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  • mikeanthony 54w


    The war zone of low self esteem

    No one sees the raging war within my own soul
    The screams of agony are silent to human ears
    From childhood I heard the inner thunders roll
    Ravaging the land of my mind as I seek sanity

    Forever wounding myself from a low self esteem
    Believing I am worthless yet knowing this is a lie
    Every emotional wound created by mental grenades
    Covered the land of my mind with torturous wounds

    Now this internal land is covered with healed scars
    Through it's now a darkened rugged rough terrain
    Battle scars growl in silence like cold larva stones
    As they were once self affiliated wounds of self hate

    The war had been won though battle scars remain
    Reminding me of the dark battle to love myself again
    Like medals of honour these battle scars warm me
    For they were healed by a courage stronger than life

    "Now no longer wounded,the stench of war is gone
    Only leaving a legacy of healed past battle scars
    Which give honour to my inner strength to be free"

    ©mikeanthony 2021 ✍❤

  • mikeanthony 54w


    ©mikeanthony 2020✍❤

  • mikeanthony 79w




    ©mikeanthony ✍❤ 2020

  • mikeanthony 79w

    ©mikeanthony ✍❤ 2020

  • mikeanthony 79w



    The writer within me just had to find your sweetness
    For my soul was craving to express poetic meekness
    Yet once I found you my linguistic voice was alive
    Giving me an orchestra of poetic beauty now to strive

    A magical world of writing flooded my empty existence
    Like an explosion of beauty in majestic persistence
    So many writers I met here all gifted all so very sweet
    Though far apart I may never see them on the street

    Mirakee is like the voice of the silent needing to speak
    I heard the poetic voices of both the strong and weak
    I joined Sept 2018 making the sweetest of new friends
    Giving countless comments on which our work depends

    Happy birthday mirakee...because of you I found ME
    Found an army of writers,found poetic freedom definitely
    Found new friends,found ways to develop my own skills
    Found out it was created in India whose culture just thrills

    Thank you to all those who made my dear heart smile
    For making my creative language remain for a long while
    Each post I read is bathed in beauty,heartfelt and true
    Making me realise you've all made my dream come true

    Mike Anthony ✍��❤2020

    @mahtobpensdown @khalidah98
    @de_inquisitive @

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    ©mikeanthony ✍❤ 2020

  • mikeanthony 80w

    My fragility


  • mikeanthony 80w


    With angelic smiles of a childlike innocence
    I melted like wax under their sweet warmth
    They captivated me with their hypnotic eyes
    Transfixing my entity by their divine charm

    Yet they walked in rich deceptive darkness
    Deceived me with sweet lies of dark fables
    Their warm touch felt like sharpened daggers
    Tearing us apart for they were soaked in death

    This friendship had indeed died of heart failure
    For inside..their heart failed to value my essence
    Now left with dark shadows of a lost friendship
    I walk away from tombstones of disappointment

    "For the friend I though had..rapidly died inside
    As I realised we had a friendship that never was"

  • mikeanthony 81w


    The night fades silently waving goodbye to the stars
    Creating an orchestra of natures sad "ohhs and ahhhs"
    For heavens cascading rainbows weep their invisible tears
    Showering dead flowers with droplets of sunshine cares
    Releasing a magical bloom of electrical magic at dawn
    Only to be seen by singing morning birds as nature yawns

    Shadows of eerie darkness bow to the presence of sunrise
    Bathing lands with yellow hue absent from human demise
    Majestic clouds quietly float upon the warm air in melody
    Awashed in shards of sunshine which is their only remedy
    Natures rapturous applause welcomes another new day
    Filling the air with a magical euphoria on magnificent display

    ©mikeanthony 2020✍❤

  • mikeanthony 101w

    The liar!

    Tom scott was always continually lying
    Every day he was always somehow trying
    To trick others to give cash by really crying
    Saying his ill cat was now really dying
    Yet the truth he was cunningly denying
    Was that the cat was fine.It was lying
    In it's bed near where his mum did the frying

    Tom was lying coz he needed money
    To spend on his gf he named "honey"
    He brough her gifts and a massive bunny
    Ate at restaurants whose food was yummy
    One day she said "i have pain in my tummy..
    Take me to hospital coz i'm feeling funny"
    When they arrived,she was stiff as a dummy

    Tom was told her body temperature was on fire
    And needed treatment or things would be dire
    Expensive was the treatment he had to buy her
    So he lied to get the cash from the local choir
    Yet honey disappeared.She was his hearts desire
    He searched,wept,and every where he did enquire
    Then he found out honey was also a good liar

    "She faked her sickness,to make him get money
    Then left to travel the world coz it's warm and sunny
    She told everyone he's a liar.She even sold the bunny
    Revealed his healthy cat too.No one found it funny!
    Tom the deceiver was deceived by his precious honey
    He had to face his family.feeling sick in his tummy
    His clothes soaked in sweat coz the sweat was so runny"

    "Tom never lied again..coz telling lies just ain't
    Mike Anthony 2020 ✍❤

  • mikeanthony 102w

    Valentines day??‍♀️

    February 14th becons where profit is made
    Flower and card shops increase their stock
    Gifts are brough,restaurants are all busy
    Couples celebrate the day with dear affections
    Hugs,kisses,handholding and soft eyes flicker
    For valentine's day booms with romantic magic

    Yet in silent living rooms,some weep alone
    For Feb 14th almost mocks their singleness
    As many have no one special to love or care
    Yet they wish they did.Wanting that closeness
    Wishing they could taste the sweetness of love
    As the world around loudly celebrates loving

    Some don't care about feb14th,yet some do
    So this is my dedication to all weeping hearts
    For who represents you all on valentines day?
    Your loneliness and sadness is a silent agony
    As being loved by another is ur deepest dream
    Yet Feb 14th makes you feel like a romantic outsider

    Regardless of the worlds celebration of love
    You are of great worth and worthy to be loved
    Your singleness doesn't reflect your true worth
    True love will find you.You will feel its warmth
    Your soul will weep for joy,you will smile again
    For you are my valentines today.Yes you are!

    'Some of you wish someone would love you
    If they did your life would become a rainbow
    You know what you dream of..and so do I'❤

    Mike Anthony 2020 ✍❤