Shamanic healer/poet/blogger/author Woman with a mission,"Triumphing over Trauma"

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  • mariateresa 2d

    Taking inspiration from the intention setting rituals I practice, guided by Spirit. This one is a new affirmation and mantra I have on my heart to share. Believe in the possibilities before us. Major shifts are creating new beginnings for all of us.

    #newbeginnings #newmoon #mooncycles #intentions #affirmations #mantra #believe #divinelove #divineguidance #allowing #opening #soulhealing #shamanichealing #spiritualjourney #spiritualawakening #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    I allow

    Quieting my mind, I allow
    Opening to unknown possibilities
    I choose to dance with intuition
    Pool of thoughts create the barrier for fears Illusions to win
    Melting the ice around my heart
    Looking honestly into uncharted territory within
    Following the path that leads me to a seed of new beginnings
    Over and over I choose to reinvent myself
    Patiently stoking the fires that temper creativity's desires
    Round and round I go, choosing wisely, I go slow
    Intentional steps forwards leave behind footprints of past regrets
    Forgiving all that was, always knowing there's plenty of space still to grow
    Allowing my song to be heard, believing in divine timing
    All worries are silenced
    Conditions are clear for fear to disappear
    Heart centered, I allow

  • mariateresa 3d

    I am a modern day troubadour spreading the power of love through my poems. The energy that is occurring on Earth right now is life changing. Powered by the New Moon and solar eclipse in Sagittarius, we are rising to feel much more of the love vibration that is pouring upon us through Spirit, the Divine light. Tap in, feel its power and trust the truths that are ushering in New Earth. Welcome to the mass healing, the Great Awakening. What an amazingly beautiful time to be alive!!!

    #december #wod #wordprompt #divine #higherconciousness #spiritual #soulhealing #spiritualawakening #spiritualjourney #spiritualenlightenment #magic #believe #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee #humanity

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    The magic of December

    In this month of December, the time of my birth
    I pray for Divine love to enlighten one and all, pouring through the Light upon the Earth
    Energetic lift of aliveness awakens each sentient being
    Truth ignites healing by radiating its power onto one another through feeling
    Rising towards our higher purpose, breaking systems that damage humanity
    Together we understand communication telepathically
    This is our new reality
    Believe in the magic of the season
    Winter creates a stillness within drawing us closer to intuitive reason
    Like ice breaking around the walls of our hearts, fear no longer serves our existence
    Collectively we understand that only love is the path of least resistance

  • mariateresa 1w

    These lines are the pearls of wisdom, the life advice I would tell my younger self if given the opportunity. Living through trauma and dysfunction caused me to want to grow up fast. Mostly I hurt myself because I wasn't taught how to properly care for myself. These days, "Triumphing over Trauma" means I trust my instincts and try hard to show myself patience and grace. Showing my heart by being kind towards others and always, no matter what, loving myself for what I didn't know. Forgiving the way I was by practicing the art of believing in myself today. Allowing the continuous cycles of death and rebirth which guide us to our authentic selves. The more we learn, the less we know. Remaining open and staying present in this life is a gift. Everyday.

    #lifeadvice #wod #wordprompt #loveistheanswer #forgiveness #virtues #divinewisdom #divinegrace #divinelove #higherconciousness #writingcommunity #writerslife #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    I'd tell myself

    In your rush to be somebody, be somebody
    Patience is the most golden of virtues
    Allowing you to be the somebody you need to be for yourself
    Showing your sensitivity is a super-powered strength, never a weakness
    Follow your heart, let it be your master
    Stubbornness is fear turned on yourself, choose love instead
    Practicing kindness and love will carry you farther than you will ever dream
    Trust your instincts and believe in yourself
    Be your own hero and best friend
    It's you that will be with yourself till the end

  • mariateresa 1w

    We are in the midst of mass healing. Move away from thoughts and analysis and follow instinctual cues, guided by intuition. Connectedness is key, plug in and feel. Spirit shows us the way forwards. Divine timing always allows. The only truth is love.

