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  • lunarrainbow 5w

    Douchebag blues

    Living in strife,
    Well, that's apart of life
    But if I can't be your loverboy than yo hell with nice!

    I got the douchebag blues
    Lord I just don't know what to do.

    I sold dynamite to the Arabs,
    Bullets to the Jews,
    False land to the Indians
    And I'll get you too!

    All because ..
    I got the douchebag blues.
    Can't ya see?
    I got the douche bag blues..
    Without you baby, I don't know who else to be.

    Vinegar and whiskey,
    The drink that I choose
    I gotta tell ya brothers
    Tastes like pussy juice!

    When ya got the douchbag blues.

    Time flies when you're in a coma...

  • lunarrainbow 5w

    Pecker-on the forehead..

    Its a sign of care and sincerity,
    Respect and admiration,

    Pecker-on the forehead..
    It's something that says I'm into you
    And not just into your physical appearance.

    Pecker-on the forehead..
    Means more than a pecker-on the lips
    More than a pecker-on the cheeks .

    When a man pecks you on the forehead,
    it means that he will always be there for you
    And will always love you with all his heart.

    So guys, if you really love her..
    Give her a peck on the forehead.


  • lunarrainbow 5w

    For you

    I long to have my unbearable throb soothed by your smooth blissfulness,
    Your inner walls.

    Veins pulsing ,
    my manhood could break rom the violent convulsings.

    Entwined in this moment in time
    I am all yours and you are all mine.

    Come the dawn
    As listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat
    And your moaning sigh
    singing the sweetest morning song..

    I love you more than I did before.
    Not because they way your hair waves in the wind,
    Not because we made heavenly sin,
    Not because of the rainbows in your eyes,
    Not because your personality is like a word without a rhyme.

    Its because.... ☺..
    You know why . hehe

  • lunarrainbow 5w

    Save all your love

    I wake in the night, to find you on my mind
    But deep in a dream you'll always be
    Utill the end of time.

    I look in your eyes, they touch my soul,
    My love is hard to hide.
    I'm never alone when we're apart,
    I feel you by my side.

    And here in my heart
    Where no one else will ever be,
    I know who you are
    So lock the door and throw away the key.

    Save all your love for me
    When I'm alone at night
    You're all I see.

    I wake from a dream and see you by my side
    How could I belong to someone else
    When holding you feels so right?..

  • lunarrainbow 5w


    You look at me and think that you want me.
    Your love is a lie that claims to be lonley.
    No your never gonna be my one and only.

    No I'm never gonna feel,
    all you ever gonna be is
    Insane if you want me.

    You gotta be crazy to say you love me!
    I don't wanna know you have thoughts of me.
    I'm never letting you say that you love me!
    No I don´t wanna know, no , no..
    Never ever let it show.

  • lunarrainbow 5w

    A well

    I dug,
    you dug,
    he dug,
    She dug,
    we all dug...

    It’s not a great poem, but it’s deep.

  • lunarrainbow 5w

    Bless u

    What sound does a Japanese poet make when they sneeze?


  • lunarrainbow 5w


    I decided to try writing some erotica.

    At first it was really easy...
    And then it got hard.

  • lunarrainbow 5w

    Almost there

    I read an erotica about edging...

    It was okay, but I thought it was a bit anticlimatic.

  • lunarrainbow 5w

    I am

    The world is still and the night is long,
    The morning rings from the suns song.

    Reign I, forever!
    When myths are found
    My coming will bring on the sound!

    I am the thunder that starts the rain,
    I see the heavens, open the gates!
    I am the lightning that lights up the sky,
    I have the answer, the secret is mine.

    From rumor to legend,
    Calming the raging seas,
    Ruler of nations and kings.

    Not passed from ages or pages
    My angels bring songs your heart knows to sing.
    Sing it!

    I am the thunder that starts the rain,
    I've seen the heavens, opened their gates,
    I am the lightning that lights up the sky,
    I have the answer, the secret is mine.

    I am the fire of light,
    I am the will of the night,
    The valley's echo is mine,
    My legend lives on through time.

    Giants and saucers,
    They cannot withstand
    The power I hold in my hands.
    Meekness is weakness
    And I'll surpass,
    My strength triumphant at last.

    I am thee