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  • misfit 195w

    Deep down within, somewhere she hides her unblemished version. Innocent enough to make you feel guilty, emotional enough to make you feel heartless, beautiful enough to make you believe in love at first sight. Not everyone gets a chance to witness it but those who do, know that it is like that first warm sunny day after a long merciless winter. Looking at her it feels like she is this constant source of happiness and you’re bound to forget all your problems.

    She brings summer along with her.

    She is the summer. She is the summer...


  • misfit 200w

    She is like that crescent phase of moon on a cold winter night. Gives you warmth, gives you hope

    With the only stronger side visible to you, she stands there hiding her other beautiful parts

    Why does she prefer to keep the other side in the dark? Maybe she wants to keep it to herself and not allow the world to pollute it, maybe she doesn’t want to fall weak by revealing her softer side, or maybe we don’t deserve to witness that side after all

    But every once in a while she comes clean and opens herself to the world. Poets can’t help but make valiant attempts to put her beauty into words and others are just left awestruck by her magnificence

    Soon she blocks the light and once again all you see is her stronger side. Maybe she has already learned the fact that if anything stays around for long, the world will take it for granted no matter how pure it is

    She was never there to stay, let alone be yours. If you are lucky enough, she will let you in and give you a chance to know her better. Also, let me tell you this, she is better than anything you would have ever imagined


  • misfit 238w

    Important: This post is inspired by something I read. The first part that talks about forgive and forget has been taken from that post. I just added something to express my opinion.

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    I’m sure it is hard for you to forgive and forget because you are not Jesus nor do you have Alzheimer’s but I wonder if that makes you qualified enough be a human either


  • misfit 243w

    No fancy words just a simple attempt to hit the nerve

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    I wonder what will happen when realization will strike you

    Will it hurt?
    Will it break you down?
    Or will it make you feel more elated than ever?

    Will you come running for me?
    Or will you make more sincere efforts to eliminate my existence from your life?

    Hoping to understand them better, will you go back and read those words I wrote for you?
    Or will you burn them to ashes?

    Will you seek directions from your conscience?
    Or will you let that negativity influenced mind question my love?

    Will you cry tears of joy?
    Or will you jab the swords of indifference?

    Will you feel sorry for the damage caused?
    Or regret for not causing enough of it?

    Will you come back with a promise of not leaving once again?
    Or will you consider yourself unlucky for meeting me in the first place?

    If you decide to change my fortunes, just know that I'm waiting.
    If you intend to create further damage, don't forget to bring a magnifying glass for the heart has already been broken into smaller pieces


  • misfit 248w

    Doesn't make sense I guess

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    Darling, give me your heart and see me grab the knife.

    Will you too die even if I don't cut it into half?


  • misfit 253w

    In search of "Eternal Happiness"?

    Try replacing the word "Eternal" with "Embrace"


  • misfit 254w

    So I finally decided to trade in my sanity for the devil whose product description read as follows:

    -Doesn't give a damn when he sees someone in trouble

    -Has the power to suppress the voice of his conscience

    - May resort to any extent for the sake of his sinful satisfaction

    As a result of the above three features, he experiences greater levels of euphoria than a sane human being.

    I just hope they are flexible with their return policies


  • misfit 260w

    "Time never heals"

    It only brings along change.
    Change that is favorable at times and unfavorable at others

    The latter leaves behind scars while the former acts as an ointment


  • misfit 262w

    And darling if it wasn't for your sake then maybe I would have preferred​ to sleep instead of bleeding words every night


  • misfit 263w

    How do I recover from this blow?
    For things are not going in a flow

    As it turns out my childhood was not insured
    And my condition cannot be cured