#Letting go is hard..!! #But being free is beautiful🦋

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  • mickyriya19 33w

    Advocate Pardeep Khatri

    Being a lawyer is truly a tough profession,
    Fighting tough battles when court is in session,
    Fighting for the rights of the innocent and needy,
    Justice against the corporate giants that are greedy.

    Lawyers like you are the knights in the amour in the concrete jungle today,
    Collectively keeping the balance of law in check everyday,
    With practical applications of abstract legal theories as a skill,
    To deliver fitting punishments to criminals who steal and kill.

    You balance the legal system, you also prevent over punishment,
    You line the strongest defence of every establishment,
    Analytical skills and critical thinking skills to defend clients,
    Proficiency in legal research and writing to take down giants,

    High legal ethics and such deep knowledge of the law,
    With such skills fair and just contracts you will draw,
    You keep businesses going, you throw murderers in jail,
    You keep criminals in check so good will prevail.

  • mickyriya19 47w

    Happy Father’s Day❤️

    Many say fathers are like boats who hold us back when needed and sail along when the current is right. But my father is a lighthouse. His love always makes sure we go the right way.My father always lets me laugh happily by myself, but never lets me cry alone.Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, storytellers, and singers of the song. My father always tells me that I am growing up real quick. But no matter how tall I get, I will always look up to my father for who he is.No one in this world can love a girl more than her father.Being a daddy’s girl is like having permanent armour for the rest of your life. The happiest moment of my life was when I was born. Because I had the privilege to be my father’s daughter.
    ❤️❤️❤️HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DAD❤️❤️❤️

  • mickyriya19 47w

    Force of Nature!

    I found myself, once, longing,
    To be hated by you.
    To feel the burning shame of guilt,

    I won't say any more about feelings,
    Because that place,
    I'd occupy without them,
    To see this nonsense through.

    So few people seem to really give nothing
    And you actually do.
    You really do.
    Maybe if I wished too much for you
    To love and respect me,
    To see me as as a friend,
    then maybe I risk the capacity to be hated by you, as well.
    but I tend to see you as a force of nature.

    If you ever began to love me, as I hope,
    Then I have to realize,
    Your capacity to hate me would also materialize.
    And, like a force of nature, I know,
    You would spare me: Nothing.
    Help me: Not.
    Trust me: Never.
    but you would do nothing to me
    Out of malice or for ego or for personal gain.
    And I would have to trust,
    With a child's trust, happily,
    even to my death,

    That it was better to be loved
    by a force of nature,
    Regardless of pleasure or pain,
    Beyond reproach or false intent.

  • mickyriya19 47w


    Just because you're sad, just because your smile is twisted and you think your soul is broken, doesn't mean that people think any less of you.
    Even if you don't feel strong on the inside, you could be someone's beacon of hope and you would never even know.
    Most people are too afraid to speak up when it comes to the people they most admire, the people they love, trust.
    They don't want to say anything because they'll feel foolish, or stupid, or maybe the person won't accept it, won't believe them.
    But you should.
    If someone ever tells you that that admire you, that they love you, believe it.
    Because that takes a lot of guts, it takes a lot of feeling, it's taken a lot of thought.
    And if you just shrug it off, pretend like nothing ever happened, well then that's your problem.
    There's beauty in this world, there's beauty inside your soul, even if you don't believe it.

  • mickyriya19 47w

    “Isn’t She Beautiful”

    She was stunning, gorgeous
    Everywhere she went she turned heads
    The boys whistled, the girls muttered their jealousy
    They poked and prodded her until she was reduced to nothing more than a hopeless nobody
    She stopped trying, she stopped looking for the compliments and the easy smiles that seemed to spring up when she came around
    She didn't know what had turned the opinions of so many,
    Maybe it was a nasty rumor made by a popular girl
    It could have been anything really
    But all that tearing down allowed her to build back up
    She realized that she didn't need the makeup and the dresses and the fancy shoes to be beautiful
    What really mattered was her heart, her soul
    And so she found beauty inside
    Her new found shining grace shone from deep beneath her skin
    And although there was still muttering when she walked in the room,
    She had learned to push it all aside
    And see the true beauty of the world around her!

