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  • moss22 10w

    The sound

    It's a fusion, complex and restless mind,
    My heart stretch out for succour
    It's ve been here watching, waiting for the wild wind
    to whisk away this deep hurts and betrayal from inside my past nostalgic desire which has gradually turned me diffidence a femme in comprise

    I see the world like it was still yesterday's scars so afresh, just like a bullet wound I wish all was just a nightmare perhaps, this was the price affectionately paid for love rather than God
    I would love to try again this time with the jireh for guidelines

    Hear my cry & have mercy oh heaven
    Then I heard that voice saying at the center of it all is you that we see,
    it sounded like a song for a minutes I was numb how could such verse say so much within few lines,apparently this voice brought back sanity to my bereaved soul

    i pledge allegiance from this day to let this voice suit me when am down keep me steady when am weary don't know about forever but I hope it's real as they said it is,

    yes truly I lost my heart
    When you see it around your home please keep it safe don't let it wonder in the dark

  • moss22 15w

    22 August Yearly

    A boi was born, full of life
    A convenant child
    cry cry baby
    With a big head
    But loves to smile
    Very friendly in attitude
    but difficult to maintain except
    he chooses you,
    Love's music but don't know how to sing
    Has a lovely sense of humor
    Ready to be criticized always willing to listen
    & learn and a soldier in God's kingdom
    Abeg show the boy some love it's my birthday

  • moss22 20w

    It's your birthday

    I wanted to sing it so aloud to the four corners of the earth forcing the bird's to sing and the ground quake's for your sake to acknowledge your birth, but perhaps I lost my voice as a result of our last summer trip that went crashing on the bermuda triangle.

    Happy we still live to celebrate together birthdays, not death even though the later is inevitable until then I sincerely cherish every moment so far because they were special but I have to dive deeper to find the missing treasure. remember it's God over everything

    Wishing you good life,
    God's plan, happiness,
    Peace of mind and
    God's help at
    all time

    Happy birthday Beautiful

  • moss22 35w

    We're have you been

    Search and search wish you were here
    Been 68 weeks and Last saw your arts & ink
    I Wanted to talk about life, love, pain, & hustle
    Ah lot has happened since you went Oblivious
    many ears eager to watch me squall
    but you alone comprehends

    Now I know that an't no perfect human alive
    thought you were to wild in your imagination
    Never knew would miss that the most
    Sarcastic, humor, anxiety, I miss that too
    but you alone comprehends

    I met a girl natural the way I like it
    She is dark tall and beautiful
    but melacholic about poem
    sent her several pice of my works
    She doesn't even bother to read & reply
    was terribly hurt knowing how much I put
    In to make those incredible pice of art
    but you alone comprehends

    I finally figured out that beauty was in black
    Because you made me see it through the story of a black dad black mom which gave birth to a black beautiful princess
    Reading and she smiles
    but you alone comprehends

    Guess you are some where in Lagos UNI studying to perform surgery or anatomy
    Even trying to be the best doctor i guess all
    That is in my head right now
    but you alone comprehends

    I wish to tie the knoot soonest received Mama's blessings with couple of gifts from family & friends oh you should be in attendance no a poem would be great
    but you alone comprehends

    Until then I would loved to hear from you as when you're ready to bless me with some amazing poetic arts am still here saying HI till you say HELLO certainly you alone comprehends

  • moss22 36w


    Gazing, terrified
    As I mutter in distress
    Here she comes, stocky but bashful
    Closer my heart mutilate, abased by
    Her ascient. why do I feel this awkward
    In feigned I should be okay, yet jogging
    On the hill top of her disaster
    Hanging till I fall off
    Dead or alive
    Won't let

  • moss22 36w

    Love Rhythm

    Am home alone laying on the couch
    Listening to tiwa Savage sing
    Her voice was so melodious
    Rhythm coming through was full of love
    Truly some verse was made for two
    And then a thought ran through my head
    Do you ever think about me just a little to make
    The world spine for me
    Even if it had to be for a second

  • moss22 48w

    Black Diamond

    She is she,
    A super power so serine.
    Only that I want it just for me
    Not to fight the entire world,
    Nor reck the greatest wall.
    Am positive having this will
    make me completely sane again.
    But I rather do continue to be in awe
    For a moment I want to run,
    Only to meet her at the finish line
    Yet am startled with a bewildered nomenclature, I can't afford to loose this to the wild wind certainly not now that the universe have stopped, and stare waiting to see me on the center stage with my hands above my head lifting the golden trophy.
    Accompanied with so much joy I smile in anticipation I d hope she smile too
    Now wondering why all this happening
    Yes the day she was born God pause for a second to make her a complete whole.
    Once, told her I wish to be a monarch of these great cities
    A mini-god, she insisted only to heal the world of their infirmities
    You never dreamt of this day coming
    But I did even twice while asleep on the floor tiles
    Your kind of breed are so rear body shape so curve like a 2020 Bentley Mulsanne you should know it's not cheap in the market
    Her voice so smooth like a love song written under the tropical rain forest somewhere in eastern Nigeria.
    This can only take another me to discover what I have found in you,
    And what could that be?
    She said
    A Black Diamond

  • moss22 120w

    Street love for anxiety

    She told him,
    She was made of Ale an
    Ale ingredients with a killer
    germ powerful enough to cause
    a (COPD) Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in human

    But he told her
    He is a wild Deer
    He lives his entire life
    Around the mountain eating
    psychedelic mushrooms trying
    to get him self high it's only a pleasure
    that her germ's (the Ale ingredients)
    Can only get him intoxicated

  • moss22 122w

    All I ever wanted was to take a vacation right into your heart
    Then explore the horizon
    Smell the scent of talc on your heart
    Intoxicate my self with the flavor
    Walk out smiling with a happy colour of the rainbow on my face
    Then tell the whole world how I discovered my
    Displaced Piece in you

  • moss22 122w

    The girl I'll marry

    I'm going to get married in the spring,
    When sun and rain are mild,
    And birds fly around in varying colours,
    When countrysides smell of blossomed shrubs
    And the sky is clement enough-
    To talk about love.

    Momma, I promise my bride will come soon,
    I've found a girl down, down the town,
    Out of whom I'll pick a wife,
    She was made out of me:
    Formed out of my nine ribs
    While I was far asleep; dreaming. 

    Before the next yam festival,
    I'll be here with her, sitting next to the tripod stand,
    Fanning the embers to fire,
    Washing the old mortar and pestle.
    My eyes looking at her eyes
    As we pass the morsels inside the  buccal cavities.

    Tomorrow I'll bring my flower,
    Scents like petal from paradise
    Seeing her glowing under the luscious village night.
    She will have some 'laali' on her wrists,
    Her legs delicately tapping the ground-
    Like an egret on the rope.

    She'll have all that African girls have:
    Dark like an 'Ishin' seed,
    Or fair like newly cooked moin-moin in the leaves.
    Her voice like smooth song,
    Her hair long and weaved
    And her curves like that of an old Bentley.

    ©Bayo Akinnola