I love expressing my self through writting

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  • michushams 113w


    Listen to silence cause it has so much to say !!!!

  • michushams 113w


    When the dark falls,
    Dear do not hang back to call me .
    I will be there for you both in the dark and broad light ,
    To offer you my love and support .
    Be sure to call for me ,
    For i will always be your one and only true friend .

    When it clocks 3 in the morning,
    Be sure to always be up cause i myself i am the good news.
    Be up to offer your praises to me
    cause for i will always be the Lord your God !!!!!!

  • michushams 114w


    She always comes around unexpectedly,
    And makes me do unprecedented things.
    She suddenly freezes my brain and takes control of my mind ,
    Gives me sparkles that direct me to do unthoughtful things ..

    People mistake her to be a caring charmer ,
    But in actual sense she is just a manipulative witch ,
    witch that majestically gets away with everything she does,
    She takes no blame nor guilt for her actions but rather turns tables round to play the victim .

    She always comes in the middle of the night ,
    To fill me with sparks of feeling great about my self ,
    She makes me feel powerful and special , unique compared to any one else .

    She makes me live in a virtual world ,
    Full of unrealistic things and habits .
    Makes me enjoy mean things which normal people do not ,
    She makes me enjoy the pain of others and their suffering .

    She does all sorts of wild things to me ,
    But what to say because she is me .
    I do not have feelings for anything nor anyone ,
    Neither do i remorse about sad happenings nor things i have to take actions for ,
    She makes me release am not good enough to be loved by anyone in order to take control of me .

    She makes me feel sudden boredom in order to take control of my mind ,
    Does not allow me have long term relationships , cause she owns me .
    Never lets me trust any one cause she fills me with lots of insecurities .....

  • michushams 114w

    WAIT ..

    i always thought you wanted to leave so bad ,
    But now why are you still here still nagging me with your same old stories ,
    stories that i have heard a thousand times come from you .

    why are you here ,
    cause i always thought my love and passion was stale to you ,
    But now why are you pleading for it ,
    All dragging your knees around begging for my mercy to take you in .

    What happened to the new love you had gotten ,
    Did you shade it like you did to what we had ,
    Or now you have released what we had was real ,
    Or may be now you have released life is quite hard without me ...

    Wait you think i can take you in after all what you made me pass through ,
    The pain and shame i suffered ,
    The an endless depression i encountered,
    The lose of self love .

    You proudly made me lose my self esteem
    love and purpose ,
    I thought you said we are done so be it dearest stand by your word because i cannot take in a disheartening creature like you anymore ...all i have for you now is resentment now ...i truly detest you whole heartedly ✌

  • michushams 114w


    Your that guy am always longing to hear from,
    That one person that deeply melts my heart ,
    You always brighten up my darkest hours by just your soft touch ..

    The smell of you around me ,
    Makes me go wild and wonder in the woods of love ...,
    Your hands all wrapped around me makes me feel so safe and secured ,
    Your smile just means the world to me and our love will always remain a blossom to others

  • michushams 114w


    You used to look at me as your gold,
    so mindful of every step you took,
    Loving me looked like the only option you had,
    But now all i see are stars .....

    What happened to the good old love we had,
    The one that used to flip butterflies in my stomach ,
    The love that used to make me stay up all night ,
    Just waiting for your text message ..

    Now all you do is look at me like a total stranger,
    More like a shadow you dont wana get close to ,
    You literally look at me like an Alien
    An Alien lost in the woods ,
    All you do is to shade my name with dust , blood all sorts of nasty staff ..

    But why my love ,
    All i ever asked for was just some simple love and respect ,
    But all you do now is to look down on me ...,
    All i ever wanted was to make you feel warm around me ,
    But look what you gave me in return ,
    Pain , shame ,
    All my friends blame me for loving , naturing you and entrusting you with my life and love .

    Once upon a time we used to share lots of
    thoughts , love , passion....
    But now , when ever you see me its like your watching a hora movie ,
    Hora movie full of blood and shade ,
    My love all i ever wanted was to give you love my loving sweet daughter !!!!!