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  • morganeve 208w


    I get cold sometimes
    Something sparks an annoyance
    And my face can't hide it from you
    Its scary how you see my every emotion
    Because I get cold sometimes
    Cold enough to freeze you with one look
    But you always smile
    When my face is a statue
    You love me anyway
    Even with my bitchface

  • morganeve 209w

    The Boss

    You talk to me like I'm dumb. Your accusations about my abilities test my limits. I see your caring heart, but your impatience for me to read your mind stifles the warmth. I am a loving person but I'm happy to leave this cold home.

  • morganeve 209w

    Cling cling cling
    The steel cage around my heart rattles
    Your breathe has shaken it open
    Its been there so long, it's become a second skin
    Never letting a soul touch the soft, breakable muscle inside
    But your touch has weakened the once thick shell
    Your love melted the bars encompassing me
    Real feelings are pouring out of the holes you punched through
    And the most amazing part
    I left the fear in the broken pieces of steel
    Now falling away from a bright and shining love

  • morganeve 209w


    People say I assume things too much. They say I think I know what they're thinking. Or that I jump to conclusions. People say I think I know it all. They give me that look of 'why are you saying that?'
    And I guess they are right. I follow the path of my thoughts pretty far, even with little information on where it should go. I can be very right sometimes, you know. I'd say I'm like 70/30 on the upper side of coming to the correct assumption.
    It's a hard thing to stop too. When your mind automatically fills in the blanks to come to an answer, it thinks it's made a clear path to that assumption. But I guess many times it jumps too quickly and misses an important step. That's always when you fall flat on your face and look like a jackass.
    I can't really discredit the method though. There are many times when I've skipped the right steps and landed on the mark. People usually need me to explain how I got there though. It's like I'm wrong until I explain those missed steps, then it all makes sense.
    Maybe I'm just crazy. Maybe I assume too much. Maybe I don't. Maybe I understand people more than they're comfortable with, and that's why they say I shouldn't "assume". Because I came to a conclusion they weren't ready for.
    Or maybe I am just an ass and think I know it all.
    And maybe people are just too sensitive.

    Who knows?