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  • mane_auraa 8w

    I Do Not Feel The Way I Did

    A certain kind of numbness,
    Follows me around.
    Those who were once dear to me,
    Seem like strangers in a crowd.
    I do not feel the way I did,
    When I once sat with them and found,
    That I'm wrapped in a certain kind of bubble,
    Which doesn't let in a single sound.

    And in this bubble there is some light
    But only of the past.
    And the colours that it brings to life
    Don't seem like they will last.
    I do not feel the way I did,
    When I once had a blast,
    A certain fond sadness lingers,
    An evil spell, it seems, cast.

    And this spell it seems to me,
    Is a curse cast by time.
    I seldom find myself alone,
    Yet loneliness is my crime.
    I do not feel the way I did,
    I'm definitely not at my prime.
    I find myself lost in dreams,
    Yes, maybe lost in my rhyme.

    And in this rhyme I dare to dream,
    For a life that I could forsee,
    Surrounded by these familiar strangers,
    Who might finally even flee.
    Yes, I do not feel the way I did,
    And maybe I'll agree,
    The time has come to burst the bubble,
    And from this spell, be free.

  • mane_auraa 21w


    The situation in Afghanistan has caused many to have cried.
    Its with the deepest dread that I tell you, that many more have died.
    That terror organisation tells people that their rights are no longer true,
    That anyone who dissents with them, has a meeting with death due.
    And every time a child is sold to a grown man to be "wed",
    My heart, trapped inside these caged ribs, has indefinitely bled.
    And every time someone is shot by those truly "righteous men",
    I wonder whether the sword might be, actually mightier than a pen?
    For all I feel I can do, is string some words together,
    And wait, paralyzed, with helpless hands for what seems, an entire country to end forever.

  • mane_auraa 21w

    My Vice

    You say they made you impuissant,
    And you hated feeling that way.
    Yet you open up to me,
    And say I'm not your friend.

    I listen to every word you say,
    And give you sound advice.
    And in the end you hit me back,
    And call caring, my vice.

    Sometime I feel like a ragged cloth,
    Used to clean the mess,
    And then I'm thrown to the side,
    Replaced by a brand new dress.

    I gave you many chances
    To show me that you care.
    Yet then again, I forget,
    You've caught me in a snare.

    A part of me wants to escape,
    And prove my worth to me.
    But I'm still stuck in an endless loop,
    The other doesn't want me free.
    And tried, I have,
    To free myself and find a better path.
    Where pain won't be the only thing,
    I receive, along with wrath.

    And though I know,
    You are soo good, and loving towards all.
    I still feel like a thousand souls,
    Will reach you before my call.

    So help me understand the reason
    Why every time we talk, I lie?
    Cause to me, you are my bestest friend,
    Yet you often make me cry.

  • mane_auraa 42w

    No Truer Truth.

    No truer words have been uttered
    Beneath the vastness of the sky,
    Than when I say I felt for you
    When all you felt were lies.

    No truer actions have been glimpsed
    To prove your lies to me,
    For all i wanted was a simple bond
    And for you to let me be.

    No truer tears were seen that day
    When we learnt the truth of pain,
    When you tried to break our hearts
    Which you slowly meant to drain.

    No truer pain was felt by us
    When we learnt the secret you keep,
    When whispers on the streets came true
    Which ruined our innocent sleep.

    No truer truth would have been discerned
    When our anger did prevail,
    When every single flaw we ignored
    Came rushing in our brains.

    No truer songs would have been sung
    With a melody oh so sweet,
    Than the sound of us rejoicing
    When we finally found us freed.

  • mane_auraa 47w

    Too Many Wants

    I want someone to be number one
    Or even be someone's number.
    I want to have late night talks
    Or someone to care when i crumble.

    I want some questioning answers
    Or even some answered questions.
    I want to dream little dreams
    Or even be some suggestion.

    I want high floating clouds
    Or even some clouds to float upon.
    I want pieces of few breaks
    Or even break into few pieces at dawn.

    I want some words of love
    Or even some love for words.
    I want to unchain my past
    Or even lose myself in herds.

