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  • mmouli 203w

    but giving respect and having the sense of responsibility towards the person you love, is more than what love can make.


  • mmouli 206w

    the aching heart
    the trembling lips
    the teary eye
    you call ‘em Art?

    Art is all this,
    and letting go.


  • mmouli 208w

    You are a little flower
    which people will try to pluck
    and crumple with their hands
    until one day
    there will come a bee
    which will suck the sweetness
    out of you
    after which
    yet will choose to sit on you.

    Love _Write

  • mmouli 215w

    I left my heart
    with a man I talk to,
    almost everyday.

    We talk about life, our whereabouts & sometimes,
    of love.

    And when we talk about
    love, he says how broken
    he is.

    When I ask why,
    he tells me stories of the girl
    he once talked to.

    How they lived and loved
    and how one day love
    left them.

    And then sometimes he asks about me;
    about the silence and I clearing my choked throat
    tell him that I have been listening.

    So, he says ‘okay’ and continues.
    Meanwhile, I wipe my tears and
    pick up the scattered parts of me.

    And then, suddenly there’s a silence
    and I know, that he has understood.
    And in that silence, perhaps he doesn’t
    know, I tend to love him more, knowing
    how he can never love me back.


  • mmouli 219w

    take me to that someone
    who will see the broken parts
    and pull me to his shoulder
    quietly whispering in my ears,
    welcome home.


  • mmouli 220w

    I wish to love you the way I’ve never been loved by anyone but have always craved for.


  • mmouli 226w

    Someone let her suffer and left her broken. But she wasn’t after gathering those pieces to fix them again. Rather, she stayed and she waited for the cracks of brokenness to heal themselves on their own and now she loves how she calls herself ‘self made.’


  • mmouli 227w

    I lay on the fresh dew-laden grass, beneath the enormous tree and I close my eyes for my afternoon siesta. And the wind blows past my body, kissing my eyes and the twists of my hair fall prey of the fast blowing wind and fall gently on my ears whispering tales from the past and suddenly I hear my heart cry out loud remembering the grief of separation and fast my eyelids open still. As I try to come back in the moment, now I cry out loud because just a while ago I burnt your memories into ashes. But then I failed to realise they were memories and they take the person away but keep its shadow behind.


  • mmouli 235w

    Let’s not talk about love.

    The dreams that we dreamt
    but didn’t see,
    let’s not talk about that too.

    Let’s just wonder
    how would it be

    If I promised, and
    did not keep?


  • mmouli 236w

    And with the fall of the night
    I keep you inside of me
    Quiet, calm and hidden.