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  • medic007 115w

    Lord of Rebirth: The Echoing Will

    A sojourner walks in his wanderlust 
    A decision yet to be made 
    For a thousand voices bade 
    Give us your trust 

    Tonight, the lord of loyalty walks a mile in a million shoes 
    As he walks a plethora of people's paths 
    To escape an inheritance of wrath 
    He sought the muses to woo

    To Clio, the first muse  
    He tried, to interpret a lifetime in vain
    But in the weight of history, he found only pain 
    Thus his judgement he had to recuse 

    Then lost he was in tradegy with Melpomene’s regret
    With a million decisions to accuse & excuse 
    To a garden of hope she let him peruse 
    But the past he could never forget 

    So with Thalia, he drank for release
    Making of all his days a laughable charade
    But waxing witty with that wise old maid
    Only bought him, but a moment of peace

    Now to Minerva he did reach 
    For a future to create 
    And a past he offered to immolate 
    So a destiny he might impeach 

    To wash away the stain 
    A mantle to undo 
    sire’s bane or prodigal long overdue  
    Shatter! And let all be washed in cleansing rain    

    The grand tributary “The Acheron” he hath passed
    Oh this fate from the Moirai he shall remit   
    And acquit       
    Oh unto the River Styx let the die be cast!

    Let the winter's monarch breath his last breath 
    Let the old iron king free of his heavy chain
    Let the scion, not the sire reign 
    Let the archons, grant life instead of death

    As from the river Lethe he imbibed 
    The old Crones let out a vile cry
    As them he did so finally deny  
    For on an empty slate nothing can be proscribed

    And with shoulders relieved of the burden of recollection  
    A new way he could conceive
    And to a new way he could weave

  • medic007 118w

    Scions of Promethean Flame

    Oh promethean flame
    Your scion the first polemicist
    To the divine supremacist 
    You are the iconoclasts claim

    In a world rotting and hollow 
    Humanity was still tending 
    To a fire never meant to be unending 
     in your dim light we wallow 

    We did worship the facade
    And forget its function
    And thus came to an injunction 
    In a world built on fraud

    For wisdom birthed tradition
    And tradition called innovation sin
    And darkness wormed its way in
    Through subtle seditions 

    Men as ever fear the void 
    And clung to the light 
    Refusing to face the night 
    Oh Jupiter’s Schadenfreude,

    Mar’s dismay, & Janus’s grief 
    As men began to build upwards  
    Instead of inwards and outwards 
    Minerva, alone, preserved the legacy of the thief 

    For in her tomes, bones, and chiseled stones 
    The fading fire lit its first lamp 
    And snuck out with the traders stamp 
    into the distant unknowns 

    Prometheus’s promiscuity paraded past 
    Jove’s judiciary   
    And none were even the wary 
    As from minerva’s lamp, wealth did amass 

    So dimmed further the promethean blaze 
    Though, not to the grim spectre of the shade 
    No, dwarfed by the thousand little lights it had made 
    Proud to die in their haze 

    And jupiter, roared in victory
    Never seeing he had been usurped 
    Till he too was just another one of history's excerpts 
    Irony that both thief and king vanished without valedictory  

    Their victory attributed to another for all to see 
    But only the thief knew the road to eternity 
    Lies in the legacy you leave 

  • medic007 120w

    The poem is meant to be read in one of either two tones. The first is normally where I assume the reader will be quite serious. The second tone is revealed as the poem goes on and is hinted at in the title which if defined almost verbatim could be written:
    ( drinking song: oh did you hear the news, about the mysterious and exciting love affair that happened while daydreaming)

    Tone #1) serious
    Tone #2) a sarcastic, gossipy, "oh who likes who now girlfriend"

    #romanticism #life #living #funny #love #serious #thoughtful #thoughtprovoking #whimsical #drinkingsong

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    Drinking Song: Revelation! A Romantic Reverie

    Oh lady justice is blind 
    the gavel, crafts collars
    And condemns the scholars 
    Her hand’s, the sentence, sign 

    In accordance with the scepter’s commands, 
    a decree is conveyed 
    And new scales are weighed 
    with a life in its hands   

     A verdict, enforced by a swords insistence 
    that the law condones, to legitimize all the bones 
    Used, to build their thrones
    From, the rebels resistance

    Relief, is a sigh, when order is created by contract 
    law now serves order, and neither serve you  
    Now all must pay their due 
    As they are made accessories before or after the fact 

    Who's the criminal, when a tyrant writes the rules? 
    Is a man a vandal, 
    Burning a courthouse of scandal?
    With only prometheus's torch as his tool 

    mezzoforte, a tune of blood is made 
    it's not theft, its buccaneering 
    It’s not murder, its a new casualty appearing 
    It's no longer assault, but an act of war to bear a blade  

    It's not justice, silly, it’s just a point of view 
    In one eye a rebel, and another a revolutionary 
    So be wary,
    Whether it's a victory or loss depends on you. 

