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  • lovethatneverfades 1w

    Choice of rejoice

    Her Eyes filled with joy
    On me lending a broken toy
    How silly of her , a novice

    Later, Made me ponder of my life choice
    With Strangled inner voice


  • lovethatneverfades 2w

    #winterc #wod #breakfast #soulraabta #ceesreposts

    It's from a perspective of a child witnessing regular fights between his parents.
    Domestic disputes can affect a child’s personality and hamper their present and shape their future social interactions. The below piece is a small instant of how a child observes keenly and gets impacted.

    Thank you for the EC @miraquill

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    Cold winter

    The chaos of the morning sun
    Served with two platters of quarrels
    and high pitched voice
    Unborn fire constraint by the weather fallout
    Morning breakfast covered
    with the smell of stormy clouds

    Sun shining gold on dad's shrunken eyebrows
    Mum's wet resonant silence
    Her tears clung to the cliff

    Today I witnessed the Rain paused clouds
    And I experienced the snow fall in bright daylight

    It feels like lonesome November, ain't it?
    Winter is definitely around


  • lovethatneverfades 2w

    Blank I was swimming on the pages of my endless diary
    A passing stranger gave me a vocab or two
    A casual conversation turned into an amazing friendship

    A very bappy Birthday to one Amazing friend of mine @_astitva_

    Dancing vocabs on tip of his quill
    In plies and pirouettes forming an imaginary hill
    His words Romances the winter rain and embraces the Autumn leaves. Each of his words carrying seasons of his emotional wheel and hurt .the essence he carries , a soothing tranquil
    His thought carries profoundness unseen by human eye.
    Exploding on the canvas , taking form of a van Goghs sky
    He is one hurricane rave of his own
    // Stiching stars of soul to caress //
    Marking readers freeze in mesmerizing cold
    Flying on the whirling winds to achieve the rare dreams
    Like icy raindrops he formed crystals of permanence in people's mind
    A friend , a brother, a poetic shine.

    A Collaboration with bestest @fromwitchpen ❤️❤️
    Lines in // used from @_astitva_ write up.

    #rajeevkabirthday #friendship

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    A hailing voice.
    Soothing the bitter wind.
    So full of magnificence
    A Gem in a humankind.


  • lovethatneverfades 2w

    @miraquill , I started my journey more as an intriguing, interesting app. Doodled for fun but today it's more like a family. I may not be as active like earlier days and even agree with peeps , lots of changes occurred but still you guys are love. Absolute no complaints ❤️


    @the_speccy_outsider @jaya___ @love_whispererr @fromwitchpen @inked_selenophile @/kehta_hai_joker @/sunenasharma @soulfulstirrings @pj_animation @shambolic_heart friends from the starting days. Much grateful

    Edit. Thank you soo much @writersnetwork ❤️ you are love.

    Thank you each one of you for liking , commenting , reposting. It means a lot . Will personally reply soon

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    We are in the ocean of love
    Where poets mob and scrawl
    Spilling stories bourn and thread

    Often of twisted tales
    That once murmured in their
    Conundrum deep
    Holding back enchantments
    Felt between the ring

    Of the mysteries that traversed
    And the fear that stayed
    Of the grief
    That impatiently lurked
    On the other side of the flame

    Of the quill
    that seasoned and hatched
    Of the thoughts that
    Heart and mind scratched

    A haven in wonderland
    A place with no end


  • lovethatneverfades 5w

    Panoply existence ??

    Am I even a human or just a woman?
    Because you differ me with the most

    Dad , pampered me considering me soft
    But paa, soft flowers too bloom
    In a wildest of gloom

    Mummy said to take over traditions ahead
    I bowed to her and nodded giving up my cadence, sad
    But does it just mean to live a cloaked puppet life
    But why are then goddess praised with pride

    Brother said you can't do this
    Because you are small
    But bahiya, even an ant is worthy to built an anthill in the sky
    And so do I

    My husband says you are a great home maker
    But what about my degree and ranks
    Didn't I score and worked hard all night to fill up the knowledge tanks

    We blame the racist , we mock the fascist
    But what about our own family and friends
    Who pull our own women down,
    Aren't we worst than a racist clown?

    I am a human not just a woman
    Ready to face the aftermath
    Of the world in ashes
    A buried flower with a constellation in an ocean dream
    Colour brown beneath the soft white cream
    Definitely Soft, kindred , small and lonely
    But fierce , powerful, a mongering wolf and homely

    I am a human and a proud WoMan


    Thank you for the EC @miraquill

    #ceesreposts @writersnetwork #pod @miraquill #soulraabta #wod #epistrophe

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    Panoply existence ??


