Throbbing Anxiety.

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  • mohammed_ 13w

    A fulfilled desire played in a loop,
    Distorting new desires,
    Taking a little shine off them,
    Adding a little mystery,
    Until its time was done.

  • mohammed_ 14w

    The Nature we know is
    A Cheap Sideshow,
    A Game Rigged in our Favor.

    You might love Nature,
    But Nature has nothing
    But the Coldest Indifference toward you.

  • mohammed_ 14w

    I Rarely feel Offense at
    Controversial Statements,

    But Comfort.
    They’re a Welcome Reminder of
    Where the Limits of our Freedom Lay.

  • mohammed_ 15w

    Poetry has destroyed me,
    It has also rebuilt me everytime.

    Poetry has ripped my liver out
    and shoved it back down my throat.

    Poetry, writing, creating,
    It’s a dangerous thing,
    and most people don’t appreciate that.
    I risk my life to write,
    one night I could flip and die.
    I could overdose on words,
    and end up on the other side of life.
    When they find my body,
    they’d find every word I’ve ever written
    crumpled up in my tongue.

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    Poetry has Destroyed me,

    But it has also Rebuilt me Every Time.

  • mohammed_ 16w

    The Beings Grateful with Life do not need High and Elevated Titles,

    They Impose their Name,

    They Fight with Force and They go calm as Kings in the Middle of their Empire.

  • mohammed_ 16w

    You Ride...

    No Destination,

    No End to the Turning Ego,

    It's the Fuel of your Insecurities.

  • mohammed_ 17w

    Words you Write here have a Subtle way of Unmasking you,

    Even if you are Writing it Somewhere in Hiding or in the Oblivion.

  • mohammed_ 17w

    Zindagi Bahot Mukhtasar Hai Bewajah Khush Raha Karein. ��


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    زندگی بہت مختصر ہے بے وجہ خوش رہا کریں.

  • mohammed_ 17w

    A rescue boat made of words and vapour.

    Instead of sailing,
    the passenger reads the words,
    and the words read him right back.

  • mohammed_ 18w

    Behtar Ki Talash Mein Log Behtareen Ko Gawaah Dete Hai.


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    بہتر کی تلاش میں لوگ بہترین کو گنوا دیتے ہیں ✨