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    A Love to remember

    Mahir fell in love with bela who was his classmate

    Being a shy guy, he never expressed his love to her. All he could do was just click her pictures and make memories with them.

    Her pretty smile made him feel never to lose her.

    He tried many times to propose her.

    But he never had the courage to do that. One fine day, he saw her searching for some books in the library.

    Mahir never knew Bela was observing him following her all the time. Though she knew he was following her, though she had feelings for him, she never spoke to him.

    Mahir finally gathered courage and decided to propose her then and there. When she came across him, he started showing her some slides which he had been preparing for the past many days.

    I will probably regret what I am doing now…
    But if I don't do it, I will regret it for the rest of my life.
    I want to be with you till you become like this one day.

    After watching these slides she had a pretty smile on her face which expressed that she had accepted his proposal.

    They never said the three magical words.
    " I LOVE YOU"
    But they knew they loved each other endlessly.


    This story is mine and only mine so don't tryna steal it. Because it's mine, mine and only MINE!

    Exclusively available on Wattpad.




  • miss_sunshine1909 1w

    Tell us three reasons why you love him.

    They were best friends before they realized that they had feelings for each other. Bela proposed him and he accepted right away. There were no egos, no insecure feelings, no priority issues, and no immature fights. They would respect each other, support each other, care for each other and trust each other. They would give each other the personal space they want. They would always put their parents and siblings as first priority.

    They decided to marry only after both families gave consent whole-heartedly. Both got settled into good jobs in their domains. Bela’s parents gave consent as they believed her and her choices. Her brother also agreed as he knew about Mahir and he felt both became a good match. When Mahir discussed the issue in his home, his parents were aggrieved by that news. They didn’t agree for the marriage. Mahir tried his best. He asked them if they could meet her once and then decide. They agreed and told him to bring her on Sunday.

    Bela was calm and smiling, which was unusual, when Mahir opened the door. “Please bear with me if they say any harsh words” Mahir invited her into the house. Bela wished Mahir’s parents in a traditional way. They asked her to sit on the couch across them. Mahir sat adjacent to her initially, but later he was asked to sit aside his parents. He gave her a “I will be there for you” look. They inquired about her and her job, family and all required details.

    “Tell us three reasons why you love our son?”

    Bela looked at Mahir. He had been waiting to know the answer for the same question. “You will know when time comes” Bela would say whenever he asked what she liked in him and what were the reasons to fall in love with him.

    She smiled at him and said “No reason” and turned her look towards Mahir’s parents. Everybody got perplexed. “No reason?” Mahir’s father spoke with utter shock in his voice.

    “Yes, uncle. No reason.” she continued “If you love someone because of a reason, when that reason is gone, your heart will change too. I love Mahir without a reason. I love him because Mahir is Mahir.”

    She looked at Mahir and he was looking at her without blinking his eyes, tears started to appear in the corner of eyes. Mahir’s father loved that answer and her maturity.

    “But, Mahir has never told us about this. Generally, he tells everything. He hid this love story from us. He hid so many things because of you.” Mahir’s mother continued though she was impressed by Bela’s answer. Bela looked at Mahir for a while, smiled and turned back to his mother and said “We were best friends, aunty. He was my dream friend then. We wanted to be with each other till eternal. We discussed what we felt with our friends. They said we were in love . To the outside world, we may appear as lovers, for us, we are always best friends and we want to be like that till the end. In India, we can’t stay as such till eternal without getting married. We never knew whether it would work or not. If it didn’t work, there would be no point in telling parents. Fortunately, it worked, that’s why we came for your blessings.”

    “If you both decide for yourself, then what is the point of asking us?” Mahir’s mom turned her head and wore a disappointing look. “Aunty, Mahir and I know about us to some extent. We know about each other to some extent. According to whatever we know, we feel we will be the perfect spouses to each other. But, parents also know to some extent about their sons or daughters. I feel they will be in a position to tell whether a particular person is the right match for their kid or not. My family felt Mahir is the right match for me. Now, I came for your opinion. Without you, this will never be a complete process, aunty.”

    The answer touched Mahir’s mother a bit. She seemed to be cool now. “He is our only son. Please don’t separate us after marriage.” Mahir’s mother was in tears. Mahir hugged her. Bela stood up, sat on the floor near his mother, held his mother’s hands and said “Mahir loves you more than he loves me. He always says that he is going to give you a beautiful daughter. He said this so many times. This statement was glued in my mind in such a way that I always feel I have two mothers and two fathers in this life. I will go from one mother’s house to another mother’s house. I hope you understood, Mom .”

    There was silence for a few seconds. “Can I call you as mom?” Bela looked at Mahir’s mother. She was in tears and said “Yes.” They both hugged each other.

    Bela had lunch and left in the evening. “Thank you so much, Prani” Mahir texted. Bela sent smileys. “How could you be so calm and composed?” Mahir wanted to ask this question from the morning. “You and your presence. That gave me strength and courage.” Reply from Bela made Mahir’s day.


    This story is mine and only mine so don't tryna steal it. Because it's mine, mine and only MINE!

    Exclusively available on Wattpad

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    Na koi aaya na koi aayega,
    hum aapse kitna pyar karte hain, yeh to Google bhi nahi bata payega...

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    "Be kind, have courage and always believe in little magic...'

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    "Even the most beautiful things hurt..."

  • miss_sunshine1909 10w

    "Quiet people know more than they seem..."

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    Pain behind smile and anger behind love only few can understand...

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    The birds of false pride flutter more, there is no sound in the flight of an eagle

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    Feel free to answer...

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    Black or white ?

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    Black as devil... Hot as hell... Pure as an angel... Sweet as love...