  • mickyriya19 47w

    Me First❣️

    I am in love.
    Yes, I admit I am in love.
    But it brings me so much disgust that I am head over heels.
    I think of him every waking moment and he is even in my head before bed.
    It stings my heart that I want him so much, but I don't feel the same wanting from him.

    Many times I tell myself "that is how love works".

    But I've had enough heartaches.
    I know my limit now.
    As much as I am in love with you I'm sorry but I have to love myself more this time.

  • mickyriya19 47w

    Forgive Yourself✌️

    Its easy to forgive the faults and failings of our friends
    For love makes it so simple -if some word or deed offends
    We try to understand them- for we know the inside out
    And if we love them very much we cannot blame or doubt ...
    Its just a little harder to forgive an enemy ,or someone who has censured us or done an injury
    Its hard to overlook it and be loving,sweet and kind,although we know we've got to,to preserve our peace of mind.....
    But to forgive yourself!
    why,that's the hardest thing of all
    We all do things that we regret,the strongest sometimes fall
    We call ourselves all sorts of names ,how angry we can get with self-reproach and worrying and useless,vain regret....
    Yet when we whip ourselves like this ,we break our forces down,it robs us of our self-respect,turns smiles into a frown .....
    If God forgives us surely there is nothing we can do
    We've seen our fault and paid the price and learnt the lesson too....
    So banish it this very day and cast it from your heart
    Forgive yourself,forgive yourself and make another start.

  • mickyriya19 47w

    I’ll Always Love You❤️

    There are times when you will upset me and cause me unwanted anger,
    but no matter what, "I will always love you."

    There are cruel actions you might show that will cause me hurt and bring me sadness,
    but no matter what, "I will always love you."

    There are going to be unwise decisions you make that will disappoint me,
    but no matter what, "I will always love you."

    There are actions you might act upon that will cause me to worry about you,
    but no matter what, "I will always love you."

    There will be moments where you will make me cry and bring me to tears,
    but no matter what, "I will always love you."

    There will be unforgivable mistakes that you bring upon me,
    but no matter what, "I will always love you."

    There will be lies told to me in which you test my trust in you,
    but no matter what, "I will always love you."

    In life there are struggles, arguments, and challenges we will have to endure,
    but no matter what happens, I want you to know that, "I will always love you," now and forevermore!

  • mickyriya19 110w


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    I've fallen in love- I don't know why
    I've fallen in love with a girl with one eye.
    I knew from the start. It was plain to see
    That this wonderful girl had an eye out for me

    She's charming and witty and jolly and jocular
    Not what you'd expect from a girl who's monocular.

    Of eyes - at the moment - she hasn't full quota
    But that doesn't change things for me one iota.

    It must be quite difficult if you're bereft.
    If your left eye is gone and your right eye is left.

    But she's made up her mind. She's made her decision.
    She can see it quite clearly in 10/20 vision.

    She'll not leave me waiting, not left in the lurch
    If she looks slightly sideways she'll see me in church.

    I'll marry my true love who's gentle and kind.
    And thus prove to everyone that loves not quite blind .

  • mickyriya19 110w

    Alone At Home..!!

    My family's gone; there's no one home.
    It's only me who's home alone.
    I shouldn't hear a single squeak.
    There shouldn't even be a creak,

    So what's that thumping that I hear?
    It must mean one thing: death is near.
    "You're an adult, you'll be just fine."
    I tell myself as I dial "nine"...

    Was that a knock upon the door?
    My heart beats faster than before
    I know it's closed; I've checked the lock.
    At least my killer knows to knock?

    I cannot sleep, though I'm in bed.
    I've made amends with God instead.
    If He decides that it's my time,
    Then this will be my very last rhyme.

    I hear a bang and then a break.
    My head shoots up; there's no mistake!
    I turn my music volume high
    So I won't hear the way I die.

    I run upstairs, desk lamp in hand.
    Over my head, ready to land,
    And right before it did just that..
    I remembered - I have a cat