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  • malvikaah 252w

    So this is no masterpiece, and heck, I don't even write.. but this write up remains so dear to me. It's a symbol of a relationship, more of a, toxic dependency, I was caught in. It's a regret that consumes me, that I caused so much pain to a boy who loved me with all his heart, who chose to stay with me even if it meant sacrificing his happiness and his freedom. I've looked for my happiness, my self throughout and you've taken all of it , sometimes with a smile, sometimes a frown.

    Only recently have I began to view,and understand why he disappeared. And I guess, it was the right decision. Sorry.. ��

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    Lost, when I was, in the gloomy labyrinth of my life, I met Icarus. He said, "I'll show you the way, I promise." I trusted the child of the Maze, expecting, he knew how to escape.

    With him, I felt happy, I felt ablaze. With my bones ignited, my radiance only widened.
    He stayed quiet, never leaving my side. Exhausted, never did he complain. Strived to keep me safe, with a sad smile on his face. He kept me close, a death he chose.

    Only in the next life, did I discern, I possessed the fire that fuelled his burn.