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  • miracles_notes 86w

    I write, you write, we write
    everyday adding a new storyline.
    I read, you read, we read,
    Each time it twists 180 degree.

    I search, you search, we search
    the meaning behind same written words.
    I got, you got, we got
    completely entangled in different plot.

    I seek, you seek, we seek
    approvals for each interpret.
    I lost, you lost, we lost
    Our individiualities following crowded street.

    I try, you try, we try
    To do what matters us the most.
    I do, you do, we do
    No matter what happens utmost.


    #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    No matter what happens

    I write, you write, we write
    everyday adding a new storyline.
    I read, you read, we read,
    Each time it twists 180 degree.

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  • miracles_notes 87w

    At this difficult times, I wrote about how everything is tolling around.
    What you think of this corona times and how you are feeling about , write a poem and tag #timesofcorona.

    #writersnetwork #corona #mirakee #pod #ceesreposts @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    At the time of corona

    Sitting beneath an old banyan tree,
    Thinking how the world flipped into three
    Inside, outside and virtual reality
    So close yet so far made subject of speciality.

    Cows still grazing, birds still chirping,
    Plants still growing, people still worrying,
    Sitting, playing and cooking,
    Found new space called lurking.

    What stands still ain't anyone noticed yet,
    Parliament in newsroom still debating on budget,
    Questioning, answering and accussing,
    Now happens in the open air.

    The spike of corona still iincreasing rapidly,
    Mails from companies sent to employees daily,
    Attention, rejection, or resignation
    Sent signed under yours faithfully.

    The sun still rising in the east,
    The nature still healing in this feast,
    Cleaning, turning and reverberating,
    The three arenas of living beings.

    Still sitting under an old banyan tree
    I still think about when I was three
    Laughing, playing, quarreling,
    Is better than being locked within.


  • miracles_notes 88w


    If love came with a blanket
    Made of thorns and pain
    I won't wrap it around unless
    At the end of day it provides
    Warmth in this heart caged
    Inside twelve cold bones.

    If love knocked at my door
    delivering letters containing
    The smell of burnt cigarettes
    I won't read it unless
    At the end of letters it convey
    Sense of belonging, providing
    One more reason to live another day.

    If love came in carriage
    Bringing woods to build
    The house of four pillars
    I won't live in it unless
    At the end of building it assures
    Safety and a hope to design
    Home titled us.

    If love walked down aisle
    Carrying an epitome of perfection
    With a ring of promises
    I won't marry it unless
    At the end of journey, we still
    Balances our imperfections,
    Our joys with sadness on scale of time.

    8 May2020

  • miracles_notes 88w

    Dreams to die for

    The world shouts loud,
    Dream! Dream! Dream!
    Dream to be unique one !
    Dream even if you die to complete one!

    Once upon a time,
    In a small village town,
    The professor and few pupils,
    Discussing about paper towns.

    Came across the word dream,
    One child raised his limb.
    The professor's eyes looked across,
    Asked the child to say his doubts.

    The child's eyes chime in return,
    Stood wearing white shirt and red pant little torn,
    'Sir, what is the meaning of dreams?
    Why people chant to Gods to fulfill their dreams?'

    Astonished professor, stared a little longer proudly,
    The white moustache twitched and closed the book loudly.
    Thought ' It's right time to plant seeds of knowledge for growth,
    Wondered why he haven't taught them before they entered in class four?'

    ' Dreams have two meanings, dear pupils,
    One means series of images flashes across one's mind during sleep,
    And other is thinking of possibilities,
    Possibilities across the numerous impossibilities .'

    Another pupil raised his hand,
    Asked the professor what he meant?
    Isn't both the meanings are contradictory?
    Which meaning is correct for this tragedy?

    The old professor laughed heartily,
    'Dreams, Dreams,Dreams, my dear pupils,
    Have varied meaning changes with different sets of pupils,
    Dreams dreams dreams, dear are actually not easy to interpret.'

    'Oh, old professor, can you simplify the meaning behind,
    We are still young minds not ready for your complex rhymes .'
    The pupils in the class requested meekly,
    The old professor smiled on their logics seemed silly.

    Being old professor, cleared his throat aloud,
    ' Dreams are those vision which doesn't let you sleep sound,
    Though it is said dreams are said to appear when you sleep and snore,
    But the reality is, my dear pupil, dream doesn't let you sleep until the alarm snoozes off .

    Dreams of every individual is different,
    size, shape and colours are different.
    Musician, dancers, writers, researchers,
    Doesn't matter who is in charge of dreams.

    Dreams don't appear to everyone ,
    Dreams don't appear with map and tools,
    Dreams don't appear in white light of hue,
    Dreams don't appear who fears the change for good.

    Dreams are born inside one's mind,
    Dreams are fueled inside one's heart,
    Dreams are the sole reason why people are alive,
    Dreams are those who don't fear even to die.

    Dreams appear in shreds of broken vase,
    Dreams appear in dark nights when owls howl,
    Dreams are those which changes your life for better,
    Dreams are those which changes other's life being a broker.

