Author of the book “Extra Ordinary”. Co-author of more than 10 anthology books.

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  • mirakee_words 2w

    The sea breeze was changing its course whenever I thought about you

    Swayed in multiple directions and resonated with my thoughts

    The undulating waves held your voice, your essence

    You were not far, very near to me

    But we had a tangible distance to keep you from my life

    You are like the happy strings that touched my life

    Making me chuckle, and causing those tingling feel

    I wish circumstances and situations were different

    I wish pragmatism didn't define what caused this distance

    You paved the best memories of my today.

  • mirakee_words 3w

    Happiness came like an unpredictable wave,
    And then went away, came again, left again,
    So I decided to give myself a chance to be happy,
    And not wait in the dilemma of the happening,
    Just delve into the moment, caress the fear stealthily,
    Letting the string of hearts create a symphony,
    Letting the soulfulness live and thrive,
    And sail through it, by its flow, something called life.


  • mirakee_words 3w

    You seem to be far, yet so near you are
    I could never know where I am inside you
    You make me angry, you make me shy
    You make me happy, you make me cry
    I cannot erase you oh my dear, whatsoever I try
    I never had thought I would ever fall for you
    There is a part of me that is amazing and all for you
    I know you could just be a sweet memory one day
    You are a sweet cure to the underlying pain
    I had never wanted to change at all for you
    You might not be knowing how much I call for you
    I never had thought I would ever fall for you


  • mirakee_words 4w

    Your peace of mind is replaceable by NOTHING!


  • mirakee_words 12w

    Is writing a competition?


    It's a small fact!

    It resonates with a few people and it doesn't with others. It might be an eye-opener to someone and gibberish to someone else.

    So it's just a perspective.


  • mirakee_words 12w


    It is raining again, for the sixth time this month. Today it is like the sky would devour the earth with an incessant downpour.

    And she still sits on the rusty bench in the park and watches in silence, the outburst and the way they meet and manifest many feelings. She gets drenched and just contemplates patiently. One day, she might do the same.


  • mirakee_words 13w

    Do you bleed only when you are hurt physically?

    Or is it when your soul is wrecked?

    Maybe that colour is not red. Is it deeper red?
    Or is it maroon? No maroon is better, it can't be.
    Is it blue? No blue is measurably soothing.
    Is it purple? No purple is appeasing enough.
    Is it black? No black means the hope of revival.

    What colour could be darker than this?


    So, am I bleeding like nothing?


  • mirakee_words 14w

    The grey clouds are hovering all around,
    They rumble intermittently, they converse,
    Shriek about the pain, smile about the joy,
    The showers embrace mother nature,
    And I gape at it with my strainful eyes,
    I feel burdened, I feel mistaken yet again,
    I feel low, I feel downtrodden yet again,
    The dark clouds roared, and it hit upon me,
    Invading my mind and thoughts instantly,
    There is a lump in my throat, that is strong,
    My stomach churns with hopelessness,
    I am stifling my welled up eyes yet again,
    As the worry tingles all over my head,
    I am unsure how I would tackle this day,
    Where I am struggling by the passing hour,
    The raindrops soothe my senses,
    The pattering sound holds me closer,
    I am in pain and I am healing stealthily,
    I stagger through time, I trudge yet again,

    I am surviving, with a sigh,
    I am surviving another day.


  • mirakee_words 15w

    As she treads deep into the woods, initially she feels like she is entering a well-planned trap, one weaved beautifully by the nature.

    As she enters deeper, ambling into its secrets, she feels the dilemma of her life untangling as she allows herself to enter an enigma of the unknown.


  • mirakee_words 17w

    Why are you always counting hours or numbers or so? Are you looking for a new life or escaping the current one?

    What are you waiting for, what are you hoping for, what are you dreadful about?

    Is it tomorrow’s fear or the fear that tonight will end or is it the wait for the sunrise to evade the night?

    Where is the essence and happiness of your present moment? Instead of counting and worrying, just measure your present moment.

    Isn't it what is needed?