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  • manasaa 32w

    To my first love,
    Amid millions, I chose thee.
    My heart pounded with glee.
    First time, my eyes fell upon you.
    Hours flew & sky changed its hue,
    yet I couldn't take off my gaze.
    I held you in a tight embrace.
    Inhaling your alluring scent,
    'Addict' I became at that moment.
    My fingers gently ran over you.
    You made fantasies feel so true.
    memories you bestowed
    shall forever be stored
    in my heart, my first book.
    ~ Manasaa

    23.04.2021 HAPPY WORLD BOOKS DAY.

    PC : me��


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  • manasaa 33w

    She is the sun goddess, who
    bequeaths warmth to the world,
    attracts the sunflowers of hearts.
    She is the moon mistress, who
    illumines dark and lonely nights,
    whilst millions of stars wink at her.

    She walks in nonchalantly and
    whispers peace in your ears
    like a serene August zephyr.
    She marches mightily, with a roar
    that echoes strength in your bones.
    For she is a powerful leo queen!

    She waves her wand of wisdom
    and turns words into wonders.
    She pens panacea out of pain
    Calling them, proses & poesies.
    Her sangfroid soul sings sonnets
    and sprinkes sangunity all around.

    Dearest Devika Di,
    D onning wisdom as tiara, you
    E ntwine syllables into sonnets.
    V alour tales, your scars narrate to
    I gnite the gallant flames of souls.
    K indness your heart holds, but no
    A crostic can ever praise you enough.

    - Manasaa


    Devika di,
    Of what I know about you, you are so strong, kind, genuine and honest. I love your vibes. You inspire me, honestly. Need not mention, you are an extrordinary writer. Your sonnets, acrostics and proses with simplicity, everything touches the hearts of readers.

    You have been so kind to me and helped me a lot. I'm always grateful for that. Thank you for everything. Thank you.
    I adore you♡♡


    @writersbay Thank you for this challenge and giving me an opportunity to write about her♡


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  • manasaa 35w

    Dedicated to all the 10 and 12 students of mirakee who are gonna write boards this May :") Still we have one month to go. Don't stress, relax and study at constant pace.

    All the best aaru, priyanka, khushi, harshi, Devika di, Supriya and all others��

    Going to leave mirakee until I complete boards ( This time in very strict break) Will miss this place��

    @thousand_splendid_thoughts Special tag for you and you know why❤

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  • manasaa 36w

    Originally posted on 27.03.2020 and reposting on 27.03.2021

    Years changed. But the pandemic didn't.
    I had these thoughts in my mind at the beginning of pandemic. Again, there's a rapid increase of covid cases in my city and I couldn't stop pondering about the question in my poem. Will I ever get an answer?

    @someone_alive For you��

    @writersnetwork Thank You��

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    I see monsters in human disguise
    meaninglessly massacring mankind
    in the name of religion and race.
    I see people cutting wrists to
    escape from tasting bitter reality,
    too fed up to face another difficulty.
    I see cruel creatures killing innocents
    to satisfy their ego & greedy desire,
    to show their power, money and muscle.

    I see humans clad in white coats
    Striving hard to safeguard
    the life of moribund crowd.
    I see mortals mourning miserably
    when the merciless mortality
    embraces them and loved ones.
    I see anthropoid bodies enduring
    treatments of torture and trauma,
    to keep breathing and blinking
    to keep their soul from departing.

    //Sometimes, life is treated as valueless.
    Sometimes, life is treated as priceless.//

    Why is it so? The answer I shall never receive.

  • manasaa 40w

    Sending you all good vibes��

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    People will come only to leave
    Accept the reality & don't grieve
    They aren't caring as you perceive
    Don't wear your heart on your sleeve
    Strong veil over your heart, you weave
    Or else, betrayals & aches it'll receive
    Only on self-heal, you must believe
    Love yourself & all the pain will relieve
    Focus on your goals & proudly achieve

  • manasaa 41w

    I've been writing this for weeks, little by little, with heavy tears in my eyes, carefully observing the happenings around me after my DADDY'S DEMISE. This poem is personally very close to my heart.