    I want freedom at last
    And even last that freedom.
    I want all of that,
    Or even see it seldom.

  • mane_auraa 54w

    Like the Wind

    Sometimes I feel like the wind.
    Always drifting,
    Always moving.

    Invisible to their eyes,
    But a constant support.
    Why do they see all and yet see none?

    I give sustenance to them,
    Yet they break away my home.
    Am i selfish to ask for some love and support?

    I help in their growth,
    But now I've realised.
    Did I give them my all, and lost from inside?

    I give them my air,
    And they say I'm imperative.
    So how do they turn, and shake off my relevance?

    Sometimes I feel like the wind.
    Always present,
    With nowhere to go or even begin.

  • mane_auraa 61w

    I Want...

    I want a world where
    my Voice is Heard.

    Where the drops of Rain
    Aren't louder than me.

    Where the rays of the waning Sun
    Aren't brighter than me.

    Where the questions I ask
    Aren't dismissed like the buzzing of a Bee.

    Where the answers I give
    Aren't lost in the Sea.

    I want a world where
    my Face can be Seen.

    Where the shade from my Shadow
    Isn't belittled by the Tree.

    Where the touch of my Fingers
    Isn't whisping past like the Breeze.

    Where the oyster in the Ocean
    Isn't crying for the pearl it can't seek.

    Where the bird in the Cage
    Isn't begging to be free.

    I want a world where
    my Voice can be Heard.

    Where the pictures in the Caves
    Aren't waiting for humans in Envy.

    Where the people on the Streets
    Aren't running, soo Busy.

    Where the children in the Garden
    Aren't feeling ordinary.

    Where the promises that are Made
    Aren't making me Weary.

    I want a world where
    my Face can be Seen.

    Where the Sloth on the tree
    Isn't moving soo slowly.

    Where the Butterfly on the flowers
    Isn't wandering aimlessly.

    Where the Respect for a human
    Isn't made into a Plea.

    Where the time that is Past
    Isn't making me Empty.

    But alas,
    The world isn't what I want.
    I can not be free.
    As invisible as a spec,
    That flies between you and me.

  • mane_auraa 62w

    Please come back...

    Sometimes the truth
    Feels like a lie.
    Sometimes I wonder
    How much can we cry?

    With every single second
    I feel my heart contract.
    Every cell in me
    Wants to have you back.

    It wants you to make me laugh.
    It you to make me cry.
    It wants you to console me
    And it wants you to please not die.

    Please come back and scare the birds
    And tell us how they seem.
    Please come back and let me show
    My disapproval of your schemes.

    And let me tell you that every time
    You put your arm around me.
    I feel like i have another brother
    Who teased my love for tea.

    I have no other words to say
    I wish we had a hack.
    To somehow talk to you again and say,
    "Bunny, please come back..."

  • mane_auraa 69w


    "Could every step that I take
    Push me back?
    Did I finally reach the point
    Where I'd met my real pack?"

    See every day I see ,
    My friends act outré.
    The ones who said, "They'll never leave",
    Were the ones who never
    Led me astray.

    I often wonder what it felt
    To cherish
    To adore.
    Until I realised that in my heart,
    I couldn't ask for more.

    They've made me cry at various points,
    They've even made me laugh,
    They've made me realise,
    (After some time)
    That these idiots are enough.

    Some may leave
    And some may stay.
    And some may
    (One day)
    Lose their way.

    But one thing will never change.

    They've etched their way into my heart
    And their mark will always stay.


  • mane_auraa 76w

    The truth?

    "What is the truth?
    We are made of stardust
    And filled with flames,
    Yet most can't see
    That we aren't the same.

    I see our differences:
    Some short, some tall
    Some fair, some dark;
    Some big, some small
    But all have a spark.

    A spark that glows
    and grows,
    And grows.
    We are the same
    But still we're not.

    For how could we be?
    Our lungs all cave,
    Our eyes are shattered,
    Our skin just craves,
    That stardust matter.

    What is the truth?
    Are we worth
    The brilliant sky?
    Different or same?"
    The dreamer sighed.