  • lovethatneverfades 5w

    After long! Thank you so much @writersnetwork . You guys are love ��


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    ᴇxᴀᴍ ɪɴ ɴᴀᴛɪᴏɴ

    Tick tock tick
    Beaming of sun
    Ruptures the stillness in air
    small and adult feet
    off their hallucinationary state

    Ruining peace,
    Kitchen, utnesils and tiffins
    Big black bags full of anxiety and lags
    Running , rushing, finding their escapes
    behind the cascading imaginings

    Cripples and panics
    Void and depression
    Doubts and insecurities
    childhood to adulthood
    Losing oneself to future victories

    Grade A or the vague digits
    A baseless perimiter
    Dragging through obsolete pages
    Drowning in the halycon of life chases

    Barely together, we hide
    Masquerading behind delusional wall
    Vandalize our sufferings
    With plastic coated smiles
    And big bang philosophies
    Forgetting In the end
    What remains is us!
    Alone in the rugged hole

    Yet when asked about life
    We wear a fancy facade
    And stands silently shunned
    Where you me and everyone else turns a poet


  • lovethatneverfades 5w

    Thank you for the EC @miraquill
    Random 1am thoughts.

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    Eager mind, inward light
    Steady nerves, firmly white
    Shining sun, alluring life


  • lovethatneverfades 6w

    Fired phoenix

    Battered books to read
    eyes whooped in delight
    The girl in white
    Stayed up half a night

    Charmed with rainbow shell
    carried the magic flame
    In the plate of love and forgiveness
    The girl in white
    Blew out some clumsy light

    Bent with thickset rigging trinkets
    Teared apart with midnoon lights
    Abreast by barren past
    Judged by hundred eyes
    The girl in white
    Lost Worlds half a sight

    Bearing the brunt
    Of battled fight
    Standing victoriously straight
    On pyramids of lunging blues and gray
    Collecting the lessons
    Of gauntlet life
    The girl in white
    Wore wings of soaring flight


  • lovethatneverfades 7w

    ᴍᴜᴛᴇᴅ ꜱᴛʀᴜɢɢʟᴇ

    There is a river flowing in my veins
    Poison running through my brains
    Crashing my bounded freedom
    On the pages of an endless shore
    I feel like a canonized ghost
    haunted with cyclic umbrageous raw words
    Scribbling an imaginary manuscript
    with a full page of tangled words ,
    Not able to read
    The thoughts that reside
    To bring in an invigorating respite
    Feeling so helpless,
    Voice so voiceless,
    words so speechless,
    Drowning over living
    To be a Blind eye
    to suffering that usually goes unseen
    I carry pair of black and white
    broken crayons inside my bag
    Wrapping my innocence, and emotions
    In a thin roll of paper around those
    Searching for sunlit colours of change


  • lovethatneverfades 8w


    Lying weakly in the bed
    With scorching bright heat
    Piercing one of my panes
    My shoulder blades blazing
    While the virus inside me
    Chews steadily on my flesh

    Insides me flames
    Like shotguns
    Fired deep into my brains
    Making me numb
    Those creatures inhabit inside
    grinning wide, floating on my face

    Pale ( not teary) eyes of my Ma
    Makes me believe
    I am still alive and left with a fight
    But the change in colour outside
    And the chaotic headstones inside
    Says the otherwise

    The sunset may seem beautific
    But for me it's a dive into nothingness
    A hollow cast cave with some leftover breaths
    I search for my sun frantically
    But seems it left my domain
    Taking away my yellows
    Replacing with its murky shades

    Ma recognises my Worldly stricken fear
    Mixes meds to my milk
    To make me return to my half dead state
    Giving me rice paper hopes of fire (f)lies
    Telling me
    our window glass is just stained
    sun is still out , And daffodils are just
    As bright as my face

    The scattered hopes in my dad's eyes
    Are like the scribbled crimsons in the sky
    Giving up easily to the darkness of the night
    Yet waking up with a bold blue gaze
    To a bright new sky

    @writersnetwork #myth #wod #Rant

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    The scattered hopes in my dad's eyes
    Are like the scribbled crimsons in the sky
    Giving up easily to the darkness of the night
    Yet waking up with a bold blue gaze
    To a bright new sky