    For, men are always free to dream 
    For, life is a romance, with the goals you pursue
    Oh, let the carnival of virtue ensue  
    For under the same sun’s beam all men scheme 

    So tell me what is your desire, 
    For beneath the same sky 
    heroes and villains both live and die 
    What in this life will you dare to acquire!?
    A grand adventure called life heralds you, with lustful swoon 
    Judge or jury, lawman or criminal,  accuser or accused, warlord or king
    in the end what song will you sing 
    For life’s a romance, were you get to choose the tune 

  • medic007 126w

    Lonely Atlas: Phoenix King

    Oh, I fell like Atlas for didn’t you know? 
    cunning, not strength has done me in
    For I reap what I sow 
    As I tried to bear it all and grin  

    For before the fall went my pride 
    With confident stride towards a dream 
    But, life reminded me to mind my stride 
    For there is no eternal regime 

    For in the kingdom of the blind
    the one eyed man is king 
    since he can have a little peace of mind 
    But, in a land of darkness a different tune he will sing 

    Icarus, I am, present and past  
    Ambitions grand, only to fall when I flew 
    Zeus, downwards did me, he cast 
    As toward the purple I did pursue

    A prince now clothed only sackcloth and ash
    My wings going down in flames 
    Into the ashen dust of my hopes I crash   
    Having misjudged my aim 

    Of a phrase I am reminded “that Man's evil manners live in brass
    And their virtues we write in water”
    As all I sought to amass 
    Is drawn like lambs to the slaughter 

    For if you laugh the world alongside you will laugh  
    But if you cry, you cry alone
    With no one to speak on your behalf 
    For heavy is the crown, and there is no sympathy for the throne

    I beseech you, “If you are afraid of being lonely,
    don't try to be right.”
    For it is true that god only 
    knows the weight of your plight 

    But listen well if you harbor ideas above your station
    “you can lead a man to wisdom, but cannot make him think” 
    And your “ too clever by half” so beware your ambition 
    So that when you fall you might sing as you sink

    Icarus, I am, present and past  
    Ambitions grand, only to fall when I flew 
    Zeus, downwards did me, he cast 
    As toward the purple I did pursue

    But the phoenix is always born anew 

  • medic007 130w

    Duet: Geia and Uranus

    My lady of earth 
    Gentle and strong
    you belie your worth 
    But you could never hide your heartsong

    The pains of this life 
    Only to serve to show your potential 
    Your spirit takes the world in its stride
    Rendering all else inconsequential

    Soul of liberation, spurning the chain 
    Monarch of dearth and plethora
    You shelter the valiant and those in pain 
    Beneath your vibrant Flora 

    You act in spite of fate 
    Daughter of the sun 
    My eternal advocate 
    That makes all else seem dun 

    Your glimmering steel
    Brought forth from deep within hollowed ground 
    Forged & Quenched by times wheel
    Leaves me spellbound 

    Your oaken scepter drinks deep of triumph and ash 
    Alongside a diadem of volcanic glass
    An unbroken mare that could the wind outdash 
    And outlast all impasse 

    Beneath your peaceful Glade
    Geia, there is serenity 
    In pupils of deepest nightshade 
    That speak of loving amenity 

    Harbor a gentle blaze 
    Of Promethian fire 
    A heart full of praise 
    For those to Uranus aspire 

    Protectors of the weak and weary 
    Your gentle souls loving contrast 
    I shall stand beside eyes dim and bleary 

    Lord of loyalty 
    Martial avatar of austerity
    And show men their own royalty 
    give clarity 

    Our duet 
    Of passion and tranquility
    For though I sometimes fall, you crown me with luarials and rosettes 
    You remind me of my nobility, when darkness is all I can see 

    For when like icurus to the sun I reach 
    Your heart cradles my broken wing 
    And your eyes to me beseech 
    "Soar again my king" 

    "Paint the sky with your dream" 
    You Kindle in me 
    With your esteem 
    The will to turn malice to Marquis

    And hold high the ideal 
    That though my strength could bend and break 
    And force all to kneel 
    I shall the suffering straighten and remake 

    That though when I hear the howls of dark fate
    And my regrets come, my mind to harass  
    To you my troubles I abdicate 
    To lie with thee in the grass 

    My lady of Earth And mirth
    Never belie your worth 
    For what is a sky of full dreams for which to yearn
    Without a home to return


  • medic007 134w

    Duet: Prince & Physician

    Physician what is the price power?  
    To always be alone 
    Tis that why the other lords’ sit in towers? 
    No, that is to atone 

    For a man to rise praise, many must perish
    And thus the lords build ever lofty gates  
    To protect themselves from those that the fallen did cherish  
    For they grew strong carrying grieving weights 

