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  • mirakeewriter 68w


    “Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

    --Joyce Meyer

  • mirakeewriter 70w


    Rather than holding on to your insecurities,
    Hold on to your integrity..
    U will atleast realise the difference
    between liking and loving !!


  • mirakeewriter 140w


    Today you might not be in a place where you wanted to stand..
    but nothing matters until your "standing".

  • mirakeewriter 166w

    It's Ok

    You might have had million reason's why you Left me...
    But I don't have one reason why I still Love you...

  • mirakeewriter 176w


    Ever there comes a situation where u have to move away from the person you love..
    Always Remember that only you can love them even from far..

  • mirakeewriter 191w


    If you really love someone only their happiness matters.. not their presence..

  • mirakeewriter 192w


    Un siripil yen vazlkai thodangi yen kanneril kalangi mudiya...
    Un nenaivelam yenul nenaithu unodu nan vazla...
    Kadal pol yen Kadhalum yen kannodu maraindhu kola...
    Uyirodu nan vazlum nodiyelam sidhari ponen...


  • mirakeewriter 196w


    You know how hard it is..
    Still u let me swim through your emo-ocean..

  • mirakeewriter 197w


    I can't force you to love me..
    neither can force myself
    "to stop loving too"..

  • mirakeewriter 197w


    I never knew that even "YOU" can live without me staying..