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  • miss_silentlyweird 13h

    Theme: Which is more beautiful?
    ( Two hearts in a gallery)

    "Two Tango"

    Two hearts in a gallery
    Different heart in the boundary
    One pristine and other formed like kintsugi
    Both carry blood in an artery
    Do these two need to be in a category?

    Does pristine needs to be broken?
    To be call elegantly?
    Or does broken heart need to be unbroken?
    To turn out perfectly?
    What if takes two tango or it's just unspoken?

    What if the pristine heart
    Is the old persona of heart apart?
    And this heart on departs formed art
    Of healing creating a new start
    What if the two phases is each other counterpart?

    #wod #heart #miraquill
    @miraquill #whatifboth?

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    All heart needs someone,
    Someone who will plays part like ribs,
    where it support and protect—
    in order to keep it in function and beating.


  • miss_silentlyweird 3d

    I am not hypochondriac person
    Not until the scene of losing you
    Flash within my mind


  • miss_silentlyweird 4d

    How can I write this without breaking?
    When all of my feelings are overtaking
    How can I put it down, pinning?
    When it's too much and words are sinking

    How I wish it's so easy to erase
    But nope it's not the case
    In repeat— I can no longer embrace
    Your presence or trace

    You know, I started to hate the flowers
    And to keep away your favorite drawers
    This phase taste so sours
    Mixed with tears and deplores

    If only heaven have visiting hours
    Maybe I will not be this cower
    To live a life without you
    Or to see world in another view

    If only the place you in
    Can be reach to ask how are you've been
    So now or then there will no be "Goodbye"
    Only see you in another time retry

    . ~So much has change in every alley
    Since you have been away~

    #home #wod #song
    #miraquill @miraquill
    Listening ; Visiting Hours by Ed Sheeran
    Note: Not edited, just a force write to let out this heavy feelings

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    You're my home
    And now you're gone
    I am renovating how to live again
    since I lost lots of foundation
    of hope, love and affection


  • miss_silentlyweird 3w

    This is not the reality right? Tell me is all dream, yesterday I was just holding you and kissing your forehead but now you're gone. We do not know how to start, you're the person that taught us to be strong, I know time will come and death will knock at the door but we never expected to be this soon. I love you mommy, rest in peace we love you!

    #endofdec #photograph
    #listofdec #wod #miraquill
    @miraquill @writersbay

    I was so excited to write for this challenge yet this is what it turned out to be.
    My mom (not biological mom leave us ) so i do not know what so good in this new year��

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    December Gloom

    I feel dry to write
    My gut tell something isn't right
    Maybe everything that end— I fright
    I know I'm not a person who's bright
    And that what I always forthright

    But I never expected this happening
    I hated goodbye and ending
    This is the unruled parting
    I fed up with grief and regretting
    When you leave us — it's devastating

    This house that feels home
    Became quite as doom
    Your hair, smile, moods, call
    Love, laugh, care and overall
    Mark in my heart forever more

    ~ I wish we live in the photographs so that time will freeze in each moment~


  • miss_silentlyweird 3w

    My writing journey started like standing in front of the ocean where I just enjoy the view because I'm too clueless to start sailing—while learning many winds of emotion passes, many high and low tides of experience came through. Also like a sunset and sunrise many come and go but now I'm still grateful that I'm here continuing the sailing of what I've been started. To all of the people: family, friends or maybe once I knew Thank you!

    Happy Holidays!!

    #cinquain #miraquill
    #wod #unexpecteddec
    @writersbay @miraquill

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    I wrote this for you

    To you
    Who makes me feel
    And see the waves of life
    Where sunset and sunrise occur
    Thank you!


  • miss_silentlyweird 5w

    #irecallc #archaic #wod
    #miraquill @writersbay

    Btw Congratulations India for winning a crown in Miss Universe!��

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    I recall how caliginous when you left and leave footsteps of pain; it felt like I'm back in archaic where I continuously find artifacts of hope in able for me to start again.


  • miss_silentlyweird 5w

    #snowflake #wod
    #miraquill #yournamec
    @miraquill @writersbay
    Short post for busy day.