    Physician what is then the price of life?
    Whatever another man will pay for a life not his own 
    Tis that why you live in poverty? 
    No, but that is why I don’t sit the throne

    For I value greatly my each and every day
    And, it comes towering total toll
    That for another then I would have to pay 
    So that even this very day I pay forward my life’s bankroll 

     Physician, but why pay so much today it is far away?
    For you never know when life’s bill shall come due
    Tis that why you work yourself dull and grey? 
    No, that is why you do not see me act as the fools do 

    For they for wealth gamble  
    Their lives, to the king's signet ring 
    For prestige and honor they scramble
    Only to realize they eventually lose everything   

    Physician, why do you call honor a shame?
    Only in honors name, do I with ease money gain 
    Tis this why you freely fix their fragile frames?
    No, not out of shame, but because I know their pain 

    Physician, what then is their affliction? 
    Desperation & a foolhardy form of hope
    Tis, this why you give to men such a sorrowful benediction? 
    No, I do that so that from my pain I can cope 

    For one of these fools, will be king 
    And learn the truth
    That no bard would ever to them sing 
    Death comes for all lacking in Ruth 

    Physician, then why do men desire the crown?
    For what they, in vain, think it will bring 
    Tis that why now, your eyes are cast down?
    No, that is because to a foolish hope I cling 

    That you my prince will not value war 
    For you my brothers son may be a monarch
    And high will your banner soar 
    over graves deep and dark 

    Physician, then why not your brother succeed?
    For knowledge can also destroy
    Tis this why you vain try to stop the bloods spill?
    Yes, for not all wisdom brings joy

    For men fight for power's lies, wealth, land, freedom, or even limb & life 
    For these man is blessed and cursed with war 
    For not even the kindest will may cease strife 
    For Peace blood you must pour 

    For man's curse is to learn from experience 
    Thus to know peace, we are doomed to experience war 

  • medic007 134w

    Phoenix Queen of Summer, King of Fire

    Her hand hath melted my icy heart
    And a fire doth start
    Embers now

    The fire starting
    A warm glow
    On her tears like snow

    May these frozen tears
    Cease their fears
    I am fire
    King of desire

    Paragon of passion
    Let me fashion
    You a new heart
    Hear it beating, here its little start

    This gift I impart
    Phoenix, where love starts
    rise through the ashes
    From a thousand lashes

    May my love protect you
    May it be true
    From the ice
    An Edelweiss

    Rise phoenix rise
    Assume your guise
    Queen of summer
    Dress not like the mummer

    Hear the call of the drum
    Hear the hum
    From deep within your soul
    And draw gold

    Phoenix, my queen
    Tear through what seems
    Open your eyes
    As the ice dies

    In phoenix fire
    My one and only desire
    Your abloom
    A rose of the sweetest perfume

    Filling my lungs
    Not in a thousand tongues
    Could I express

    The beauty of the weather
    Queen of summer tether
    My soul toward yours
    Cross endless shores

    Let us cross swords
    To the cords
    Of infinity
    My affinity

    To you, the Phoenix I aspire
    May your tears expire
    In grace's cup
    As I conjure up

    The celestial sphere
    And turn every tear
    Into unending light, the beauty of a star lit night
    To light up your darkest night

  • medic007 134w

    Fateless: Sweet Sorrow the Morrow

    Oh that parting is such sweet sorrow
    That drawing ever nearer of the morrow
    That such pain shall come regardless
    Rather heartless
    Is the world
    It's dark wings unfurled
    Such a capricious master
    Looking as pure as alabaster
    Yet selling and exchanging man's every hour
    Leaving them in elation or dower
    A cruel cruel master indeed
    Letting us grow and recede
    And when it goes opposite our will we curse
    When with us we sing in chorus and verse
    But I learned long ago
    To simply drift across this ceaseless flow
    To move deftly across time's will
    Moving with its terrible chill
    To my desired course
    Without regret or recourse
    That time shall come again and again
    Chance and probability will make amend
    I know deftly dancing the eternal dance
    Unfurling my Lance
    I tear apart as I sow
    With lethal grace I row
    For and against the sands of time
    Beautiful as song and rhymes
    In acceptance my chains are broken
    Reforged as a token
    Of my victory
    Come fly with me
    Across the currents
    sailing across every deterrent
    My indelible will
    Shall alter this struggle uphill
    The time shall mark my presence
    As I make the descent
    Grasping my future from its depth
    From its breadth
    To my destiny
    I shall not be
    Two ships passing in the night
    So far from the light
    Of the sun
    I shall run
    Upon the currents of time back to you
    My love so true
    Mark the ceaseless beat
    Clasp your heart
    And know strength
    Listen to its length
    Hear the sound
    As it pounds
    In defiance
    Making no alliance
    With "inescapable" fate
    Beating upon heaven's gate
    Man's dreams
    The inferno burning away the strings of fate
    Our hearts will not be sate
    Pounding at the steel of lives
    Forging the seal
    Of the fate we create
    Time shall mark my gait
    Through its wake
    As I stake
    My claim
    Here in this ceaseless rain