    Dreams can be ordinary and even extraordinary,
    The ticket is given free to every person living,
    Dreams can be buying a new toy to opening a shore room of foreign cars.
    Dreams can be serving your parents to serving your nation.

    What are dreams for,
    if they don't keep you awake until you complete?
    What are dreams for,
    If they don't keep you alive until you are dead?

    Have eyes like hawk and watch all around,
    Ask your heart and mind, why you are in planet which is almost round,
    Keep your mind alert and heart clean,
    Because this world needs cleaning and little peace.'

    The clock struck one and bell rang off,
    But not a single pupil raised their bags now,
    Deep in thoughts, every eyes searching for lost,
    The words of old professor struck on right chords.

    'What if one doesn't have dreams, oh professor?'
    'It's okay, my dear pupil, search, search and search every corner of the earth,
    You will come across a tiny star hidden in brightest light,
    Search because only fools ignore the signs of mother nature.'

    'So, my dear pupil, look forward always,
    Don't fear by thinking who will believe ,
    Not today, not tomorrow but day after tomorrow definitely,
    Close every mouth that spoke against you evil

    The session is ended here today,
    Reflect on my words and your world today,
    Discover your dreams slowly and work steadily,
    If dreams are not worth to die, then why to be alive?'


  • miracles_notes 89w

    It's my favorite timepass
    While standing on line during assembly,
    To pay bills or waiting in bus stand
    To play name, place animal, thing.

    When I was a child,
    My teacher once asked
    Who was your favourite parent
    I told both of them
    And they declared me liar.

    When I crossed age 10,
    They asked what's my favorite subject?
    I replied English
    And they declared me British.

    When I crossed age 15
    They asked what's my favourite colour
    I told them red
    And they declared me danger.

    When I crossed age 20
    They asked me what's my favourite game
    I told them chess
    And they declared me gambler.

    When I crossed age 22
    Its my turn to ask them
    What's your favourite thing
    And they declared me adult.

    Once a guy came to ask my hand,
    I asked him 'what did you see in my pic?'
    He said, ' Everything'
    I asked him what's his favourite thing?
    He replied, 'Among those favourite things,
    your smile was cherry on the top to make my day. '

    #writersnetwork @writeranetwork @mirakee #mirakee #pod #love #thoughts #diary #smile #favouritethings

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    'Among those favourite things, your smile is cherry on the top to make my day. '
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  • miracles_notes 89w

    Are you there?
    If someone is knocking your door
    To ask shelter in cold winter
    Will you let him enter to share
    Your warm cottage for sometime.

    Are you there?
    If someone taps your window of car,
    And asks for some directions
    Will you let him show the road
    To make his journey memorable.

    Are you there?
    If someone tells his problems
    And asks you to listen some more
    Will you be his ears to make him feel listened
    And tell what's needed to hear.

    Are you there?
    If someone asks you what to become,
    Since his life has no directions,
    Will you tell him,
    'If something you are planning, then be a Light, '
    Are you there?

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #writersnetwork #mirakee #tragedy #pod #love #life #diary #poetry #thoughts #friendship #nature #travel #inspiration

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    'If something you are planning, then be a Light,
    Are you there?'
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  • miracles_notes 89w

    Again and again
    I retrack my foot
    One by one
    Try to understand
    Why I took them first?
    Whichever train I travel
    They go through same route
    Even after ditching, I walk
    Through trees or river
    A rat sneaks showed by you.
    Never was I better,
    Never have I ever asked
    A friend all I needed
    You came with a smile.
    20 minutes later, you came
    Wearing everything I imagined
    Sky on top, sea in bottom
    An epitome of horizon.
    Alas I didn't know
    It were hands of clock
    Striked twelve on my face
    With tie hanged on fan
    Still I keep counting
    How long the knife you kept
    Hidden on my back.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #writersnetwork #mirakee #tragedy #pod #love #life #diary #poetry #thoughts #friendship #nature #travel #inspiration

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    Still I keep counting how long the knife you kept hidden on my back.
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  • miracles_notes 89w

    The People
    Head of Society,
    Planet Earth- 420.

    Subject- Application for opposition for freedom of speech.
    Dear people,
    Coming direct to the point,
    Unless you want to point out
    About how wrongly I accused.

    I, human among people,
    still suffers silently
    How the color of my skin
    Doesn't match the smell of spring.

    Does it makes sense,
    It doesn't too me either.
    But the comparisons you build
    Like bricks of wall, and opinions
    How big is my head, how small is my hand
    how black is my skin, how thin I can be.
    How white is my hair, how fat is my back
    Come to think of myself,
    Can't fathom your level of maths.

    A birth comes with a stamp,
    Even though our blood is red,
    A human is divided into
    Race, caste, sex and age.
    If you find similarities in these
    There's always sub divisons inside it.

