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  • magical_poems 1d

    //Any normal day in the eyes of a child and when that child passes the republic day//

    Oh, it's a new day again
    And here I am trying to find it's importance as much as I can

    And look what is today
    Oh, it's our Republic Day
    Come let's learn it's significance
    From the eyes of innocent children

    When law and order was disturbed
    And the nation's significance perturbed
    Few people showed bravery and courage
    Even at the oldest of their age

    The longest path to freedom they walked
    With truth and Non-violence their arm's stock
    Getting freedom on 15th august
    But now administration as their problem first

    Constitution formed, laws made
    The national anthem sung and parade
    Rights given, corruption minimised
    Lessons of equality learnt and revised

    The day ends, flags down
    But what about the child so sound
    In whose heart there is patriotism
    Awakened and planted deep with secularism

    The innocent now crave to fight
    To protect the nation day and night
    Days came and passed normally
    But there is an eternal fire in his eyes only
    Pledges took, oaths were made
    And from the eyes that patriotic fire never fades.

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #child #patriotism #nation #republic #india #love #country #26january

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    Happy Republic Day
    to all the mirakeens....

  • magical_poems 3d

    And i was lost in the saccharine flute tune
    As my played it from the moon.....

  • magical_poems 4d

    And i was forced to crush my feelings forever
    As we left our demolished house
    Behind the sunset as serene as ever
    With tears as its gift in our remorse.........

  • magical_poems 1w

    Hello dear friend!!!!!!
    Welcome @nyctophilia_4832

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    Its on YOU, to get YOU where YOU want to be.....

  • magical_poems 2w

    ~~������ ������������ ���� ��������������~~

    Cascading down the trail of thoughts
    Amidst time & space, today & tomorrow
    And between these paths i got caught
    Stuck between love or faith, misery or sorrow

    Among them was my footsteps to misery
    And a playback film flashed across my face
    There was i, in my earlys
    And his handsome features set in place

    It was as though someone has switched off the sound
    Only the emotions were displayed
    And there was i leading myself to doom, i found
    With a creature set itself in a human clay

    I witnessed myself experiencing lovely pain
    As my pleasure fillled voices warned to burst through the window pane
    I saw what i knew i will, in the meantime, gain
    First friendship, then love followed by a way to a scary dark lane

    I am sitting low as i watch myself drowning in fear
    As i tried to cut myself free of these bloody binds
    Setting myself free from my mind, my body coming nearer
    To the sin of committing suicide

    I watched myself getting saved
    With a fresh time and a hurt mind
    I glimpsed myself back at square one, the day once i graved
    With a second chance of writing a fresh page

    I am at the present
    Choosing between today & tomorrow
    Solving between love or faith; happiness or sorrow

    I am a person, experienced, scarred with bygone sacrifices
    I choose faith upon love, happiness upon sorrow
    I want to live up today to make my tomorrow

    And i sing again

    Hope, donot despair
    Fight, get a violet glare
    Rise, above these foul air
    Stand to cope with these liar
    Write your own story
    Where baby

    #feel #pain #experience #lessons #love #betrayal #life #understanding
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Write your own story
    Where baby

  • magical_poems 2w

    Crossing the bridge of a used surface
    To reach a fresh page
    Leaving behind the sorrows of the previous year
    To carry joy ahead without fear

    Ready to face the challenges that wait
    To defeat them in their daring state
    Prepared to accept sorrows
    Ready to believe 'no happy tomorrows'
    Discovering new hobbies and arts
    Roaming for love darts
    Enjoying festives unique
    With time honoured looks, antique

    Colouring the lifeless lives
    Getting sweet vibes
    Nursing the young ones of pets
    Contributing in household projects
    Trying to skip boring day
    Usually in the month of may
    This year experiencing all forms of emotion
    And to dance every day in devotion

    What has been born has to one day die
    But we donot mourn as we bid goodbye
    Then a new epoch, a fresh time
    To fill the page with merry rhyme
    Again welcoming with an enthusiastic summon, full of gaity
    As this tradition goes on for eternity

    #newyear #freshpage #freshtime #positivevibes #anewdawn #anewday
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

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  • magical_poems 4w

    Again sweet
    Sweet again........

  • magical_poems 5w

    ~ My Confused Heart ~

    Oh my heart is out of place
    Torn between amusement and worry
    Between passion and career
    And still you left me with just a SORRY?

    Earlier a garden of laughter
    Now graveyard of memories
    Cracked, destroyed, perished
    But now am trying to fix my treasuries

    Strands of love holding the pieces
    Trying to fix them out
    Giving them the shape they once were
    Renewing it's lookout

    Stitch it, mend it, renovate it
    Refresh it, oh someone please
    My heart has lost its way
    Bring it on path with a lovely breeze......

    #fix #lateposts #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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  • magical_poems 5w

    The glorious shining half crescent
    Floating about the palace of clouds
    Seen just now and lost the other
    A mystery in itself profound

    Emitting a pearly white glow behind
    Giving its relaxing calm
    Showering down its peace and love
    Bathing all in a place away from harm

    Bushy grown undergrowth all lost in your glow
    Such was your calming flow
    Accompanying those glittering points
    Or stars, as you void

    In the dark blanket standing alone to light
    Helping form lovebirds under your fruitful guide
    Oh moon love is such that i have for you, full of gaiety
    Or to say you the one who is in itself an eternity?

    Will get to you one day, a destination wedding
    Of a poet whose love in you is never fading............

    Here void means to say.
    #skiesofdec #writersbay #nightmoon #declove #wod #pod
    @writersnetwork @miraquill @writersbay

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  • magical_poems 6w

    Here, gay is happiness.
    A little late to post.......
    #collomlune #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    And the last
    Leaf of autumn fell away
    Emptied of gay.......