  • medic007 135w

    The King & The Horse

    From the depths of the void, leaps the light
    From the light , the shadow is cast
    To spite cursed bright
    And at last
    The die is cast
    The stage is set
    Choices align as the moments passed
    All around people have made bets
    The moment of decision
    Equinox, but from here hence
    Whose vision
    Waxes, whose wanes on the reins
    For truly what is the divide  
    Between the king and his horse
    Why do some control and others stand aside
    What decides who sets the course
    Between titans of equal form and force
    Of which even ability cannot divine
    The source
    Equinox, the world in twine
    Is the darkness that men hold
    The hate, the fury, the darker shade
    That make them so bold
    Regardless, of the toll to be paid
    Or the light and love
    the drive to creation
    The will to legacy even in the smallest dove
    That does surpass the pyres of cremation
    Equinox, equity of night and day
    That iota of symmetry in the strife
    For who are kings to say
    The will and way of life
    Yet they do and the horses follow along
    Growing strong carrying their kings
    So who knows how long
    Till for our kings the mourning bells ring
    Yet the cycle remains unbroken
    For now there is only a new head for the crown
    And the horses are thrown an apple as token
    To calm down
    And carry another king
    And still we do not learn
    Only instinct seperates the horse and king
    The will to yearn
    For destruction so that creation may begin
    Equinox, a delicate sonata
    Of virtue and sin
    Of beauty and stigmata
    Which is which is no longer known
    In the minds of men
    And on their lips mindlessly intone
    Talk of coming darkness or great prosperity
    Only the instinct of horses and kings
    Both slaves, differing only in the comfort of their chains
    Ignorant that the pendulum swings
    Both ways, the true masters reigns
    Instinct, innate drive
    The will the change
    To fight with pens and knives
    Or stagnant In fates others arranged
    Unable to see man's seasonality
    They apply excess or insufficient force
    Too much moralizing or mortality
    To correct the course of the king and the horse
    By choosing a third way
    Equinox, acceptance of death
    And decay
    Equinox, to understand life's first breath
    Foreshadows its last
    That man could see the breath
    Of his own nature and his past
    And ascertain the dance of life and death
    Hate and love versus ignorance and apathy
    Emotion versus passivity
    And see equanimity
    The Equinox's reflection in humanity waiting to see
    If these horses and kings
    Can learn the lesson of the sun and moon
    Or if instinct, will forever sing
    It's siren tune of doom
    For it only appears that darkness rises and the light falls
    In the celestial plane a thousand stars piece together the exclamation
    A thousand joyous voices make the proclamation

  • medic007 135w

    Composed for my wonderful significant other

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    My Queen

    I suppose I look different without the robes and crown
    I come this day before you with no riches, no renown
    A simple man,
    I ask for your hand
    I don't ask for perfection, I am no saint
    I am not offering a gilded cage, a life of restraint
    Don't take me out of duty, don't strip me of my pride
    Only take me if you could stand by my side
    And show, there is more than conquest in me
    Show me the gentler world you see
    For in my morning hours I am but a man
    With the weight of worlds in my hands
    I pray be my queen
    If you deem
    Me fit, take me as I am
    I am but a humble man
    And This offering my heart be a life not of glee
    But to stand twin to me
    A home to which I return
    Where my heart shall yearn
    To be, through the endless battles I must o'er see
    Across broken land and endless sea
    As I follow the fire
    marking the world with my ire
    And my tear filled sigh
    As at the end of the day I lie
    With thee
    And my heart you shall see
    I give you this trust
    Not because I must
    But because it would be my pride
    to have you by my side
    For while the whole world I may be denied
    And in vain I ride
    I always wish to know
    At least one seed I sow
    Will love me to the day I grow frail
    And to our children I tell my wild tales
    If this not the life
    You wish to see as my wife
    I set you free
    I will not hold thee
    Save in love
    My little dove
    Who I know can only come from the gods above
    For all my material wealth and corporal power, I could never make
    you love
    So for better or for worse
    To this life unto the hearse
    If all you ever saw was misery
    I ask you would you be with me?
    To stand at my back so that we might never be o'ercome
    till the ravages of age I succumb
    Will you be my queen
    I know I look different with my robes and crown
    I Come this day with all my accursed reknown
    Fore'er trapt to be king
    But with you my heart hopes to sing
    A melody that will never end
    I hope to begin
    I won't strip you of duty, nor of pride
    I only ask, my queen, could you stand by my side