    Surely, our differences will melt,
    When a soul becomes dead
    You'll cry and write eulogies
    Recalling smell of spring and apologies
    In the end, its body as they're deaf.

    Hence, concluding here, myself
    A kind request to all of them
    Who still practices knowingly and unknowingly and say sorry in the end
    'Don't offer crown of thorns when alive
    Which you won't wear by yourself even in death. '

    Signed, yours truly,
    A human cremented on opinions.

    @writernetwork @mirakee #mirakee #writersnetwork #nature #inspiration #life #poetry #thoughts #diary #love

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    'Don't offer crown of thorns when alive
    Which you won't wear by yourself even in death. '

  • miracles_notes 89w

    Dressed as Iola,
    She chase coffee beans while
    Disposing newspapers on pile
    Wonder how life changed suddenly
    Or might she ignored the early signs?

    The miles compressed into few feet,
    The borderless circle shrunk into perfect Rubik's cube,
    Each brick she painted and fixed with neon tube,
    Wonder how life changed suddenly,
    Four walls became her only companions left.

    At night, she walks to open
    Only window to watch the lonesome moon,
    The stars now resting on eyelids mourning,
    For the souls who are on verge to go.
    Wonder how life changed suddenly,
    Even a touch turns people gold.

    A breeze sneaked, the newspaper slipped,
    A hope sizzled in the heart resting underneath,
    When neon lights beamed on letter where words imprint,
    'Dear Violet, if you want to know how life changed suddenly,
    Remember, every first light of dawn,
    for you, comes
    dressed as homecoming.'

    #writersnetwork #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork #love #nature #inspiration #poetry #diary #life #thoughts

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    'Remember, every first light of dawn,
    for you, comes
    dressed as homecoming.'


  • miracles_notes 94w

    Dear Jasper,

    I read lots of books, I will tell you why this Mahasweta has actually captured me from inside out? Do you remember the definition of pure in olden days? A girl going to get married or is about to marry or if you are a girl there are certain criterias you must tick off.

    Criteria for validity to be called Girl
    1. She must be beautiful in terms of shape, size and heart ( though the last one never counts in compare to first two)

    2. She must be pure in terms of body, mind and soul ( though they only see body first, the latter two they won't even bother if first one doesn't fits)

    3. She must sacrifice her dreams and must obey all the rules of society even if it's against her own consciousness.

    4. She is responsible to be everyone's caretaker even if she herself can't take care of herself and don't expect anything in return.

    5. She must hear everything and everyone's opinions and never allowed to speak unless she is asked to.

    There are many more, but these five are actually still dominating in our society. Love makes people blind and Jasp, the body makes people blind, intentions makes people blind, lust makes people blind because how can love makes someone blind, it's the trust and faith and you will never get hurt while you hit waters it still feels like you have fallen on the cushion of feathers.

    A short summary below in the form of poem:
    A story of young woman called Anupama, who marries and after short time discovers she is suffering from Leukoderma which is not hereditary disease even not transmissible disease through one another and still they are outcasted just because their skin isn't anymore brown by patches of white and brown.

    Like Rohini to Chandra,
    like Lakshmi to Narayana,
    am I to him.
    Just as the creeper depends on a tree,
    I depend on him.
    I cannot live without him,
    and for his sake,
    I am ready to renounce everything.
    Let society say anything it wishes.
    I do not care. '
    Book Mahasweta written by Sudha Murthy.

    There are many Mahasweta around and let's take stand for them.



    Whose fault it was?

    Was it fault of live coal
    That fell on my foot
    While running towards God
    Whom I worshiped everyday for everything.

    Was it fault of white patch
    That developed after pouring water
    Too Cold over too hot coal had fallen,
    Hidden under the plates of saree.

    Was it fault of the doctor,
    Who prescribed me the best medicine,
    Ten minutes to expose at sun's rays the skin,
    Where the white patch started to expand its width.

    Was it fault of the stairs,
    Where I fell down and my secrets spilled
    Over the foot of my in laws and I stared
    At the moon drawn over my skin.

    Was it fault of my husband,
    Who knew I never decieved and knew
    Everything about what Leukoderma brings
    In his home, me and in future of us.

    Was it fault of God
    Who knew how life of girl changes
    When a patch of white appears against brown
    Even his gates to worship are also closed.

    Or was it fault of mine,
    That I never saw beneath my husband's love,
    That I never saw behind my in-laws intentions,
    That I never knew the world worships brown more than red.

    - inspired by book Mahasweta written by Sudha Murthy.

    29 March 2020

    #love #thoughts #life #inspiration #poetry #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork #writersnetwork @branthan

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    M A H A S W E T A

    'Whose fault it was?
    Was it fault of God
    Who knew how life of girl changes
    When a patch of white appears against brown
    Even his gates to worship are also closed.

    Or was it fault of mine,
    That I never saw beneath my husband's love,
    That I never saw behind my in-laws intentions,
    That I never knew the world worships brown more than red. '
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    - Book Mahasweta written by Sudha Murthy.