    #love #divinelove #divinewisdom #spiritualguidance #soulhealing #healingjourney #higherconciousness #spiritualenlightenment #truth #loveistheanswer #leadwithlove #writerslife #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Truth is love

    Effortlessly flowing, ancient wisdom is showing
    Lead us towards the doorway
    Slowly taking a collective breath and the intended steps
    Allowing Light to shine through the heart
    Away from darkness and lies
    Releasing expectations along the way
    Walking in silence to the internal rhythm of Spirit guides
    Division no longer separates what is eternally connected
    One heart beats in synchronization
    The only truth is love

  • mariateresa 1w

    Human kindness

    A simple gesture that takes no time
    Effortless and free, not costing a dime
    Trusting my gut by following intuitive guidance
    Continues the practice of human kindness
    Allowing love to flow from an internal place
    Sees a spark of spirit alive in each of our soul space
    After all, we are one my sisters and brothers
    Love from inside starts to compile
    Overflows my being and spreads through a smile
    Creating a tremendous ripple effect
    A walking paradigm just awaiting to shift into the next

  • mariateresa 1w

    New beginnings inspired by energy coding and soul awakening. Awareness that I am heeding what Spirit teaches and guides. Effortlessly I allow the Light to come shining through. Inside of me and inside of you. And so it is. Amen.

    #divineguidance #divinewisdom #higherconciousness #healingjourney #soulhealing #soulawakening #spiritualawakening #humanity #love #divinelove #psychic #channeling #angels #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    The art of allowing

    Created as a whole being of Light effortlessly glowing
    Internally peaceful while eternally shining
    Leaning into sovereign nature, we release
    Outwardly showing the love we are knowing
    Healing one another along this human journey
    Accepting what Divine wisdom is teaching
    Rising to destiny's true intentions
    The art of allowing my soul its human lessons

  • mariateresa 2w

    Word prompt flow on waterlily glow. I adore Claude Monet's impressionist capturing of nature. This is dedicated to my sister Tami who has taught me so much and loves art like I do. She's a beautiful expression of living art herself, huge ❤

    #impressionist #art #wod

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    Waterlily flow

    Fragrantly flowing, beauty showing
    Watercolor dream in pastels and creams
    Light reflecting upon lilies of white
    Cascading memories so whimsical and bright
    Admiring this scene, perfectly captured the warmth felt on the first days of spring
    Delivers feelings nostalgic and words too often fogetten
    Thank you Claude Monet

  • mariateresa 2w

    The urge to control sabotages creativity and freedom. Dancing with newness as i'm stretched into areas that are unfamiliar and unknown. Change is my master, teaching me hard earned lessons of letting go to gain the love I so deserve. Feeling it all is incredibly healing.

    #higherconciousness #spiritualawakening #healingjourney #spiritualjourney #unconditionallove #selfacceptance #empath #healer #balance #energy #spilledink #writings #writinglife
    #writing #writersnetwork #spirituality
    #writer #writingpoetry
    #writingcommunity #whereiwrite
    #creativewriter #poems #poetry #lovewriting
    #shamanichealer #artofshamanism #hope #faith

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    Freedom flying

    Layers of fear fall like rain, releasing pain as I contemplate all I hold dear
    Darkness and Light dance and swirl as my wings spread and unfurl
    Accepting the urge to control is part of our human nature
    Releasing my grasp sets the stage for greater creation
    Allowing its bliss, leaning into its kiss, I set my sights upon the sky
    My spirit is freed when my soul answers to its wild cry

  • mariateresa 2w

    Hope is alive for us to be as one. Connected by soul, our journey together is never done. Embracing my role and shining my Light. Seeing you through your shadows, sharing love to rebuild your might.

    #higherconciousness #soulful #love #lovepoems #sacredlove #soulhealing #souljourney #timetravelers #writersnetwork #writingcommunity #mirakee

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    Time travelers

    Body shivers while bursts of sunlight glimmer
    Dark layers melt away fear from a heart as it shivers
    Long lasting memories of lifetimes gone by
    In your eyes I see our future fade as tears swell, bowing my head, I allow myself to cry
    Cyclical seasons hold stories that only we share
    Staring into the abyss, letting go as I dare
    Love without limits, borders, attachments or expectations
    Holding space for you dear, my Light is a beacon, tune into its station
    Connected by destiny's truest intentions
    Reflections of love carry us to our final destination

  • mariateresa 2w

    I feel you as I do myself, eternal love is ours in every lifetime.

    #wod #rhyme #heart #wordprompt

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    Dream a little dream of me

    Purity of love connects two hearts so true
    Beating a rhythm through ryhme sharing sensations clues
    Constructs of time and space may keep us apart
    Mysterious unknown forces created through spiritual art
    Our souls reunite in magnificent dreams