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  • miraquill 1h

    You once told me
    You wanted to find
    Yourself in the world -
    And I told you to
    First apply within,
    To discover the world
    within you.

    You once told me
    You wanted to save
    The world from all its wars -
    And I told you to
    First save yourself
    From the world,
    And all the wars
    You put yourself

    – Suzy Kassem

    --Today, write a poem or quote starting with the phrase "You once told me"--

    Tag with #once and share.

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  • miraquill 1d

    Enso is a Japanese word which means circle. When drawn with an opening, it can suggest that imperfection is an inherent part of existence. The enso is also strongly associated with zen, symbolizing absolute strength or enlightenment.

    --Today, write a quote or poem about imperfection in less than 10 lines.-- Title your piece Enso and try being as creative as you can.

    Tag with #enso and share.

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    Do you know any other word of Japanese language? Comment below.

  • miraquill 1d

    Complete the story challenge.

    #writingcontest #contest #creativearena

    Head to Creative Arena to participate in this writing contest and win a trophy!

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    Complete the story challenge.

    Tap into your imagination, participate in this exciting contest and win a trophy to climb a step up on the creativity ladder.

    --Complete the following story using your imagination and creativity--

    Kiri was terrified looking at her own reflection in the mirror. Her constant fear of growing old was coming to life. Some of her hairs had grown grey, her skin had left the charm of youth. She began noticing all the changes. "Time overtakes everyone", thought she...

  • miraquill 2d

    The fallen white flowers appear
    On moonlit nights, like glittering pearls
    Scattered across the ground so white
    Its heady wet fragrance to bring out
     Nostalgic thoughts of lovely times

    – J. K Roseline

    --Today, write a poem using the word nostalgic in it--

    Nostalgic means "longing for or thinking fondly of a past time or condition".

    Tag with #nostalgic and share.

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    Can you name the white flower that is being talked about in the given poem?

  • miraquill 3d

    Personification means giving humanly attributes to inanimate objects or representing abstract quality in human form. It allows writers to give life and motion to non-human things. Personification is very frequent in all literatures - especially in poetry.
    Example - Her phone died this morning.

    --Write a creative poem or prose personifying an object--
    You can personify your diary or curtains or anything else that comes to your mind!

    Tag with #personification and share.

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  • miraquill 4d

    A list poem also called catalogue verse, is simply a list. This could be a list of single words, or it could be a list of sentences. These lists do not necessarily need rhythm or rhyme but they must have a relation to each other, tell a story or offer commentary.

    --Today, write a list poetry on "things you preserved over the years"--

    Tag with #kept and share.


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    List poetry

    Do you have a habit of collecting coins, stamps or anything else?

  • miraquill 5d

    Darkish red red rose
    In the evening spring of glows
    A petal drop goes

    – Peter S. Quinn

    Haiku is a three-line, beautifully descriptive, Japanese form of poetry, intended to be read in one breath. A traditional haiku has five syllables, or sounds, in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the last.

    --Today, write a creative rhyming haiku--

    Tag with #haiku and share.

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    Rhyming Haiku

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  • miraquill 1w

    There's many a lonesome daisy where never a child can be,
    And many a lone little brooklet is dancing away to the sea;
    Yet children must stay in the city with only dull walls in view,
    As if there were never a brooklet and never a daisy grew!

    –Annette Wynne

    --Today, write a poem or prose about growing differently.-- Define growth in your own unique way!

    Tag with #growth and share.

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    What are the hurdles one encounters while growing?

  • miraquill 1w

    The moon would never sing a dirge at dawn.
    – Unknown

    The Monostich is simply a single-lined poem, however that line should stand by itself. It should express a complete idea and it should contain as much depth as a longer piece.

    --Today, write a monostich poetry.--

    Tag with #monostich and share.

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    Monostich poetry

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  • miraquill 1w

    For today's challenge choose a popular saying or proverb and write an argument against it in the form of a poem. If you can use your own - or someone else's - experience, to support your argument, all the better.

    --Today, write an argument poetry.--

    Tag with #argument and share.

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    Argument poetry

    Comment below a proverb or popular saying that might act as a prompt for others!