    Would be honored if you read fully. Do refer to short explanation in the comment section.

    @sangfroid_soul Here you go :)

    #observation #wod
    #writersnetwork Thank you♡
    @mirakee POD? Oh my! Thank Youu♡

    @barefoot @poemshespoke @soulfulstirrings Thank You so much. I loved your interpretation. Roots help us live but the fallen leaves act as manure to the soil & make the roots stronger.

    Thank you everyone who read this and left beautiful comments. I adore you all.

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    Once upon a time, a trunk of a tree
    stood al(l)one with might & majesty.
    The trunk endured the scorching sun;
    She withstood all the savage storms;
    Her miseries outspread as branches
    yet she carried their burden overhead.
    The reason behind her strength was
    A leaf who translocated love to her ;
    He always held on to her branches;
    He promised to stay attached forever.

    On one gloomy night, a bad wind blew.
    The leaf suffered to resist the wind ;
    He and the trunk gripped each other ;
    They pleaded and prayed harder;
    Alas! The merciless wind took him
    far away from his beloved trunk.
    The lone trunk kept lamenting loud
    for she had lost her dear loving leaf!
    Some of the other leaves pitied her;
    Bestowed her shade till she felt better.

    A poet used to scribble metaphors
    on nature being everyone's saviour.
    But on that night of melancholy,
    his perspective changed totally.
    As an epiphany hit the poet's mind,
    he wrote a ballad for the forlorn trunk.

    "O dear trunk! Leaves offer you shade;
    To bear your heavy branches, they aid.
    But all leaves are ephemeral, darling!
    Few leaves cling on to you till they can
    fall off to kiss the ground, their priority.
    Few others fight against wind O' fate
    to never detach from you, only in vain.
    Old Leaves shrink. New Leaves sprout.
    Yet one cannot replace the other one.
    Hold on to your roots, O dear trunk!
    Your roots of what you believe in!
    Soil gives strength for you to strive
    Let your roots absorb 'em to survive
    Your roots shall keep you upright
    O dear trunk! Soon you'll be alright.
    You need leaves to FACE your life
    Trust your roots to LIVE your life "

  • manasaa 49w

    I have tried to portray how to write a delightful poetry which gives happiness to everyone with some christmas related scenarios. No idea if it makes sense. Just tried.

    I'm late but Merry Christmas Fam❤��

    @thousand_splendid_thoughts Ily for holding on to me all the time❤
    @petrichor_tales @dusky_dawn Miss you, mentors❤

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    How I present a Xmas poetree?

    I dig out the thoughts
    from my frosted mind,
    Hang them one by one
    to make wreaths of syllables.
    I stuff my warm feelings
    inside red and white socks
    and hang them along.
    I add fairy lights that
    twinkle in rhythm to the
    cadence of carol playing behind.
    I embellish my wo(o/r)d cedars
    with sparkling stars & metaphors
    Then I become a Santa (Clause)
    and sleigh on icy lands to
    spread my jingling smiles,
    gifting people some candy canes
    and my hand-made Xmas poetree.

  • manasaa 54w

    Based on my previous post.
    Non - fiction.
    Read fully or skip fully please.

    @writersnetwork Thank you WN.
    Thank you so much to everyone from the bottom of my heart❤��


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    I see a tattered signboard which reads
    "Men will be men & women will be judged"
    Beneath, a group of women gossip.
    " Short clothes! ", they make statement,
    "are the reason for sexual harrassment."
    "Women empowerment leads to disaster
    Clothes aren't her choice but her character
    Everything of her is to be blamed
    Her length of skirt, Her perfume's odour
    Her late night work , Her lipstick colour"
    Stereotypes, labels, judgements & what not
    Disgusted, I plead them to give a thought
    on basic human rights and choices
    yet I become one of those muffled voices
    I run, run & run away from narrow streets
    but not at all narrower than their minds.

