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  • miss_mystery 121w

    It's been so long since I've penned a post...

    Past Present Future challenge #cees_ppf_chall
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    My past was nurtured
    Now I'm long buried, tomorrow
    I'll sprout out and bloom

  • miss_mystery 130w

    As I look at my hands,
    I see endless criss cross lines.
    No, they are not the natural prints,
    they're the ones accumulated over time
    whenever I was too careless
    to watch out for the thorns.

    Sometimes the wounds were mild
    That I almost forgot that it existed
    At times they craved all my attention
    And they succeeded painfully
    Turning the crimson covered hands
    Into shades of purple, the following day

    Many of them stayed for a long time
    As the ineffaceable scars on me
    Though the thorns pierce me again and again
    I never once forgot to admire the roses
    And today I promise myself that regardless
    Of the pain, I'll always look out for the pleasure

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    Ignore the cuts admiring the roses


  • miss_mystery 132w


    You could never see me
    Though I roam around you
    Gently caressing your skin
    I ruffle your hair and you giggle

    But you could feel me always
    In your every breath...
    Whenever you feel like you are suffocating
    Just remember to breathe in and breathe out

    You could neither contain me nor restrict me
    For I was made to flow freely and I would
    But you could pollute me foolishly
    Unaware that you could never live without me

    I could be as gentle as the zephyr
    But I could also be as ferocious as the storm

  • miss_mystery 132w


    Just like how the Earth is filled by me
    Three fourth of you is filled by me

    Coming down from the heaven
    Running along the riverbeds
    I fall for you everytime
    Only to be vaporized into nothing

    Within me you could never survive
    And without me you could never live

  • miss_mystery 132w


    The guy came running
    And he hugged me
    He kissed me saying
    That he missed me

    The chef of the cruise
    Always loved me..

    One day a kid gave me a seed
    And I held it firmly in my hand
    All these days, fruits to feed
    Was provided until it longer can stand

    The trees that were nurtured
    Always made me feel grand..

    Unable to appreciate my appearance
    They dug out deep inside me
    Burden in the name of clearance
    Was accumulated over and over

    The humans of my own
    Always broke me to pieces..

  • miss_mystery 135w

    Part 5

    I walk again and bump into another friend. He mocks at me saying that I look so bright because of the long holidays. I tease him back that he's the one enjoying without any worries. He asks dubiously was it really him. I reply if he regards me as bright then it's definitely him whom I'll regard as worriless.

    I look at myself in the mirror with the skeptical thought that am I looking bright. All I could feel is the tired swollen eyes from the yesterday night's cry which irritates making me want to sleep forever. But I could only see a presentable smiling girl in black and white netted dress. It's the black and white making her to appear bright and it's the smile making her to appear charming. But appearances can be deceptive. People should know that. There's always hints available like the black and white dress which symbolizes that there's no colors I've got. Or maybe I've got a plenty of them yet the thing I chose today is bleak. Or maybe black is the only thing I've got. Or maybe it's the only thing that fits me after all this time. I wish I had worn a beautiful red or a cute pink colored dress, but I know that I'm irrevocably in love with the black.

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    Dear Diary


  • miss_mystery 135w

    Part 4
    On 5th Jan 2020, the first Sunday of the year, I didn't go to the church. I know for sure that I'll regret it for the rest of my life. Because if I had gone, my story would have been very different.

    After sitting for so long inside the odc of my office premises, I feel pretty bored. Hence I step out and walk aimlessly. A friend of mine spots me on the way and asks me if I'm on my way to get some water with a smile so alluring. I reply that I'm out to stretch and she appreciates me with a wider smile. I wonder will she do the same if I say that I did the same with my life. I think she won't. Because you could never run away from who you are and trying to do so, for a break, is stupid. I sit in the corner of the rest room and continue to write. Wherever you go, your habits will accompany you. And you could never shake them off completely.

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    #mirakee #writerstolli #writersnetwork #p2h #ceesreposts #bluepup #series

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    Dear Diary

    Wherever you go,
    your habits will
    accompany you

  • miss_mystery 135w

    But it(my periods) never showed up like the explanations for the worst behavior of our loved ones which we never receive. And it's depressing, not knowing the reason for the delay, not knowing when the waiting will come to an end and not knowing whether we'll be able to cope with it when it happens finally. I went crazy at times and I pointed fingers at my mood swings so that I may be left off hook. My sanity started diminishing as the distance from my family started increasing at once I departed from my home.

    Though I didn't wanna go mad, I couldn't help myself. And I distanced myself from the only one who could help, the God almighty. See, I was insane, I should be to run away from Him! Shouldn't my first writing in the New year should contain the most awaited promise of the year as usual? But here I am, blabbering useless things. My golden promise for 2020 is,

    "Don't be afraid, for I am with you. Don't be discouraged, for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand."

    Lovely words, isn't it! But I'm tired of waiting. I feel lonely and I don't know what to do. So I decided to make my own mistakes. My life is already messed enough and there's nothing wrong in adding to it. So I broke my own rules. I tried being somebody else as I was tired of being me. As it was hard to hold on to my values, I let them loose. I jumped out of the fence to explore what's in store.

    To read full series, click #dearDiaryMM

    #mirakee #writerstolli #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #p2h #bluepup #series

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    Dear Diary

    Part 3

  • miss_mystery 135w

    Part 2

    I think I have no blood to bleed. I haven't eaten proper meals and any fruits lately. It's again the mood swings, I've ordered pizzas and chicken but forgot the dates.

    It's also me who prayed for the period to visit me not on my office fellowship Christmas celebration as I've got a lot to do,
    not on my church Christmas Family Carol service as I've to sing 'Gloria' with my friend instead of my missing family,
    not on the Carol rounds to church members' homes as I have to be active till midnight without tiring,
    not on my journey home as I've to travel and I've forgot to take the pads with me,
    and finally not on Christmas, as I don't want to spend it being cramped up in my bed crying with pain.

    That's how it got dragged and at the end, I was even ready to welcome it on my New year as the fear of irregular periods struck me hard.

    It's a miniseries. To read previous part (ie 1st part) please click #dearDiaryMM

    Thanks for reading and supporting me ����

    #mirakee #writerstolli #writersnetwork #p2h #bluepup #ceesreposts #series

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    Dear Diary

    I think
    I have
    no blood
    to bleed


  • miss_mystery 135w

    Hi friends,

    Happy New year ��

    Here I'm back with my mini series. This story is fully fictional (ok, may be a part) and has nothing to do with me. Hope you read it and like it.

    Loads of love!

    Click on #dearDiaryMM to read all the parts of this series

    #series #part1 #mirakee #writerstolli #writersnetwork #p2h #bluepup #ceesreposts

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    Dear Diary

    Part 1
    7 Jan 2020, 11:50 am Tuesday

    It has been weeks since I wrote something. Sitting inside the office and having nothing to work could be pretty depressing. And I should admit that I am depressed. I couldn't just blame everything on my mood swings caused by the hormones. This is the very first time that I've skipped my periods for a whole month. It has to be 20 something date of December, yet I'm waiting. Just like many other things, I'm waiting desperately for it too but without any hopes.