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  • mahakgarg 1d

    Expectations !

    Lower your expectations,
    Bigger you smile!

  • mahakgarg 2w

    Lost ...

    Deep down my heart, I know what I lost will never be back again.

  • mahakgarg 23w


    Everyone gets an opportunity, but not everyone grabs it !!!


  • mahakgarg 43w



    Us parinde ko kaid krr ,
    Uski udaan cheen li

    Uss parinde ko kaid krr
    Uski udaan cheen li

    Ye insaan kesa h ?
    Ek parinde s uski phechan cheen li

  • mahakgarg 54w



    Friends who do not respect you does not need your friendship !

  • mahakgarg 61w

    A Task for you all !

    Put your Dp ( Display Pic ) with mask �� on your face ... Or just mask Dp...
    Use it on every social media app like whatsapp , instagram.
    It will help to create awareness.
    Every life matters. Every life counts.

    If you are a Good Citizen of the country , just do it.

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    A TASK ...


  • mahakgarg 63w

    Having Covid Guys ..
    If I died remember I love you all ..
    Keep Inking .

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  • mahakgarg 65w

    Ever thought the time , energy , feelings you give in a relationship you receive it back too ?
    If you do not receive the same love , energy , time , care , affection , feelings from the person then maybe you are in a wrong circle ⭕.
    Do not make 100 friends.
    Make one such friend who is your 100.
    Relationships are toxic much more we can think , percieve .
    There is a sort of BENIFIT in it.
    If you're not in a toxic relationship then it is the relationship of You and The Power you pray .
    By power I mean The GOD , The Universe.

    Choose your Circle ⭕ wisely.

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  • mahakgarg 67w



    Never trust someone too easily.

  • mahakgarg 69w

    Love Yorself !


    There is no one who could love you more !
    Love Yourself !