    //Patriarchy dances to rhythm of judgements
    Whilst feminism crawls with broken limbs//

    I run, run & run till I reach a wide road
    where I see a refurbished billboard.
    It reads "Welcome to the modern city.
    Men or women, treat with humanity"
    Beneath, a cluster of women voice out.
    "Short dress isn't a sin but comfortability
    Judging her outfit is a sick mentality"
    Impressed, I pursue to join their talk
    They taunt me and away I walk,
    "A misfit like you is a curse
    You are not progressive like us
    Your dressing style is old & worse"
    For I drape a shawl around my neck
    For I feel comfort in not-so-bold suits,
    For I don't daub my face with brushes
    For I prefer smile on lips not gloss
    They see the cover, they judge books
    Progressive isn't my virtue but my looks
    Again I run, run & run searching for a place
    where empowering women isn't about disgrace
    nor about breaking stereotype to create another

    //Hypocrisy exhales fire in its breath
    Whilst feminism chokes in ventilator//

    I run, run & run but reach nowhere
    other than my powerful pen & paper
    Struck between patriarchy & hypocrisy,
    feminism seeks escape in my poesy.
    I take a quill & write with a bold will ;
    " Ladies, stop judging, and ease
    each others' lives, please? "

  • manasaa 55w


    Dear Diary,

    I gazed upon the kids celebrating with fireworks on my lane. Flash of sizziling sparks hit me with flash of memories on how I used to be so fragile, just like crackers. These crackers depend on other humans to ignite the sparks of self. They blame the humidity of circumstances and lack of luck for not dazzling bright enough. Just like them, I too, used to pollute myself and my abode with toxicity. Exhausted after not-so-long moments of shine, I used to lay like a paper teared apart, on darkest corners. With all my potential and hope drained, I used to wait for someone to light me up. I used to wait for someone to let my sparks rise high. I used to wait for someone to wake me up from half death. Interrupted by a sudden noise, my past memories burst too and my mind scattered back into present.

    I took a 'diya' in my palms. She stained some spots on my face with yellow tinge where I could feel her warmth. Carefully placing her on the balustrade, I glimpsed at her flame dancing along with the one behind my eyes. Maybe it is a coincidence or maybe one flame is the reflection of the other or maybe both are same? I continued to look deeper at her. Her glow was subtle yet sangfroid. Sometimes brighter ; sometimes dimmer. When a bad wind passed by her, she flickered yet made efforts to withstand. She was the only light to herself and her abode. Just like Diya, I too, glowed in solitude waiting for none. Tonight , I stood on the edge of balustrade and promised I would never extinguish as long as I have fuel in my heart(h) and air to enrich the flame of my soul.

    The kids on street noticed me above and invited me to join them. "No thanks" , I replied, " I shall never celebrate my toxic past and I wish you guys too find the glow within yourselves". Perplexed, their innocent faces stared at me. "Happy Diwali", I smiled.

    With love,

    PS : Happy Diwali fam ��

    @writersnetwork Unexpected. Thank you. Happy Diwali team��❤

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  • manasaa 61w

    // Life ~ A Journey of river //

    I emerge out as a river
    from the womb of glacier,
    I meander throughout my life,
    I flow past various terrains -
    Rugged plateaus, smooth plains,
    High hills and low canyons,
    I deposit fertile silts called
    memories on my mind's coast,
    I harbour diverse organisms
    with my water of kindness,
    I flood shores & break hearts
    with my ripples of rage,
    I encounter rocks en route,
    Sometimes I erode them,
    Sometimes I change my course,
    I settle down at the sea,
    I evaporate as mist,
    I return to heaven.
    ~ Manasaa

    #mcop_cwc #mistc
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay

    PS : Life is like a journey of river. Where you begin and where you end is a destined loop. What makes a difference is how you flow throughout.

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