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  • meerulfat 11w

    Soft corner in my always dominating side.

  • meerulfat 13w

    Silence hides wounds that never bleeds.

  • meerulfat 13w

    No matter how hard girls will try to be emotionally strong , still voids remains because they are weak by this side naturally.

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    Trying hard to be so!!

  • meerulfat 13w

    You have two phases of your life.
    Bachelors life and Married life.
    Now question goes which life is better??
    To me, both has its own aroma.
    Bachelors life has got it own aroma and married life has got its own .
    Both are very beautiful when they are lived positively.
    Positivity depends on ones attitude towards life.
    Most of the people especially in North side of the world beautifies single life over married life???
    No doubt Single life don't throws you much responsibilities but at the same time you are not free from responsibilities.
    You have got a responsibilities of your studies about which you will be asked by your Teacher, parents and even Allah will ask you .
    And you also take that responsibility seriously , moreover get your job done.
    So what is the maslahhh with the married life??
    Why you feel it a burden??
    Why can't you enjoy this life, when you have to live whole life as married.
    Why people make it boredom when it is full of adventures?

    Only thing is to embrace all the responsibilities open heartedly.
    Axis of the responsibilities revolve around Care and Love.

    When you love to be loved and cared then why care and love for others burdens you???
    Is is very simple you want to be loved and others also want to be loved??
    Game of love and care is very easy and beautiful , it leads you towards peace.
    So now, how this game of love and care is played???
    First and most important thing is to understand eachothers rights.
    Both husband as well as wife has to understand eachothers rights.
    Rights that can't be taken or given to anyone else, except your partner.
    These rights are not only for women or only for men.
    Rights are coaxial, that our religion has given us.
    So one must understand all the rights and ask for her/his rights.
    PS:Don't let anyone to take up your rights , rights that only your partner have and deserves to have.
    Love to take your decisions by your partner only.
    Elders decision to be considered but keep decision of your partner on high priorty .Eventually you will live a happy married life.

    So here comes Motherhood
    Have experienced it yet.

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    Aroma of bachelors life and married life.

  • meerulfat 20w

    Dear self,
    Don't let small things turn off your mood and feel low.
    You are very strong to manage everything, no doubt few things automatically turn your mood off and let you feel low but you are enough strong to tackle it.
    Tackle it until it will not bother you.

    Stay focused towards your goals.

    My beloved self,
    Now you tasted every level of excitements , Excitements fades eventually.

    At last what matters is your deeds.

    I know you can't be independent nor you want to be, because you are now in a relationship that the creator of this world tied you in.
    When two persons are in relationship their life and action is directly proportional to eachother's life and actions.
    So for balance relationship , partners must have coordination, if there is no coordination don't force eachother for anything instead seek help from devine power.
    Only his power does miracle.

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    Only his power does miracles


  • meerulfat 22w

    Language of silence
    Language of respect
    Both are language of love!!!!

  • meerulfat 25w

    Emotional receptors need to be blocked

  • meerulfat 25w

    My intuitions never lie to me

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    My intuitions never lie to me.

  • meerulfat 27w

    When people around you misunderstood your overthinking , then you must act according to them in order to go it with flow.

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    Let it go with flow

  • meerulfat 27w

    Unsaid feelings turned into stories.