Made in Greece with ❤️ I am a happily sad person from birth I write what I feel & I feel deeper than words

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  • marthafromeden 68w

    All I want now is an endless love, hopeless love got me depressed. I have had enough of that

  • marthafromeden 68w


    What I regret most in life is not, saying I love you. What I regret is that I meant it when I said it to people that didn't deserve it.

  • marthafromeden 81w

    He thought he was the one to break me but I was already broken when we met.

  • marthafromeden 82w

    Just a matter of definition

    My definition of forever turns out to be different than yours.
    My forever meant for a lifetime when yours meant until you got bored of me.
    When I promised you my forever I meant it.
    It's so sad that our whole relationship failed miserably due to the difference of a definition.

  • marthafromeden 82w

    Saddest Part

    You know what's the saddest part of my day?
    You don't because you're not here.
    That's the saddest part.

  • marthafromeden 83w

    Won't settle

    I know what I want.
    If you can't give it to me, it's fine.
    I prefer to break my heart today and move on eventually rather than stay with you and lose myself.
    I know what I want now and I am not afraid to express it.
    I want real love. I want someone to be there for me even when it gets bad.
    I admit that there will be days that one of us will be a pain in the ass and the other will have to cope because we are worth it.
    I want to know that we will fight together and the days one of us is not strong enough, the other one will make up for both.
    I want to know that I can count on you because you can count on me.
    I want you to love me with all you have and I promise to do the same.
    I will hold you even when you don't believe you deserve it because deep down I know you do.
    I am not asking you to love me the same way as I will. I only want to know that you do.
    That's all I am asking and at the same time that's all I am offering.
    Do you accept my offer or should I move on?
    I don't have time to waste.

  • marthafromeden 83w

    Silly me

    Silly me thought we would last forever.
    Little did I know we would only last for the easy part.

  • marthafromeden 83w

    Old love

    We live in an age where everything goes so fast you barely have time to realise what's happening.
    We don't get a choice in the time we live but we get a choice in how we live in it.
    My poor soul is tired of this fast life and I yearn for peace and happiness.
    Don't mistake me, I am not looking for a person to make me happy. I build my own happiness. I am looking for someone to share that journey with me. My grandmother used to say that back in her day when something broke they fixed it, they did not replace it.
    Nowadays love shouldn't be allowed to be called that.
    The love people have now is consumption. People make the most of you and once they know everything about you, you are no longer good for them, so they throw you away. Even the mildest hiccup and love is over.
    We falsely believe that love is all butterflies and excitement. It is though in the beginning but later love is different.
    Today people don't love, they use others and then they move on.
    Love is not love anymore.
    My heart knows what love looks like though, I've witnessed it and it stung because I don't know whether I will ever have it my life.
    Love is so simple and complicated at the same time
    Love is facing problems together, us against the problem.
    Love is when I ask you if you ate.
    Love is when I wake up in the morning and I make you coffee before I make mine.
    Love is in little things, little details that mean everything.
    Everybody is there for your wins, but only the people who love you are there for your losses.
    Love is hard work, everyday.
    Love is not easy and if someone made you believe it is they are wrong.
    I am tired of consumption.
    I am tired of new love.
    I don't want new love.
    I want to work for old love, no matter how hard.
    That's what I need. That's what my heart yearns for because it is my soul's ultimate wish after all.

  • marthafromeden 91w

    Even if I didn't make you happy, I truly wish somebody else will.

  • marthafromeden 92w

    I've died a thousand times before you thought you killed me