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  • mijoabin 3w

    Genie are you there?

    The only wish i would ask,
    The only one i dearly need,
    But you genie, only in a story...
    You only in a world of thoughts.
    Wishes goes undone.....
    wishing you were real.

  • mijoabin 5w


    I know how that pain feels, ,
    How it keeps you awake, makes you mad, breaks your heart.
    So if i see you in that same pain i felt,
    I will try my best,
    To help you the best way possible.

  • mijoabin 5w

    The Thief

    I think you accidentally stole my heart
    keep it
    you'll probably treat it better than I do anyway
    ©Shelby Leigh

  • mijoabin 6w

    In search of...

    Something we all search for..... Lost somewhere on the way.....
    Path seems endless... No map to look for.... No compass to guid...
    We are people still in the maze.

  • mijoabin 9w


    Jam pe jam pine se kya fayda,

    Subhe tak to sari utar jayegi,

    Humne aapki aankhon se pi hai,

    Khuda ki kasam,

    Saari umr nashe mein guzar jayegi.

  • mijoabin 9w

    #space #privacy #thoughts
    By unknown writer

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  • mijoabin 14w

    All the things now happening around, its just feels sad & wrong...hopes for the best, as if not the best a few hopping, the best that everyone deserves.
    #future #sad #love #nation

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    Once upon a time

    Once upon a time there was a nation, where people lived in peace, where most were happy, children were expected to be as themselves, they enjoyed friendship without boundaries. They shared their thoughts, their food, their dreams, they were the future.
    But now,
    Not even the shadow of that old nation can be seen, now its all numbers game, economics, money, blinded by pride, people living in fear of others, once friends now strangers, children are now expected to be something more, more than what they were meant to be. Broken by boundaries, distant by thoughts, thoughts about something they fully don't understand, they were the future but now, what are they being made into?

  • mijoabin 14w

    Win / survive

    I hear so many saying we are winning, really did we won the battle against covid ?
    We have lost & still loosing so many good people, great artists, actors, leaders, our loved once....
    We are really just surviving, picking up peaces of our life just hoping for a better days ahead.
    I would say yes we are surviving, we are far from winning.


  • mijoabin 15w

    Our own mess

    We are good at solving others problems, but in our own problems we are totally clueless to solutions.

  • mijoabin 16w

    The Permanent Ink

    Some memories are like written in permanent ink.
    Very hard to erase, the more we try,
    The more ink spreads,
    Making that memory more painful.