im 33. i like to write, learn, paint, and laugh. music is my life.

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  • mandah88 2w

    Things I didn't say

    I never had a chance to tell you
    That you became my reason to smile
    I simply hadn't the slightest idea
    That I'd have you for just a short while
    Things happened unbeknownst to me
    And you were taken as quick as you came
    But since I got the chance to know you
    My life will never be the same
    So, if somehow you can hear me now
    Please know these words are true
    You are truly someone special
    And I was head over heels for you
    The light in your eyes that sparkled for me
    Was the clue I'd been waiting for
    You were the man of my dreams
    And now my wounded heart remains sore
    If I could be given just one more chance
    I will be sure to let you know
    That I am in so love with you
    And this time I'll never let you go

  • mandah88 2w

    My Savior

    I have not met you but I see you each night in my dreams. I know someday I will be with you, you're the only thing that can console my screams. Your beautiful face relieves me nightly from my awful nightmares. Just in the nick of time, you are always there. I wonder if this is some sort of special revelation... Sent to let me know that you're my real life salvation? I am still unaware the meaning of it all, I just know that you'll be there to catch me when I fall. You are the one who is sent to come and rescue me. And for that I owe you my love throughout all of eternity.

  • mandah88 3w

    My Eternal Love

    I see your face in my dreams
    I contemplate what this means
    Are you the one that's made for me?
    Are you destined to be next to me?
    The feeling I get when I look into your eyes
    Is unlike any other, I get butterflies
    Do you think that it's the universe's sign?
    To let me know you're meant to be mine?
    I need to know how you feel
    Do you believe all the signs are real?
    If you could, help me to understand
    If you believe, please take my hand
    I promise I will love you forever
    And we can spend eternity together

  • mandah88 3w

    Without A Hell

    I remember a time not too long ago
    When I was but a child ready to learn and grow
    The great wide world lay majestically before me
    A world full of wonder & opportunity

    Those days, now way back then
    Still held hopeful for my fellow men
    It was lifetimes ago or so it seems
    Back when I still clung to hopes and dreams

    Now I look at how much has changed
    I could never have foreseen a life so strange
    One that was doomed before the start
    A life that was tainted by the heart

    I had enough love to fill the seas
    But the world quickly brought me to my knees
    It left me mangled, badly hurt and scarred
    I tried to miss the pain, I tried so hard

    But the weight of this world became far too heavy
    And my shattered heart was left so unsteady
    My only choice to protect it now
    Was to numb it to all the pain somehow

    The saddest part is what comes next
    A reality that no one might have guessed
    My broken heart left pained and frail
    Succumbed to the damage the world would impale

    I grew bitter and my heart went cold
    The world has left me weak and old
    The sun no longer shines in my skies
    The beauty of life ripped from my eyes

    Nothing now can ever be the same
    My skies have darkened from all the rain
    I just miss the life I had so long ago
    Before I knew the eternal fate of my soul

    Back when I still harbored my hopes and dreams
    When I was still blinded to everything
    My infancy kept me seeing through a veil
    In a world that existed without a hell


  • mandah88 3w

    Greedy Ones

    Calculated actions bring into existence a fear unlike any other
    Who will go next? Me, my son, or my mother?
    Evil men in the background brought this fear into the world
    It consumes the lives of many, indiscriminate of boy or of girl
    It's purpose is simple, to further fatten the pockets of the wealthy
    While those who aren't rich fall sick and alarmingly unhealthy
    How could such evil exist in so many human hearts?
    How could there be no remorse for all the lives your greed departs?
    Help me understand how your brain justifies such pain
    Your cash won't go with you when you die, only your consequences remain

  • mandah88 3w


    It's funny how life works at times, ya know?
    When your a child you think you'll never grow old
    You never foresee any chance of failure or pain
    But as you grow older, that oblivousness don't remain
    Things begin happening and can take a turn for the worse
    For some it may seem their victim of some curse
    Then there are those days that can get very lonely
    You should've taken your mother's advice you think, if only...
    It is times like these that make you question life's purpose
    Is there a reason for it all or is it just some kind of circus
    But there is some advice I can give, friend to friend
    Never lose hope and don't wish for the end
    In time things will get better if only you believe
    Nothing is by accident, don't be so naive
    There is some bad times but there will also be good
    Not everything we face will always be understood
    Just look inside your heart and find the love within
    I think that's the only way we can ever truly mend
    Each life that has been placed here on this planet earth
    Has been sent with a purpose that was destined from birth
    And just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not true
    Somewhere, someone will be taught a lesson from you
    In the times we feel lonely we must learn to keep going
    And when tough times come, it's our opportunity for growing

    © Amanda.Humphrey

  • mandah88 4w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Overlook

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    Never overlook disrespect.

  • mandah88 4w


    Proof of the damage you inflicted upon me
    Is still left behind for the world to see
    The remnants left there for me to wear
    Are a permanent reminder of the despair
    It started out as joy then grew to love
    I truly believed you were the one I dreamed of
    But much too soon the love began to fade
    And before long I found myself betrayed
    You purposely left my heart in quite a mess
    But it never mattered nonetheless
    You aren't sorry and my pain never mattered
    It didn't bother you that my heart was shattered
    You view my scars as a sort of victory
    That have been etched quite deep to reveal our history
    I don't understand it but that matters none
    Because the war is over and you have won
    I'll take what's left and be on my way
    These scars on my heart will never go away

  • mandah88 4w

    To Attain Success

    To sit around waiting for success to fall into your lap
    Is a choice that you'll one day refer to as a mishap
    Success is only attained by chasing your dreams
    And knowing that nothing is as hard as it seems
    Never let failure stop you in your tracks
    Strength is derived from these unfortunate setbacks
    #success #inspire #strength #courage #writcopoem
    But they're only meant to teach you, not beat you
    So don't ever give up or let anything defeat you

  • mandah88 4w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Breathe

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    Sometimes all you need is to just breathe.