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  • moonmoon 14w

    Mohabbat ki bebasi ko kya kahe mere dost
    Ke baah me koi aur hai aur chaah me koi aur

  • moonmoon 56w


    The other day, I stumbled onto 'Love',
    It looked me in the eye,
    With its eyes so deep, dark ,mysterious;
    Swooning me , hypnotizing me , captivating me.
    I evidently gazed back.
    As love slowly crawled into me,
    Piercing my chest,
    Running through my vessels,
    corroding and eroding every barrier ;
    Making its way to my entire entity,
    Benumbing my wits,
    And then carefully ripping my heart in bits.
    All through this I kept staring with adulation.

    In a trice,
    Blood started gushing out, my breath had started fading,
    Aah the pain!
    Aah the pleasure!
    It was then that I grasped,
    ' Love' had me trapped.
    Too late, I smiled feebly;
    Dazed but transfixed, slowly gave out a sigh
    and looked on with my half open eyes
    As it steadily devoured me.

    I could never shift my gaze.


  • moonmoon 72w


    Only but this time i choose quitting before starting,

    Sinking down before staying afloat.

    Crying my heart out before laughing my head off.

    Giving up before giving it my all,

    Hitting rock bottom before bouncing back up ,

    Getting petrified and then standing all bold.

    Only but this time i dont want to hold back.
    I want to look it in the eye and show what am made of .


  • moonmoon 72w

    Mere chuppi ko ghammand ka naam dene wale,
    Kab tha wo aakhri baar ?
    Jab aapne dil se mere dil ka haal puchha tha?

  • moonmoon 96w

    Jab iss mantaaqe se
    rukhsat karwane ka soch hi liya ha aapne ,
    To inn yadon ke galiyon se
    bahar nikalne ka rasta bhi bata dijiyega jara.


  • moonmoon 102w

    Shayari kya hoti hai hume kya pata
    Bezubaan khayalaton ko zubaan dene ki koshish hai bas.

    Roohdaari kya hoti hai hume ilm kahan
    Dil_ba_dil nata jodne ki khwahish hai bas.


  • moonmoon 106w

    The last letter

    Everyone I adore.
    Ever felt grey? Neither black nor white
    It’s like being, but all hollow inside. No?!
    Then let me tell you about it
    Because tonight is another such night.
    Where, I have locked myself in a room
    Grievously stuck in the gloom.
    Sleep has long eluded my eyes
    Am weary of the deceitful smiles and pleasant lies.
    My hands quiver as I jot down this catharsis,
    To let you know about the existential crisis.
    Curled up in a corner,
    I can already feel their gaze
    Piercing deep, setting my spirits ablaze
    Talking about those demons under my bed
    Although my therapist says it’s all in my head. Tears have started rebelling,
    but I am determined to write
    I’ll try, Keep trying not to give up early in this fight. Depression crept in quietly, resorted in me
    I never wanted all of this, Why can’t you see?
    Self pity tiptoed thereafter, followed by exasperation
    Truth be said, am sick of this pretention.
    All of you asked me to ‘stay strong’ but how? Nobody showed me a way
    I did my best to play along
    But found life drifting away.
    Encaged in my own insecurities, prisoner to my fear
    The pain is so excruciating, impossible to bear
    Bit by bit am sinking into this black hole
    Draining all my emotions, dreams, desires in its swirl.
    Believe me, am not heartless, am not a coward
    I can imagine my father’s tear stained cheeks
    My mother kneeling down, wailing out loud
    My siblings breaking apart seeing me lifeless
    And my friends standing astound.
    But am sorry, I can take it no more
    Spine chilling thoughts have zombified me to the core.
    Am sorry, tried my best I swear
    But it bothers me, seems like no one does care.
    Am sorry, I did it again
    All our attempts have gone in vain.
    Am sorry, I cut my wrist
    My soul had been craving for eternal rest.
    Am sorry, I gave in to the perennial sore
    Death is what now I adore.

  • moonmoon 109w

    Frantically scrolling through my feed,
    Blankly staring through the window,
    Vaguely switching tv channels,
    Spacing out while you speak,
    You call me unmindful.

    But that's when my mind is full.
    Wandering off to corners unexplored,
    Musing over souvenirs of the past,
    Seeking for answers unresolved,
    Flummoxed by the irony of life.

    So now that you know
    Let me just......


  • moonmoon 160w

    Days have been so inept,
    This heart has become a barren land.
    Words have started fading,
    Emotions seem just so bland.

    It's an un_feeling,so intense
    That cannot be traced with a pen
    Or maybe it can,
    But I have lost the potence.

    Whatever this is, will let it slip
    And shall keep retreating to poetry,
    No matter how hard be the grip
    Seeking for refuge in the verses;
    I promise.

  • moonmoon 176w

    Ajnabiyon se bhare iss sheher mein,
    Hum bhi ek ajnabi ban baithe hain,
    Kho chuke hain apna wajood,
    Apni pehchaan kho baithe hain,

    Gumnaami ki galiyon mein dhoondte hain apne aapko;
    Par hum to lapatta hain!
    Khud ko wapas pana ab to namumkin sa lagney laga hai,

    Man me ek sawal hai na jaane kab se,
    Aaj bayaan karte hain sab se:
    "Kya aap humey jaante ho?"