poetry is like music for your soul

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  • marlyanna 24w

    It's Time

    Hey you! You are worthy!!! Yeah, I know it hurts that you are the only one calling, and texting. It's okay I've learned not to be okay at times. But then have your moment and then you have to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and say " hey, I got this!"
    Yes, you! You got this. You dont know this, but I love you, if you took time to read this.
    Love you, you deserve it!

  • marlyanna 24w

    Shining Gem

    Feeling lost and lonely?
    You got you!
    The best part about life is learning to love you and appreciating who you are
    You are a gem
    A beautiful gem that may not have been polished yet.
    Shine it, and glow even in the dark

  • marlyanna 24w

    The Fight

    I paint my face to become more appealing, but wonder why?
    My heart still hurts and aches
    I hide behind the paint so noone will notice the pain as easily
    I make no eye contact because if I do I might break
    Acceptance seems hard to come by or is it really?
    Who am I trying to be accepted by?
    The one and only person I've been running from for years......myself
    I have made peace with what I thought was my worst enemy, but I was wrong all along
    It's been me ive been fighting all along

  • marlyanna 24w

    Outside The Box

    Sometimes you have to step outside the box, to realize your not the problem
    They are!!!

  • marlyanna 105w

    Sometimes, I just need my space to talk to myself alone

  • marlyanna 105w

    Your Gal

    As he picked up many books in life, hers seemed most interesting
    Some chapters caused him great pain while others made him laugh
    He refused to stop reading fore she was an interesting character
    When he had almost reached the end, she leaned over, picked up a pen and scribbled something down in it
    She then returned it to him with tears in her eyes
    He realized the title was Your Gal
    Noone had ever made it through to the end without putting her down
    He looked up at her and she mouthed "I love you" silently
    With tears in his big blue coherant eyes he said "I love you more!!!"


  • marlyanna 105w

    The Story

    You think you know, you dont

    You have no clue, yet the answer is right in front of you

    Staring back at you in the mirror

    You are the true answer to happiness

    Your life is like an empty journal waiting to be written

    With every passing day and every blank page turned

    Only will stay blank unless you take the time, to look deep within yourself

    Find the happiness that lies within


  • marlyanna 105w

    The Soldier

    I am a Mom
    I am a Daughter
    I am a Sister
    I am a Friend
    I am a Warrior
    What I'm not, is a Victim
    I am a Soldier

  • marlyanna 106w


    Wheres your place?

  • marlyanna 153w


    She didnt know why but no words came out when she spoke
    The only thing she felt was literally broke
    No tears to shed anymore down her cheeks
    They hadn't formed now for many weeks
    She stares blankly into space
    It's as if autopilot has taken place
    Shes satisfied feeling numb at this point in her life
    To feel anything right now would cut through her like a knife
    So she chooses to sit in silence and darkness in a room all alone
    Everything going straight to voicemail on her phone
    For the first time in days she seen it light up and thought someone actually missed her
    It was just the battery dying and confirmed what was sure
    Noone missed her or even gave a care
    Thank God for autopilot no more she can bare