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  • monikakapur 2w

    Letter to younger self

    My younger self ,
    Have to tell you lots of things ,
    Don't know where to start .
    The life has been so beautiful ,
    And at the same time so hard .
    Slow down and be patient ,
    You have so much life left to live .
    Right now enjoy the most dear one,
    and learn to forget and forgive .
    You are worth so much than you think ,
    Stop looking to others to find your worth .
    You are so much more than enough, dear ,
    You are one of god's best creations on earth .
    Learn to give yourself, grace ,
    Dont keep high expectations from yourself .
    Perfection is just an illusion, buddy ,
    Your imperfections make you perfect .
    Don't let pain harden your heart ,
    Don't let your fear hold you back
    Dont walk the path treaded by others ,
    Go find your own unique track .
    Find the people who could see through you ,
    find them and love them hard ,
    Let go those who hold back your wings ,
    Who tore your heart into shards .
    Smile more, Frown less ,
    Count ypur blessings every day .
    Remember, your old self will be proud of you ,
    in every possible way .

    Sealed with appreciation and love

  • monikakapur 6w

    छनती धूप जो छू जाती है,
    सीले दिल के कोनों को ।
    धुंध ज़रा सी छंट जाती है ,
    कर सर्द हां आंखों दोनों को।
    ख्वाब की किरचन चुभ जाती है ,
    छोड़ है जाती ज़ख्म कई।
    रोज़ नया दिन ले आता है,
    रोज़ की आफत नई नई ।

  • monikakapur 6w

    कल खूब निचोड़ा था दिल को,
    बहते एहसास संभाले थे,
    कुछ गीला सा सूखा ही नहीं ,
    हम हसरत ही जलाने वाले थे ।
    एक आह निकलती, सीली सी ,
    कुछ बह जाती थी आंखों से ,
    कुछ रुक जाती थी पन्नों पर ,
    मुझ शायर की बेढब बातों से ।

  • monikakapur 7w

    कल शाम के कोसे कंबल पर,
    तुरपाई कर, टांगे तारे,
    कल चांद कढ़ा था धागे से,
    सुलझाए थे गिरहे सारे।
    वो कंबल ओढ़ के रात चली,
    और ख्वाब छिपा ले आती थी।
    एक सर्द आह निकली दिल से
    जो नज़्म कभी कहलाती थी

  • monikakapur 7w

    Topographical poetry

    The land of five rivers ,
    The land O! So divine .
    Where lush green crops swirl and twirl,
    Where people are benign.
    You rise up to the sound of shabad,
    So gentle and so pure,
    The Gurudwaras with open doors,
    Yes, they are god's abode.
    The fields are luscious and virile ,
    Invites you to roam around .
    The yellow flowers of mustard plant ,
    Makes the scene astound.
    The rivers so pure, flowing gently ,
    Quench the thirst of land.
    The turbaned Sikhs, with the royal gait,
    Look so handsome and so grand.
    The ladies carrying phulkari,
    The smiles that take your heart.
    The bhangra and giddha, dance forms
    Are truly world apart.
    Tje prosperous land of Punjab,
    Yes, that's where I was shaped.
    God, bless that beautiful piece of land
    Where love is gently draped

  • monikakapur 9w


    Why endings are associated with sadness?
    Endings could be as beautiful as a beginning.
    Ending of a misery,
    Ending of a bondage,
    Ending of a toxic relationship

    Full stop is necessary to begin a new sentence. Let's celebrate end too.

  • monikakapur 9w

    तेरी मीठे फरेबों की रौ में अब नहीं बहते
    इशारे सब समझते हैं भले कुछ भी नहीं कहते

  • monikakapur 10w

    एक सफ़ेद सूती सा कपड़ा
    जा गिरा सत्ता के गलियारों में
    ऐसी कालिख लगी ना छूटी,
    धोई हर नदिया के धारों में

  • monikakapur 14w


    My morning's sun, my evening's moon
    Which Soothed my nerves, that mellifluous tune.
    The zephyr that touched my soul,
    My eternal half, that made me whole
    The spring in my steps, the twinkle iny eyes
    My forever partner in truth and lies
    But like a whiff of air, you disappeared
    No explanations, you left me in tears
    You broke me in pieces , you shattered my existence
    I picked up my pieces slowly with half hearted persistence
    I kept on chanting to myself that I needed to be strong
    I thought that love will last forever, I was wrong

  • monikakapur 16w


    Inviting you all to be co-author of an anthology based on hope and positivity.

    Every co-aurhor will get 5 pages in book, a hard copy of book, a hard copy of certificate and a medal .

    Contribution : 600/-

    Contact @therealmonikakapur at Instagram