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  • moonbow_quotes 14w

    I think sometimes in some people..the enthusiasm for being a curious person or a student...often dies!

    Isn't it is like..
    Having a whole garden of roses..but searching 'beautiful rose pictures' on Google

  • moonbow_quotes 14w


    Last night
    I saw that twinkling star
    In the dark nd big arms of the sky
    I our teacher's refraction but nothing else..
    Then I saw it..
    I felt the reason in it..
    I came to know it's twinkling by jealousy..
    He was jealous that I love my moon
    More than he do..
    He was jealous of the number of times I break myself for you..
    So I lucky are you..
    That star replied..
    Learning love from you....
    I thought it's over now.
    But tonight we will have a conversation again..
    On moon..
    or his.?

  • moonbow_quotes 14w

    Depressed or what..

    I feel there is no one to talk to me..
    Nor anyone to hold me close..
    I feel I'm all alone..
    No one is even on my phone..
    I feel like I should dissapear..
    Or,,should I stay..
    Anyway I cried out my heart..
    Not matter how many days..
    I'm losing my heart in rain..
    Should I feel sorry again..
    They keep calling it overthinking but what if it's the Real pain.
    Or may be it's me who love writing depression when I'm quite..
    But..My heart is saying..
    "It's okay to not to be right"..

  • moonbow_quotes 15w

    As we lived..

    We met..
    As river and ocean..
    And we kissed..
    As the rain kiss the soil..
    And we laughed..
    As the half moon smiles..
    And we loved..
    As the humans crave for breathe..
    And we touched..
    As the rosy wind touch the life..
    And we cried..
    As the clouds rains..
    And we are together..
    As the heart and the vein...

  • moonbow_quotes 15w

    People often try to prove my perspective wrong.. either in a direct or in a indirect way..
    And that make me feel proud about my frame of mind <3

  • moonbow_quotes 15w


    "tumhe kya पसंद h?"

    "क्षितिज ko chumta suraj.."


  • moonbow_quotes 15w

    Nasamjh ladka

    Had mein rhna kha tha use
    ab chatt pe bhi
    nhi aata..

  • moonbow_quotes 15w

    Try to stay away
    from negative people..
    They have problems in
    every solution..

  • moonbow_quotes 15w

    Remember me as you remember to love yourself.. ♡



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    Remember me as a hope in the dark...
    Or as a kiss on your forehead mark..
    Remember me as your smile..
    It's ok if I'm away from life..
    Remember me as you remember to pray..everyday..
    Or as in every way..
    Remember me if you ever feel love again..
    I'm there in your heart..or in your vein..
    Remember me as that moon..
    I'll be there to make flower bloom..
    Remember me as that old song..
    Or as a star which shines cause you blush..
    Remember me as your dimple..
    I mean you can keep me on your face I'll not give u a pimple..
    I know you're smiling while reading this..and yeah.. remember me as your favorite wish..

  • moonbow_quotes 16w

    My love grows..
    He knows...
    I confessed..
    He stressed..
    My tear burst..
    he trust..
    I close my eyes...
    He give surprise..
    He kissed..
    Heartbeats skipped..
    I hold...
    He told..
    I loved..
    I sacrificed..
    I thought..wait,,
    hey..u here??
    He dissapeared..
    I wondered...
    I stop breathing..
    He was cheating..
    I lost myself..
    I dig the grave on shelf..
    We,are not anymore..
    A page tore..
    I smiled..
    I tried..
    ...... .. . .

    I'm not here.. again..I'm on the way of loving and rain!!