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  • lunarrainbow 22w

    Share a dream

    Sadly smile and turn the pages
    Realize the darkest age-is now,

    Now that you have gone.

    I violently scream just to hear your whisper,
    I cry in the rain but my tears get lost in the river.

    Never open my mind for what tomorrow brings,
    Forever we'll share this dream! You and me!
    Turn off the light and don't be afraid of the night.

    Oh how I need someone to break my fall
    Kindred spirit, listen for my call!....

    Still, no one hears..

  • lunarrainbow 23w

    For you

    I long to have my unbearable throb soothed by your smooth blissfulness,
    Your inner walls.

    Veins pulsing ,
    my manhood could break from the violent convulsings.

    Entwined in this moment in time
    I am all yours and you are all mine.

    Come the dawn

    As I listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat
    And your moaning sigh
    singing the sweetest morning song..

    I love you more than I did before.

    Not because they way your hair waves in the wind,
    Not because we made heavenly sin,
    Not because of the rainbows in your eyes,
    Not because your personality is like a word without a rhyme.

    Its because.... ☺..
    You know why . hehe

  • lunarrainbow 23w

    Goodbye America

    I'm politically incorrect and damn proud of it.
    I love my country but I'm scared to death of its government.

    You believe what you read cause it's all that they give you.
    After all, history is written by winners.

    It's  engaged in a frenzy of mass self-destruction,
    Feeding upon your famine to fuel it's corruption,

    Whole-selling hatred and international incest
    To carnivorous hyenas in a global theft fest,

    It's mastered the arts of death and foreign nations genocide
    And those who turn on thee commit national suicide.

    I'm the king of the global dream
    And I rule a declining nation,
    I sit and watch all the violent screams
    From the throne built from your desperation,

    I killed them all and stole their land,
    Enslaved the blacks and slaughtered the red man,

    In God we trusted but I decide the worth,
    Voting between lesser of two evils,
    Who'll rule the earth?

    I have more pigs than I have tits to feed,
    I embrace the world's phoney leaders
    And hold the sucklings to my breast
    I fool you all as I'd feed ya,

    I'll prop you up then strike you down,
    Lick your blood up, take your crown,
    You hate me but see your pride has fallen?
    Come kneal and need me now!

    (Dr MLK Jr speach)

    "The hour is late,
    the clock of destiny is ticking out.
    America has become a schizophrenic personality.

    For years, most of these people have been dominated politically, exploited economically,
    segregated and humiliated by some foreign power.

    America has trampled over the dream.
    The price that the United States must pay
    is the price of its own destruction!"

    Breakdown, Goodbye America!
    So long the music's died,
    Freedom's last hero's wasted.
    "I made you, I'll break you".

    Breakdown, Goodbye America!
    It's all gone, kiss it goodbye.
    There on bloody bended knee is where
    my nation died.

  • lunarrainbow 23w

    We're stars

    Who cries for the children? I do...

    Sometime in the night,
    when you're feeling the cold
    Take a look at the sky above you.

    Those are faces in the light,
    Looking in awe at your soul
    They are calling you!

    We are magic in the night,
    We are shadow, we are light,
    We are forever you and I!

    We're stars!

    We can be strong, we are fire and stone
    And we all want to touch a rainbow.

    But singers and poems will never change it alone
    We are calling you, calling you!

    We're the beating of a heart,
    The beginning, we're the start
    Our lights will never part!

    We're stars!!

  • lunarrainbow 23w

    Loveless age

    When I was younger,
    Trusted fate to pave the way

    Love was so easy,
    Just a game that children play.

    No time-out for changes,
    all my days are darkened dreams.

    Now there's just nothing and
    Nothing is what it seems.

    You know heartache comes full circle
    Has the past returned again?
    Again I'm upside down,
    I don't understand you anymore!
    Is it somebody else
    I hope walking through my door?
    No more lies on the table,
    No more pictures on the wall..

    Feel like I'm livin' in a loveless age.

    Night brings no comfort,
    A rider on the storm
    Looking for reason in the face of destiny
    'Cause faith has no meaning in a broken dream

    Where there ain't no one,
    And no one is who they seem.

    You know heartache comes full circle
    And the scars on the soul never fade..

    Feel like I'm livin' in a loveless age.

    I don't want you, what I need
    Is the touch of a woman
    Who won't try to make me bleed!

