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  • mariyaabbasi19 95w

    Your Day

    The day is new and so are the challenges
    Why take ahead the thoughts and all those grudges
    You are you and will remain yourself throughout
    Why take ahead the anxiety , insecurities and doubt!

    Every obstacle takes a new turn with you and your mind
    Accept and embrace it,go with the grind
    At the end what will happen it all that will matter
    Don't let the intermediate thoughts today cause you shatter

    Life is long my dear and so your journey
    Laugh yourself, cherish every moment and stop begging mercy
    Either you win or you learn
    Both the ways there are many things to earn.

  • mariyaabbasi19 109w

    I am sorry

    I am sorry for the mess I have created
    I am not sorry for whom am i


  • mariyaabbasi19 110w



  • mariyaabbasi19 110w

    Time heals

    Moments of distress and times of tranquil
    Leave us bewildered and full of anguish
    Time is hard to pass through
    With all guilts ,remorse and regrets to carry though

    "Nothing lasts long" is quite known
    You just can't possess anyone, anything to be your own
    Days shall pass and so shall the time
    I guarantee ,no regrets and whines

    Time is magical
    It's heals the good and the tragical
    Have faith in yourself and perseverance withhold
    Good things will happen not all miracles are told...

  • mariyaabbasi19 111w

    Failure and me

    In the era of competition
    And times of perfections
    We just can't accompolish what we desire
    It's all governed by situations

    Font be disheartened,it's a process
    Think failure to be a stepstone
    To make all the achievable things of the world your own
    Relish the success and be at par with the failure
    Who knows,you may just have conquered all your fears...!

  • mariyaabbasi19 111w

    Facts and fantasy

    What we know is fact,what we desire is fantasy
    What we should do is fact,what we are tempted to do is fantasy
    Oh my,the list is by one the things pile
    Damn it ,you can't do everything in a while

    Facts are real and fantasies inevitable
    Respect both, but go with the more habitual
    Some things can't be changed and should not be
    Live in a world backing these facts with ALL YOUR fantasies...!


  • mariyaabbasi19 112w


    Looking at a person
    Thousands of thoughts cross the mind
    How,why and for what he/she acted
    We just can't help thinking wild

    Is it necessary for a person to justify his deeds
    Just for the sake of getting what he needs
    Comeon,don't you all be so narrow minded
    He is limitless ,don't let mere acts leave you blinded

    As said, " never judge a book by its cover"
    High time guys,let's give ourselves a makeover...

  • mariyaabbasi19 112w


    A Single thought of doubt
    In the today's world
    Can change the entire existence
    no values even words

    You are not ready for a situation
    That leaves you in devastation
    Here comes the need for more motivation
    Love,care ,empathy no intentions

    Wish that one person could understand the bit of dilemma you going through
    And shower all support you need to pass through
    Problems would be so much fun
    With help from around ,the cozy company to seek and run

    Things are not complicated
    We make it so
    Just clear your doubts and difference s in that go
    To live happily on and on with the ""FLOW""....!

  • mariyaabbasi19 112w

    Guilt and regrets

    Wake up in the world of reality where we are struggling each day
    To create,find and correct ourselves
    To face the challenges and hurdles
    To make tomorrow better than yesterday

    In the make,where is today
    All distroyed by shattered hopes and expectations
    Filled with guilts,remorse and regret
    God,why can't we just forget

    Regrets pull you down and you can't go ahead
    Break the sigma ,face them instead
    The journey of life is too long
    Surely one hurdle SHOULDN'T LET YOU DOWN..!

  • mariyaabbasi19 112w

    Quarantine and me

    With days of uselessness and
    activities of usefullness
    At times days are empty,boring
    But responsiblities are NEVER ENDING

    Days passby,and time flies
    How I miss my priorities,I always sigh
    Things have changed and so have I
    Hopeless ness and boredom make me cry

    Will time improve or will we be caged forever
    Will we embrace radiance or ,gloom forever
    The time you have now guys is a boon
    Cherish the moments, surroundings and everything soon

    Priorities are important
    But YOU are important
    YOUR happiness and sanity is more important