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  • mishi_saiyed 155w

    Have you even wonder what's the secret to make your dreams come true?

    Some people would say that all you need to do is hard work around the clock to achieve what you really want.
    Other things that it's all about whom you know and using that connection to achieve success.
    Some feels that there are people born lucky with that ability.

    What if I tell you all of them are wrong?

    Regardless of how hard you work but if you are aiming the wrong dream then that all effort will only get you the wrong destination.
    Imagine how disappointing that would be?

    Also despite,
    Connection you still have to prove yourself worthy for that success such as a promotion---that comes your way especially for those who has been passed over for you and more to be the one who gave you Leg up

    Eventually proving your worth to others became exhausting
    However there is a formula to make dreams into reality

    Goals + commitment = dreams come true

    By having clear goals you have an idea what exactly you want to achieve and how to go about it

    More importantly having commitment means that you are willing to work hard despite the obstacle in your path in order to make the dream reality

    Having a goal serves as a compass to know where exactly you are headed and further where you need to go

  • mishi_saiyed 155w

    Let me sleep

    My emotional are spreaded
    And crushing my sleep
    Letting me think about him
    Oh please let me sleep

    The absence of him
    Making me feels like paying a deal
    Oh please let me sleep

    A shadow turning toward me
    Asking for a feel
    Oh please let me sleep

    My soul is turning to be tired
    My throat turning dry
    Crying for him whole night
    Butterflies in my stomach
    And glimpse of seals
    Oh please please let me sleep

  • mishi_saiyed 155w

    Dil ke Saath!

    Dil ke Saath ankhe bhi di jati hai,
    Sach me ye ankhe sab kuch keh jati hai.

    Hum to har ghum me bhi khusiyaan dete hai,
    Bas ye ankhe padne wale Meri sachai jaan lete hai

  • mishi_saiyed 155w


    Kehte hai dukh mere Zindagi me gaer hai,
    Iske har pal hasein rehte hai
    Asliyaat me mere
    Labon aur Dil ka baer hai,
    Dil roo bhi padta hai
    Lekin phir bhi ye lab haste rehte hai

  • mishi_saiyed 156w

    I have learned that no matter what happen or how bad it seems today, life does go on and it will be better
    I have learned that you can tell about anything of anyone by the way he or she the three situations that are: rainy day
    Lost luggage
    Tangled Christmas tree lights
    I have learned regardless of our relationship with our parents, you miss them when they are gone from life
    I have learned that making own self live is not same as making a life
    I have learned that life gives you second chance
    I have learned that you need to be able to throw something back for being in front
    I have learned whenever I decide something with open heart I usually make a right decision
    I have learned even I have pain I don't have to be the one who gave up
    I have learned that everyday you should reach out and be something
    I have learned that I still have a lot to learn
    I have learned that people will forget what you said, what you did for them but they will always remember how you make them feel

  • mishi_saiyed 156w

    You rise up from anything
    You can completely recreate yourself
    Nothing is permanent
    You are not stuck
    You have choices
    You can think new thought
    You can learn something new
    You can create new habits
    All that matter if you decide today and never look back

  • mishi_saiyed 156w


    It's all about your mindset
    From the moment you wake up
    To the moment you rest your head at night

    Everything is up to you
    Your action
    Your thoughts
    Your perceptions
    Your reaction
    Every moment
    Remember I said every moment

  • mishi_saiyed 156w

    Now you who said to stop dreaming
    Comes in it everyday
    Now you who said words are nothing but poorly constructed idea
    Stay around with me in hard sentences
    Now you who who said to let go the chaos
    Stay in heart as rapid fire works
    Now you who said it's not longer necessary to carry the truth forward
    Lives in the twist and turn of life
    Now you are said love is just a game of deceite
    Surround within the hateful stairs of rest
    Hugging the ground and feet impression of tormented wind Goes by
    Where is that you?

  • mishi_saiyed 157w

    What can you say about that one person
    The one who was always there
    Never let you down
    Always cared, no matter what you had done

    The praise can you give
    The one who kidded your oweies
    Bandaged your scrapes
    Made you feel, for she did live

    What form of admiration
    To the one who watched you grow
    Tried her hardest to keep you in line
    For life gave you preparation
    I'm expressing it,
    May be just with a simple poem
    Love you Mom
    Love you Dad
    And it's forever untill deadth

  • mishi_saiyed 157w

    I hardly write

    They:You use to write so many poem along back and accidently you stopped!
    She:Yes, I use to write a lot but now I hardly write
    They: why so?
    She: bcoz he was the only reason I use to write for and after him I don't know what to write, after him I don't have feels something anymore so ..................

    Openly ended