A simple kindergarten teacher,devoted wife, caring mother.

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  • meenalochani 1w

    Clerihew(Daisy frendy)

    Plumpy, Mrs. Daisy frendy,
    Wants to look slim and trendy,
    She followed a very strict diet,
    Frequently relish with cheesy burger to keep her tummy quite.

  • meenalochani 2w

    Elfchen poem

    Makes everyone,
    Laugh from heart,
    Has mastered the habit,

  • meenalochani 2w


    Pretty little teddy faced Bookmark,
    Tell me, How should I use you?
    I have started to read the book "Journey of life"
    Will you be my guide? If in case, I lose my path,
    Can I place you inbetween my flipped pages,
    So, I can rectify my past failure,
    and start the new chapter with confidence.

  • meenalochani 3w


    I scrawled all my feelings in a notepad,
    and carefully locked it in my little heart,
    For days and nights, I felt a deep melancholy,
    I desperately want someone to read my mind's thought,

    I know my scrawl can never be an interesting poem or prose,
    But writing made my life ease
    My journey never had a destination,
    I kept walking in search of peace,

    Loniness started to consume me,
    My path was getting darker without light,
    I want to enhance myself towards my passion,
    I only needed a spark of fire to ignite,

    One fine day sun did shine on my hidden face,
    I found a magical miraquill to pen my poems,
    I was totally dumbstruck with aghast,
    When golden door to world of poet and poetess opened,
    I entered with fear to see all linguistic legends,
    But it was difference here even my scribble was accepted as poem,
    Atlast I found a happy place,
    I want to thank everyone here who helped me to grow my passion.
    Dear miraquill app without your earnest team,
    It could have never happened,
    Will you accept this stranger poet's gratitude,
    I am very grateful for your priceless support.

  • meenalochani 3w


    Where did you evanesce dear love?
    Await has made me an insane poet,
    I sniff paper flowers to feel your fragrance,
    I defend myself with my own act of arrogance,
    I have built walls around me,
    Just, let me be a wave in your ocean,
    Atleast, let me be a dewdrop in your eyes,
    I only want you to be with me always,
    We can start everything anew,
    I have crossed seven seas,
    I have climbed seven mountains,
    To find a serene place for you and me,
    If our souls can reunite the broken love,
    You will surely find the path to reach our dream castle,
    May north and south wind guide you,
    For the castle lies west of the moon and east of the sun

  • meenalochani 4w


    Can a broken thing regain its original form,
    Or create a permanent harm,
    My heart is broken with love confidence, trust and hope,
    I really find it difficult to cope,
    However hard, I try to forget,
    Old memories makes me upset,
    Yet, Broken never means an end,
    It only need sometime to mend,
    I scribble all my broken thought,
    And fill void space of my heart,
    Someday, somewhere when loniness haunt me,
    I will stitch my scribbled pain,
    Into beautiful poetry for life to sustain.

  • meenalochani 6w


    Awe, My beauty dressed in fresh rich cream and icing,
    You are a soft, sweet, spongy layered delicacy,
    A small bite of you makes me ecstasy,

    The way you transform into assorted size and shape,
    The choice of flavoured hues you drape,

    Your extra ornate accessory of fondant and marzipan,
    Oh! What more? You captive my eyes,
    My drool taste buds can't resist,

    Every celebration you are the priority,
    A piece of gateau shared with loved one,
    Is the catchy moment of bliss and fun,

    The first time, I met you inside a glass case,
    You were a tiny little piece topped with glaze fruit jam,
    that was when, I fell in love with you,
    Dear cake you are my mood booster,
    I will relish you with love forever,

  • meenalochani 6w

    Occasion (Tilus)

    Nuptial in empyrean,
    Nature plays,


    Shiny Sun, Icy Rain meet in clouds,
    Rainbow love,


  • meenalochani 6w


    Of words,
    Make poems alive,
    Delight, Distress, solace,
    Are reader's emotions.

  • meenalochani 6w


    There is none perfect in this massive world,
    Saints,Godly person falls in the same list,
    After all this is an Evil world,
    With only handful of good Samaritan,
    Even if I try to repent my flaws,
    Awful situation push me in as a culprit,
    I never committed mistakes with willingness,
    I am only a victim,
    When truth failed to defend me,
    When justice went deaf, dumb and blind,
    After a fierce battle against falsehood,
    What am I suppose to do,
    I surrender myself without choice,
    Now, I can only repent.