    Maybe I'm crazy, yeah baby that's me!
    Don't go draggin' me down
    And then leave me to drown in this loveless age!

  • lunarrainbow 23w

    Where is the love?

    Where is the love that waits for me?
    Where is the love to care for me?
    To shelter me?

    Alone I try to see the world through innocent eyes,
    But through these eyes it's all the same.

    Days go by sands of time, love denied
    And as I wait, alone remain.

    Where is the love that waits for me?
    Where is the love to care for me?
    To comfort me?

    Passions played lovers' games obeyed
    The seasons change and then the fire is gone.

    Where is the love that's going to save me?
    Where is the light to guide my way?
    Where is the love that sighs?,
    The clear blue skies? and angel's eyes?
    Where is the one to call my own?

    Where is the love?
    Where is the love that waits for me?
    Where is the love to care for me?
    To shelter me?
    Where is the love to cry for me?
    I'd die for thee!

  • lunarrainbow 23w


    Here I go again,
    Looking for a friend,
    Trying to find the love that's gone.

    Waiting for someone to tell me
    what I've done so wrong.

    Searching all around,
    Living underground,
    Hoping that the tide will change.

    Everybody has an answer but they can't explain.

    When all I need is a friend,
    someone to share my world.

    I'm just a lonely man,
    doing what I can trying to understand..

    Why I'm loveless,
    Just another heart in distress.
    Trying to find a way to fill this emptiness.
    looking for a heart that just won't miss.
    Loveless! why am I so loveless?

    It's been a little rough,
    Finally had enough
    drowning in a sea of pain,
    Haunted by a voice that tells me
    that I'm all to blame.

    Demons from the past,
    Heart that's made of glass.
    will I ever see the light?

    Don't need anyone to tell me
    what I've know my whole life!

    Am I the only man?,
    Just a fool in love with love?
    No I'm just a lonely man
    doing what I can
    Trying to understand
    Why I'm loveless.

  • lunarrainbow 24w


    A thousand years I've roamed the plains!

    Await the hand of doom.

    I've seen the tears that fall like rain 
    From the waste and all the ruin.

    A shadow's cast that falls from me on you,
    its time to claim all that's mine!

    (Non believier)
    I'd pledge my life but thy wrath is blind!
    The balance no longer remains!

    I'm the Widowmaker.
    I'm the Lord of the Wings.

    The cries of sadness never heard,
    Falling deaf upon thine ears.

    The stench of madness! raging wars!
    And you've overseen a million years?!?!

    The smell of sorrow fills the fields
    And lingers in the sky,

    The hallowed ground has become shallow now.
    Do tortured souls fulfill thine eyes?!?!

    I'm the Widowmaker
    I'm the Lord of the Wings.
    Wings, of any type or style,
    are generally a symbol of freedom,
    an ability to liberate oneself from the shackles of whatever holds or binds them.

    The wing or wings are an icon of flight and a symbol of something humans are incapable of
    and therefore becomes a symbol of hope of something larger than life...

    Encase you don't get it.

  • lunarrainbow 24w


    Can't remember how I got from here to there..
    Isn't any reason.

    Plain and simple, I can't recall any more..
    Would be misleading.

    Lead me on!

    Hell and fire burning higher
    Now I can see the ever after.

    Clock is moving only while I see.

    My sigh silently cries
    You don't hear me in the laughter.


    Clutching to a bundle in the night.
    Nobody knows.

    Leaping dogs of winter on the fight
    And everyone goes.

  • lunarrainbow 24w

    Run with the wolf

    In the light of the day
    You can hear the old ones say

    'Was the sound last night the wind?
    Can you feel the change begin?'

    By the fall of the snow
    A single soul will go.
    Setting footsteps on the white,
    There's an unholy light.

    There's a hole in the sky,
    Something evil's passing by.
    What's to come?
    When the moon calls, you go!

    To run with the wolf!

    When the world makes a turn
    The eyes of one will yearn

    For a sound just like the wind
    That will make their change begin.

    By the end of the rain
    The feelings passed the pain

    From things that snap and bite
    On an unholy night.

    There's a hole in the sky,
    Something evil's passing by,
    What's to come?
    When the sun falls you go

    To run with the wolf!

    Like a beast in a field
    He knows his fate is sealed
    He runs with the wolf!