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  • meriabhivyakti 29w

    मंजिल को पाना है

    कठिन डगर है, सॉज ढले, तुझे बहुत दूर जाना है !
    रूक न तु थक न तु, तुझे मंजिल को पाना है !!

    समय की दौड़ तुझसे भी आगे है !
    डर न तु, थम न तु ,तुझे उसको हराना है !!

    मन तेरा बदलेगा पल पल, भम्र में होगी सोच हर पल ,
    पर तुझे, उस पल, अपने हदृय को समझाना है

    रूक न तु थक न तु, तुझे मंजिल को पाना है !

    आस्था जीवन की तेरी, टूटे अगर राह में
    टूटने ना देना तू स्वप्न उन निगाहों के।
    याद करना लक्ष्य को जिसे तुझे पाना है !!

    रूक न तु थक न तु, तुझे मंजिल को पाना है !

    सफल होगा तु, सोच को समझा ले ये
    रूकावटो का आना तो जीत का बहाना है

    रूक न तु थक न तु तुझे मंजिल को पाना है

  • meriabhivyakti 29w

    My beautiful day

    My beautiful day, Be trustful to me..

    I don't want any kind of lie in my happiness within me.

    I wanna it real..Just like old prophecy..

    I just wanna be someone.. Just I was used to be..

    I used to smile without any reason..
    I know I was child,
    that age was Life's best season.

    I need no more Love, it makes me cry.
    I just need some true friends, who never say goodbye..

    My beautiful day..

    Be trustful to me...

    I don't want any fight..

    I don't want any enemy.

    I just want true friend.. Who never leave me alone in end.

  • meriabhivyakti 29w

    Find The Hope

    Let's go somewhere
    We can find the hope,

    There will be no boundaries
    There will be no lope..

    We just need one cup of coffee
    And guitar,
    Let's go that far, and be who we are.

    Where we can find the hope..

  • meriabhivyakti 29w

    Let It Go

    When thunders are bursting inside...
    When darkness is clouding the light..
    When love is part of pain...
    When everything is going in vain...

    When every second is part of struggle.
    And your life is a no ending trouble..

    Play the music of hope..

    And sing the song of love..

    Dance with glass of wine..
    Everything is gonna be fine..

    Forget about burdens you owe...
    and Just let it go.....

  • meriabhivyakti 29w


    ऐ मोहब्बत तू उदास मत हो !
    हम एक दिन फिर तेरे पास आएगे !!

  • meriabhivyakti 29w


    टूटता जुड़ता मैं इस कदर बना
    कभी कांच सा कभी ख्वाब सा

  • meriabhivyakti 29w


    चाहते खुदगर्ज सी दिल में बसी थी जो
    तन्हा होकर आजकल ख्वाबों में घुमती हैं

  • meriabhivyakti 29w

    I See The Future

    I see the future, under the guise of the present!!

    From suppressed aspirations, towards bright fantasies !!
    From tarnished conservatism, to social responsibility!!
    From broken relationships, to strong Modesty !!

    I see the future, in the guise of the past!

    From the tears of the eyes, towards the laughter of the lips !!
    Toward the freedom of good, from the shackles of evil!!
    From a disgusting mindset, to a prosperous society!!

    I see the future, in the guise of limited humanity!!

    From the darkness of communalism, towards the light of equality !! From heart tormented by pain, towards a happy life!!
    From the rising borders, towards one family !!

    I see the future under the guise of hope!!

    From corrupt society, towards a whole nation !!
    From arms race, to sweet words !! From the ecocide of nature, towards the green plains !!

    I see the future from the dark frame of tomorrow, towards the new dawn of tomorrow!!!!

  • meriabhivyakti 29w


    I was too young,
    Trying to find life ,
    I did lot of mistake ,
    But It was early to die.
    Truth was faded,love was lie..
    Hate what i found everywhere,
    I was alone , I was terrified.


    When i saw ur smile,
    I saw light in ur eyes.
    You made me feel special,
    You made me feel alive..
    Morning was beautiful that day.
    and love was high..
    What i was searching everywhere,
    Love, pride , happiness was inside.


  • meriabhivyakti 29w


    Time stopped for a while,
    I looked into his eyes,
    Seen the blurry shadow of the memories,
    The picture of loved ones appeared,
    I tried to stop him,
    But none of the tricks worked,
    I sat there again with a stunned heart,
    From where did i get up
    From Where i started and took a few steps towards that time,
    Just kept watching silently, passing by, watching him
    watching him