~My poetries bleed like my wrist~ ��Army Girl�� ~18~

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  • moon_pearl 11w

    Saranghae and thank u so much @miraquill ����

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    Guys I'm leaving Miraquill...Thank you so much for the love you showered on me...I met many lovely souls here!!

    Take Care...I'll Miss you sweeties!


  • moon_pearl 11w

    @purani_cassette Ye mere Titali bhai ke liye!...Jate Jate!.......Sayonara!

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    Bruised still paints smiles,
    Wounded yet heal souls,
    He inks stardust and butterflies,
    He stitches broken melodies,
    He shines like moon in the gloomy night!


  • moon_pearl 11w

    //Thank you for the thorns, I learnt to be a flower
    Thank you for the mirk, I learnt to be the Moon//

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    Thank you for the tragedy, I needed it for my art!

    ~Kurt Cobain

  • moon_pearl 11w

    #combination #wod #theuntamed #mdzs

    A-what died before death? (zither- 7-string Chinese musical instrument)

    @layersofdesires I owe the soulful inspiration from you lovely Sis.Thanks for inspiring me to ink this write up!

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    Underneath the moonlight,
    his plectrum strings the zither,
    his every tear floats along with the
    shimmering turquoise melodies in the air.

    The wind waves his long silken hairs,
    strings of his zither enquires the moon,
    which darkness has hidden his soulmate,
    he still beseeches the sky to search his lover.

    The winter dies to make spring bloom,
    the night dies to make radiant sun rise,
    the oyster dies to turn the stoffie into pearl,
    and every night his melodies decry,
    "what died before death?"
    "why does song sing the requiem?"

    陈情 (Chénqíng-Flute)

    I'm buried in the melancholic songs of past,
    I've died in the cursed valleys of cunning fate.
    But please stay,I'll come soon,wait for me.
    I'll cross the rivers,I'll fight the storms,so stay!

    Wait for me darling,
    I promise my flute and your zither
    will amalgamate into purest melody,
    I shall reborn and kiss your bruised fingers,
    I'll take all your pain and turn into rhythms.


  • moon_pearl 11w

    May your scars make you Moon!


  • moon_pearl 11w

    Thanks a lot team @miraquill for featuring it on miraquill's Insta page!�� It made my day!!����

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    I tore my flesh until it oozed out poetries.


  • moon_pearl 11w

    Depression is like drowning while watching everyone breathing.

    ~Will Rogers

  • moon_pearl 11w

    I saw that no one took my corpse from the ground.
    So I carried my corpse on my shoulder and cried.

    ~Afif Bakhtari

  • moon_pearl 11w

    I wanna tear my eyes away,
    because I'm tired of these tears!


  • moon_pearl 11w

    //A death song//

    ~To my pathetic self~

    I chew sorrow,
    I smoke tears,
    I ride along the doom,
    Blade is the only jewellery
    I have ever worn!

    I only know knives because that's
    the only thing my back remembers.
    I only know death because that's
    the only thing has kept me alive.

    ~To the nightmares~

    As tears blur my eyes,
    my sobs swallow me,
    and blades bleed me again.

    Today it's all dark again,
    the same devils are
    hunting down my flesh.

    screaming through my head,
    louder than anything else!

    I've died million times,
    but I'm still decaying,
    still gulping metaphors!

    I'm running and running,
    in the same labyrinth!
    I'm falling and falling
    in the same rabbit hole!

    ~To tears I've hidden in smiles~

    I promise you my tears,
    I'll fight for the liberty
    to let you pour down
    through my thorne
    pierced eyes.

    I'll broke the dam
    of smiles choking
    you down every
    single day.

    ~To the people who regret having me~

    I'm sorry,
    I'm really sorry,
    If I had choice,
    I wouldn't have chosen
    to be in your life.

    I know,
    you regret every
    moment spent with me.
    But you don't have to
    love me just because I do.
    You can happily hate me.

    I'm not gonna blame
    anyone because,
    I know everything
    beging with my
    darkened soul.
    I wish it ends too.

    ~To the darkness who've sheltered me~

    Shadow of regrets follow
    me everywhere I go,
    so I'm always looking
    for a mirk to make
    them disappear.

    You have watched
    my wrist bleeding,
    my bones breaking,
    my spine shivering,
    I'm grateful you are
    keeping it a secret!

    I don't wanna leave
    you because you've
    been my only loyal
    lover since I was born,
    I cried I'm scarred but
    then you told me
    that I'm moon.

    ~To my past~

    I really wanna erase you,
    I really wanna forget
    every single moment
    since I was borne,
    I really wanna forget
    everyone I came across.

    Why don't you stay
    in the past itself?
    Why are you choking
    my breathe even today?
    Why are you devouring
    over my bleeding soul?

    ~To the days leftover days of my life~

    I really don't want to
    meet you,I'm sorry.
    I don't want to wake
    up tomorrow,I'm sorry.
    Because I'm coward,
    I'm pessimist and rigid.

    I don't know
    what keeps me going,
    my past has killed
    you pal already.
    Maybe my death
    will meet you surely.

    *P.S.I'm sorry I'm not reading/replying you guys.I thought I'll recover soon but still I've been sick all these days.Hope so you are doing well!

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    I know,I know,
    All I need is me,
    but I feel so lonely
    when I'm with me.