your voice opens the curtains and makes my heart quiver,
    As i strongly take a breath in the same air as you
    The truth melted when I read your book!
    Even the solid veil became a light
    That wrapped beautifully around us as we became one connected by the words!

    Chase after your emotions at low speed
    Gather stories of resolve- As it is I’ll only share things with you

    Flowers, birds, wind, the moon

    Even the fragrant flowers will scatter
    The moon fades after it is full
    The plentiful scent of the changing by day
    I will love you- Forever and ever and ever

    Only you can take my heart

    Dear my poetess- I crossed thousand miles
    You burning in my heart immortalization

    If you look back you'll see me in the waves
    You are the reason- I'm breathing day by day.



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    Dear poet
    Love is everything you said it was.

  • lovesunflower20 2w

    After the rain

    Walk slowly on the path
    Softly through the grass-After the the rain,

    I-thought I had forgotten,

    But it all came back again

    To-night with the first summer thunder,In a rush of rain.

    Weather gripping the earth

    And lightning scrawled on the skyline

    And when the Sun comes out,

    After the Rain- on a summer night

    Like a rain shower that passes without an warning

    I’m sure I’ll fall in love again- after the rain.


  • lovesunflower20 2w

    #ten maybe

    Thank you so much for the ♡ @writersnetwork ��

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    it all became so lovely
    Those bluest skies above me,

    Those funny feelings I had never felt before I met you!

    Maybe I'm not alone?

    Why life is too short!

    The tears of a child- why no one notice

    And a heart full of misery and shattered dreams ….?

    In- the maze without an end...Why do we still breathe?

    Why Sorrow made me「Hate myself 」

    When I was a little girl- I told my mother that i saw monster under my bed but why didn't she believe me yet?

    Oh earthly skies- why do i feel like i should cry?


  • lovesunflower20 2w

    A week of misery

    The refreshing chirps of the birds
    The flying purple butterflys
    The cool breeze blowing over the beautiful flowers,

    The week never blow away the moonlight
    the blue silk turns into frost
    write down a whisper Protect a heart,

    On top of mountains and cloud
    Sea of ​​tree and abyss of peach
    Suddenly my week turned to ashes,

    Listening to the sounds of problem
    Knocking against whose melancholy
    The yearning feeling to take a little break - Forgetting how long the night of the weekend,

    Only willing to be crazy
    This unexpected dream- of haze of blossoming
    In my heart- In my memories, tears soak the misery.


    #week maybe

    Thank you for the ♡ @writersnetwork ��

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  • lovesunflower20 3w

    #grateful ��

    Thank you for the ♡ @writersnetwork ��

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    Grateful to my moon

    Your my happiest poetry
    I've written
    All verses
    Between the layer of lilac moon
    Your purple shine with my shadowy soul
    Like the song moonchild
    Love is you and you are my beloved moon.


  • lovesunflower20 3w

    Somewhere across the seven sea
    Though I embrace you with arms dyed red
    I offer tears illuminated yellow to the moon
    It’s fine if the blueprints that flowed out of the dream I painted that time
    Are a little different today
    I’m sure we can meet again someday on the journey of our reconnected love.