    This is for the people who confess that they like me yet I pushed away because I'm not ready and also for I can't believe that someone will actually like me :-!

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    Unknown Snowflakes

    You're a snowflakes that fell
    In a cold of my heart —you compel
    Giving me supersaturated dust of genuine drops
    Drops of supercooled clouds of sweet words like sops

    A snowflakes in winter call
    I appreciate you yet may you stop the fall
    Cause I know how you will freeze and melt
    In this soul of mine that still in midst of summer felt

    — Your name once flicker in my thoughts.


  • miss_silentlyweird 5w

    You know sometimes I sit with all of these
    bitter tastes of toxic thoughts.
    Where the call of void echoing —
    It's so rude, always negative yet
    without it I'm feeling kinda empty.
    My life is full of fears, and I am lacking in myself.
    I am like a caterpillar crawling hard
    in branches that most likely to sever.
    I am to focus in how slowly my pace are,
    without realizing the beauty of things
    I am receiving and experiencing.
    How amazing nature is,
    how lovely the people who cares about me,
    how those little things like music, books, rides makes me happy.
    How mysterious the world yet we mange to breathe.

    Today, I write these to appreciate
    the things that keep me going.
    It's almost the end of the year, many things happened.
    Lose and gained. It's full of drama, hopelessness
    and chaos but takes time to look around
    inhale and enjoy the moment cause you never knew
    where is the last time. Either way if you still can't—
    it's okay take your time mate, remember that caterpillar
    stuck for a long time before turning chrysalis wings to fly.

    #Back #afterhaitus #miraquill
    #butterfly #flyingc #wod #collumlune
    @miraquil @writersbay #goodnight
    Lots of typos & errors

    Note so I'm back for a while, and my mood chose to be positive. It's been a long time since I write cause I'm being potato in my state univ— kinda feel like dumb among class lmao. Anyway going back, I hope my fellow writer I used to interact with are okay and living the best of life. Hoping you all still here too hahaha... Likewise for all the writer here in miraquill; wishing you all the best.

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    Like a butterfly

    I'm caterpillar in
    slow pace of chrysalis life
    waiting chances flying


  • miss_silentlyweird 9w

    After a long break and losing spark , I tried my best to keep my pen moving again.
    Goodnight! ;)

    #movingonc #myth #wod
    #thunderc @writersbay @miraquill
    Ps; Not yet edited,

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    "If this is the last breath I can take”

    ~Snow is myth for her as she's trapped in dark of fall~

    Dear person I needed to forgive

    In time I walking in jungle of yours
    I tumble with the poisonous lure
    I'm really on the ropes until this time
    Yet forgiveness is what I've been trying to chime

    I am too busy choking
    Forcing to push things in ending
    I don't wanted to be numb in pain circulating
    So I decided to cut what's holding

    It might leave a scars that will mark
    But maybe it can still be a flower pot and depart
    All the roots of these mad muddy bark
    Lingers likes a dagger in my heart

    Dear person I could never forget
    and place that changed me

    I wrote this letter for you
    Including those things you do
    For you to knew that around you I live and grew
    Although I'm shaded with tinted black — I glow

    In this chaotic world I didn't think I'd find peace
    A home who helps me catched my breath and pieces
    It is too hard to say it out loud but now I wanted to express
    Because of you I'm thankful that my heart beats in my chest

    Through skin and bones you're beautiful
    You're the butterfly I can't stop admiring to the full
    I'm sorry If I failed you till then or soon enough
    I hope we meet in star again I love you may this luff

    Dear place I had to leave.

    I lost my sight to find bright
    I'm trying to be better
    But it felt like I'm under thunder
    So If I leave this place decided to flight

    It might not be to find light,
    Erase all of my fright and be alright
    Atleast I can show that I desire to be alive
    It's not your fault I wanted me to archive

    And when I'm slowly disappear
    Please don't hold a memory
    Just take me as ghost in atmosphere
    You deserve better than me


  • miss_silentlyweird 16w

    Problem after problem
    My inspiration slowly fading...

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    I get addicted to a certain kind
    of sadness making my
    serotonin runs out.